Don’t miss some of the best money advice you’ll ever hear on these top YouTube channels and fast-growing YouTubers

Did you know YouTube is the second largest social platform with over 1.5 billion visitors a month? The video-sharing site is nearly unmatched in the amount of time people spend on it.

Here’s a shocker though…YouTube isn’t all just gamer videos and celebrity rants.

Some of the best YouTube channels will help you turn your financial life around and create the financial future you deserve!

One of my big 2018 goals is to reach out to the community on an entirely new level with videos. I love the engagement and sense of neighborhood you get with YouTube.

But I’m not just creating videos for the sake of getting on Youtube. I’m challenging the community this year in three goals; beating your debt, making more money and making your money work for you.

Every video this year will be laser-focused on one of those three goals.

Reaching those three goals isn’t going to be easy so I wanted to share the top YouTube channels that I follow, some of the best YouTubers you’ll find for paying off debt, making money and investing.

‘Subscribing’ to a channel on YouTube is completely free and will make it easier to find the videos you need to watch to beat these three goals.

best youtube channels to subscribe to 2018

One of the best features of YouTube is that sense of community, asking questions in comments and leaving your own opinion. YouTubers love to get comments, good or bad, about their videos so feel free to speak your mind!

[P.S. I’d love to hear which are your favorite YouTube channels so use the comments below to give a shout out to the best YouTubers to which you subscribe]

Best YouTube Channels for Making Money

We could all cut a little from our budget but let’s face it, there just isn’t that much to cut.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make more money and not have to worry as much about budgeting and saving? Don’t get me wrong, one of my major goals this year is to stick to my spending plan, but it’s so much easier if you have a little more in your pocket in the first place.

These first five YouTube channels are some of the best you’ll find for making extra money through side-hustle strategies or even creating an online business.

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Martin Dasko, Studenomics

Besides a long-time blogger and side-hustle stud, Martin is also a professional wrestler. How many times a day do you hear that?

Videos are conversational and great for the 20-year old trying to figure out how to make personal finance fun. Martin knows there’s more to life than money. His most popular video are some Killer First Date Ideas.

YouTube Channel Stats:
43 videos, 83 subscribers, 3,983 total views

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best youtube channels to watch

Jeff Rose, Good Financial Cents

Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner and a veteran, but the YouTube channel really covers all things financial. He’s had a couple of viral videos last year that have boosted him to YouTube star status.

His most popular video, 11 Passive Income Ideas, has more than 742,000 views and is a great place to start if you’re trying to find ways to make extra cash.

YouTube Channel Stats:
199 videos, 59,303 subscribers, 3.6 million total views

fastest growing youtube channels to watch

Gee Nonterah, Side Hustle Doctor

Gee focuses her YouTube channel on creating multiple streams of income, something that’s so important for anyone trying to live exclusively off their side-hustle ideas. Diversifying your income means you don’t have to worry about one source drying up and destroying your finances.

Her most popular video, How to Create a Digital Product, has more than 11,000 views! That’s more than half her total channel views which should give you an idea of how awesome the video is.

YouTube Channel stats:
64 videos, 192 subscribers, total 21,188 views

must watch youtube channels

Stefanie O’Connell

Stefanie is the voice of millennial personal finance and has appeared on just about every talk show I know. As a New Yorker, she knows how it is to balance money with living in the big city.

Her most popular YouTube video, Can I Afford to Live in New York City, has 5,000 views and is a must watch for millennial New Yorkers.

YouTube Channel Stats:
48 videos, 608 subscribers, 21,684 total views

youtube channels growing fast

Nicole, Frugal Chic Life

Nicole is sharing her journey to financial freedom with a focus on beating debt, spending wisely and saving for the future…all while being chic! Her Money Management Monday videos are always great and she’s got some really easy ideas to cutting back but still looking good.

Her most popular video, 5 Minimalism Mistakes to Avoid, has over 36,000 views.

YouTube Channel Stats:
225 videos, 15,533 subscribers, 872,970 total views

popular youtube channels for frugal lifestyle

Best YouTube Channels for Investing

As a former equity analyst for institutional firms, investing still has a special place in my heart and my blogs. I love the idea of growing your money and becoming an owner of some of the largest companies on earth.

On these four top YouTube channels for investors, you’ll find everything from investing basics to alternative investments. You’ll find videos on popular investments like stocks as well as not-so-common investments in P2P lending and real estate crowdfunding.

Robert Farrington, The College Investor

Got student loan debt? If you do, you probably already know about The College Investor blog but you might not have seen the YouTube channel. Robert is an expert in paying off student loan debt and how you can start investing for your future.

