Most people drink their coffee after waking up in the morning. But besides that, what else do you do?

Here are 11 things people do in the morning besides drinking coffee; let us know if you can relate!

1. Scroll Through Reddit

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Somebody said, “Scroll Reddit for a few while my brain boots up.”

Then another replied with sarcasm, “System crash. Restart required.”

2. Hugs and Kiss My Dog

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“My dog wakes me up with kisses and snuggles me until I get up … so basically the very first thing I do is kiss and hug my dog, then start coffee and refill the dog’s water bowl,” said one.

“This is so wholesome; thank you for sharing that,” replied another admiring such a situation.

“One of my cats likes to ‘head [bonk]’ me. I read it’s a form of affection that cats give. Sometimes I get mad because he’s waking me up, but then I remind myself I will long outlive him and I should appreciate him while he’s here. Side note: he usually does this around 5:15 am which is why I get mad lol,” added another with similar experience with a cat.

3. Shower

Taking a shower
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One person shared, “Shower within the first 5 minutes of being awake.”

Another one replied, “Ice cold shower for me.”

4. Scream in Existential Horror

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“Scream in existential horror,” shared somebody.

“I do this every time … in my head,” replied another.

“Here we go again …” the third added.

5. Get Up Immediately

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One person stated, “Get out of bed. I trained myself to not be a snoozer, so when the alarm goes off, I’m up. I’ll be groggy but I’m not going to oversleep. A win is a win?”

The second person replied, “It’s saddening that ‘oversleep’ is a term we have in our vocabulary. Sleep is healthy. Alarms [are the worst].”

6. Mountain Dew and a Marlboro

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Somebody said, “Mountain Dew and a Marlboro! Yep, nothing but good choices here.”

The second person replied, “You sound like a 15 year old me.”

A third commenter added, “The breakfast of champions …”

7. Stretch for 5 to 10 Minutes

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“Stretch for 5-10 min, it’s easy and gets your blood flowing, plus it takes a very small amount of time. As others have said, physical activity helps; once my body gets used to the physical activity, it seems like it starts remembering and will wake me up to do it. I think of it like when you have a dog, and the dog expects and knows it’s time for a walk at a certain time of the day, so they get super hyped lol,” shared somebody.

8. Drink Water With Fresh Lemon

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One person said, “First, ice water with a fresh lemon squeeze. Then coffee in the backyard.”

Then somebody replied, “Never thought about lemon water in the morning!”

Then the original commenter replied, “Give it a try. Not only is it refreshing, but the health benefits are numerous.”

9. Drink a Huge Glass of Water

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“I don’t drink coffee; I drink a huge glass of water. Much better, I think, at getting me going in the morning, and I’ve heard studies say the same thing but never researched it myself, so I cannot confirm,” shared somebody.

10. Drink Tea

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Somebody stated, “I am a 54-year-old Pakistani American. Since Pakistan was a British colony for 200 years, with us it is tea, tea, and more tea. Thus my head is not clear in the morning unless I have had a steaming hot cup of tea. As to coffee, I have drunk like 10 or 15 cups in my whole life. I just don’t have a taste for it!”

11. Cuddle My Cat

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“Cry. No, just kidding. I cuddle my cat since she sleeps next to me and enjoy the moment before all the craziness of life starts for the day,” said someone.

How about you? What’s your favorite thing to do in the morning aside from drinking coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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