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financial health checklist

What Financial Health Means to Me

See how financial health has changed my life and get your own financial health checklist Today is the first annual Financial Health Matters Day! You probably didn’t even know it ... Read more
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How to Retire Early and Why it Won’t Matter

Early retirement might not mean what you think. Follow these steps to retire early and find your financial freedom Six months after taking my first job as a corporate accountant, ... Read more
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My First Money Blunder and Lessons Learned

Everyone has a money blunder once in a while, the important thing is to learn from your money mistakes. Thought I would share this video I did yesterday with Alan ... Read more
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The Only Thing to Save Peer Lending is the Worst Thing for Investors

The Current Crisis in Peer to Peer Lending isn’t the Biggest Issue Facing the Industry The peer to peer lending naysayers are having their moment and a brief ‘I told ... Read more
personal finance myths

3 Personal Finance Myths and More

An interview with a personal finance blogger uncovers money challenges, successes and three personal finance myths Our PeerStory this week is from David Bakke, Editor at Money Crashers Personal Finance. ... Read more

At What Age Should You Start Investing in Yourself?

I've been reading the PeerFinance101 blog for a while and love the balanced advice offered on smart spending and reaching your financial goals. I wanted to offer my own perspective ... Read more
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How I Increased Blogging Income by 32% Last Month

My monthly blogging income jumped in April as all five blogs started making real money Monthly blogging income climbed to a new record again in April on increases in both ... Read more
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How to Use Udemy to Be a Better…Anything

Udemy makes it easy to learn a new skill or just brush up on old skills and all at an unbelievable price When my son asked me if I wanted ... Read more
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Peer to Peer Investing: The Real Reason Banks Aren’t Lending

Banks have found a better investment in peer to peer investing, should you follow their lead? It took the stock market four years to rebound after the financial crisis. It ... Read more
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How I Get Paid to Blog and Make $2,000 a Month

Blogging can be a great hobby but you can also get paid to blog. Check out my March blogging income and how to make money blogging I started talking about ... Read more