Also on the channel are some great personal finance tool reviews like his most popular video, a review of Quicken for Mac users.

YouTube Channel Stats:
69 videos, 1,902 subscribers, 217,687 total views

best youtube channels to subscribe to

Tela Holcomb

Tela is creating a full-time income from the stock market. Her videos are great for anyone that wants to start investing but isn’t quite sure about all the technical terms. Tela explains investing in plain English and makes the content accessible for anyone.

Tela walks you through some of the investing tools she uses including online platforms like TradeKing (now Ally Invest).

YouTube Channel Stats:
43 videos, 667 subscribers, 16,035 total views

popular youtube channels for investing

Joseph Hogue, Let’s Talk Money!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist one last plug for my channel! I love talking about personal finance and making money, but it’s in investments that I got my start and that’s where I like talking most. Videos focus on the defeating the lies and myths told by Wall Street that only make you lose money and pay more in fees.

Learn how to win the stock market game by playing by your rules with a strategy designed to fit YOUR needs and goals…AND you get to see a guy rock a bowtie!

YouTube Channel Stats:
18 videos, 41 subscribers, total 9,773 views

must watch youtube channels for money

Tess Wicks, Wander Wealthy

Tess’ YouTube channel isn’t really about investing…but I needed another one for the category. Sorry Tess. I feel like it is a little about investing though because she talks so much about personal development, investing in your well-being.

No matter what your goals or needs, it’s a great channel covering topics in money and personal success. Her most popular video, How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast, has over 10,000 views and some ideas you don’t want to miss!

YouTube Channel Stats:
65 videos, 1,633 subscribers, total 69,551 views

popular youtube channels for traveling

Best YouTube Channels for Beating Debt

The third topic I’m focusing on this year is beating debt. The average American household owes more than $50,000 in debt and that’s not including mortgage debt. One-in-five dollars you make is likely going to just paying off debt every month.

Debt can ruin your life as well as your finances. Money problems are the #1 cause of arguments and divorce among married couples.

You’re in luck though because I found some amazing YouTube channels about beating debt. In fact, almost half the list in this article is some of the hottest YouTube stars on paying off debt and freeing your financial future!

Nick True, Mapped Out Money

Nick is a new YouTube star and could have just as easily been added as one of the fastest growing channels in the next section. His videos are very conversational and will help you prepare your finances to pay off credit cards and set a budget you can keep.

Check out Nick’s most popular video, 3 Reasons You Need to Be Tracking Every Dollar.

YouTube Channel Stats:
20 videos, 374 subscribers, 3,558 total views

best youtube channels about money

Deacon Hayes, Well Kept Wallet

Deacon has a great YouTube channel that mixes face-to-face conversation with some really helpful presentations. You’ll find everything from getting out of debt to saving money, making money and everything in between.

His most popular video, How to Create a Budget in 10 Minutes or Less, has over 17,000 views and takes less than seven minutes to watch!

YouTube Channel Stats:
25 videos, 493 subscribers, total 66,474 views

best youtube channels for making money

Katasha Kay, Broke Girl Rehab

I love Katasha’s humor in her videos. She sets a conversational and optimistic tone for all the other recovering broke millennials trying to get their $hit together! From budgeting to saving and investing, you’ll find it all here.

You can even follow along with Katasha in her budgeting journey as she shares each month’s budget.

YouTube Channel Stats:
57 videos, 891 subscribers, total 26,124 views

fast growing youtube channels to subscribe

LaTisha Styles, Young Finances

LaTisha is one of the YouTube gurus I’ve followed for years. She’s been making videos since 2011 and puts a lot into each one. The channel makes it fun and easy to budget, invest and achieve success.

LaTisha’s got some great first-hand experience with debt. Check out her most popular video, How I Paid Off $22,000 of Credit Card Debt.

YouTube Channel Stats:
104 videos, 10,079 subscribers, total 515,267 views since 2011

best youtube channels for women

Talaat and Tai McNeely, His & Her Money

Married or trying to get on the same financial page with your partner? You’ve got to subscribe to His & Her Money. This is THE money couple for helping others handle their finances, sharing their own experience with financial freedom on YouTube and on their radio podcast.

They’re most popular video, Why We Have 13 Bank Accounts, will shock you.

YouTube Channel Stats:
328 videos, 49,133 subscribers, total 2.8 million views

best youtube channels for couples

Sarah Wilson, Budget Girl

Sarah was a 20-something sick of debt and hungry to work her way to wealth and freedom. She definitely found it. On her YouTube channel, she shares how she paid of $33,000 in student loan debt on a small income and now lives debt free.

If you’re looking for a channel on frugality, check out her Garage Sale Tips, Tricks, Nonsense and Haul – with more than 66,000 views.

YouTube Channel Stats:
517 videos, 24,084 subscribers, total 3 million views

top youtube channels for budgeting

Candice Marie

Candice is that friend that makes your money and life better. Not only does she share some great ideas about debt, budgeting and making money but her videos feel like a real conversation. Everyone needs someone to listen to their financial questions and troubles.

Candice offers two very important reasons why your debt payoff isn’t moving in her most popular video.

YouTube Channel Stats:
134 videos, 590 subscribers, total 25,210 views

popular youtube channels for paying off debt

Khaleef Crumbley, Fat Guy Skinny Wallet

Khaleef shares his adventure to lose over 200 pounds and pay off $100,000 in debt, besides being one of my favorite YouTube channel names. This is an all-around great channel with which a lot of people can relate.

Food accounts for one of the biggest budget busters for families and Khaleef has saving money at the grocery store down to a science. Check out his most popular video, Grocery Haul, Costco and Shop Rite.

YouTube Channel Stats:
576 videos, 1,481 subscribers, total 164,091 views

top youtube channels to subscribe to

Debt Free Guys

John and Dave have your blueprint for #MoneyConsious to achieve financial independence. They are THE leading voices in personal finance in the LGBT community. Check out their podcast, Queer Money, the #1 personal finance show dedicated to the community.

YouTube Channel Stats:
97 videos, 149 subscribers, total 13,482 views

best youtube channels for gay and lesbian

Fastest Growing YouTube Channels to Watch

YouTubing is hard! I manage five websites besides freelancing and I never felt overworked until I started making videos.

These last two YouTube channels are making it look easy with some great videos. I know each of them and know that YouTube channel growth is high on their list for this year so watch for them to put out some excellent ideas.

Tracie Richmond Fobes, Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Tracie has one of the most popular family blogs but is just getting into YouTube videos. Her channel is a must-watch including some amazing recipes, fun things to do with the kids and great ideas on budgeting.

The channel is dedicated to keeping your family life in balance with ideas like the one in her most popular video, How to Use Our Free Chore Chart.

YouTube Channel Stats:
219 videos, 46 subscribers, total 16,045 views

best youtube channels for moms

Dan Green – Growella

Dan’s channel goal is simple, grow your money and grow your life. The channel has a great segment called “Your Job is Whaaat?” with some amazing celebrity interviews. Dan also talks about simple personal finance questions like mortages and home ownership.

YouTube Channel Stats:
48 videos, 3,823 subscribers, total 278,395 views

top youtube channels for finances

My son spends loves the toy review channels on YouTube. It seems most of the video platform is that kind of commercialized, senseless content (gaming anyone?). But some of the best YouTube channels will help you make more money, beat your debt and make your money work for you. You’ll love the feeling of community you get from subscribing to a YouTube channel and it’s all free (In fact, click here to subscribe! ;). This is some of the best money advice you can get, from some of the most popular money experts so check out a few of the channels.

How You Can Become a Youtuber!

Contradictory to popular belief, YouTube is not yet oversaturated, and you can still make a very good amount of money as a successful YouTuber.

There are some key steps which will ensure that you stand out as a Youtube creator and don’t just get lots amongst the other millions of creators in your niche. I have listed these steps below and I’m excited to hear if you guys have anything to add. Although following these steps isn’t necessary in becoming Youtuber, they will certainly help to ensure optimal engagement and channel growth.

  1. Have Goals for your channel

Know exactly what goals you wish to achieve for your YouTube channel and write them down! Writing these down and putting them up in a place where you can see them every day will push you to work hard for that goal every day! This is all in the power of manifestation. 

  1. Define your channels niche 

Know exactly what you want to educate your audience on and stick to it! An engaged audience loves consistency.

  1. Develop a content schedule/calendar to stay on track 

Content Calendars are so helpful!! This will allow you to schedule all your content for the upcoming week(s) all at once so that you don’t have to worry about being on top of it every single day! 

  1. Consistently brainstorm new video ideas 

Brainstorm your video ideas well in advance! This will save you some time and energy when it comes to filming your videos and cause less stress.

  1. Have a strong passion for your niche! 

When you watch a YouTube video do you want to watch a creator that seems dull and bored of what they’re talking about or a creator that is genuinely excited to be speaking about their topic? I think we all know what the right answer is! 

Want my three favorite strategies for growing a YouTube channel? I’m doing a free webinar on growing subscribers fast and growing your channel into a legit business that reaches millions. I’ve reached over 3.5 million people with my channel, and these are the three tricks that helped me most.

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