Childhood Memories: 11 Video Game Cheat Codes We Couldn’t Live Without

Playing with cheat codes is one of the best memories of our childhood. The thought of being invincible makes playing video games more fun and enjoyable. Here are 11 video game cheat codes that these gamers remembered the first time they used them!

1. Power Overwhelming, StarCraft

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One user stated, “Power overwhelming, StarCraft. It’s how I got my typing speed up.”

The second person replied, “Blacksheepwall, Foodforthought, Showmethemoney, Thereisnocowlevel. There were more I used to know, but these stuck with me.”

Finally, the third added, “Dude, you aren’t kidding about the typing speed. I hated how long it took to build units compared to C&C so I’d input those constantly enough that it basically made me a hacker speed type. I needed those firebats to burn the zerg NOW not later.”

2. Motherlode in Sims

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​​”Motherlode in sims lol,” shared one. “rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!  And if it didn’t work, having to go through the whole line to find where you accidentally put in a 1 or :.” replied the second person with another cheat code.

3. ABACABB for Mortal Kombat

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One user commented, “ABACABB. Blood Code for Mortal Kombat on Genesis.”

Another one replied, “Holy s-, core memory unlocked: I could never do it fast enough so I’d get mom to do it. She even made up lyrics to the start screen music: “I know the b- code for mortal kom-baaaat, and I break your NOOOooOOSE!’”

4. Duplicating Items in Pokemon

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“I was playing Pokemon Red in the dentist office waiting room back when it first released. When another kid also there came over and asked if I knew how to duplicate items, I said no, and he showed me once, and I never forgot. That’s my first cheat code,” stated one.

“I kinda miss the days when cheats and glitches like this were passed down like stories from the ancestors,” replied another.

5. DOOM—idkfa idclip

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One user said, “DOOM—idkfa idclip.” The second person replied with another cheat code, “Iddqd.”

Finally, the third added, “My father used to boot up DOOM for me and always put on the IDDQD cheat code first thing. My 6 year old d-a- thought I was incredible at the game. He was just being a sweetheart, lol.”

6. Age of Empires 2

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Somebody mentions, “Age of Empires 2 Greedisgood and whosyourdaddy.”

Another one replied, “Mine was AoE 1. The ones I remember are ‘Coinage’ for gold, ‘Bigdaddy’ for the convertible car, ‘Woodstock’ for wood … maybe ‘Bigbertha’ for a land-boat?”

7. HESOYAM for GTA San Andreas

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“BAGUVIX, AIWPRTON, ROCKETMAN, JUMPJET—these are burned into my memory,” the second person replied.

8. O Canada for Age of Mythology

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“O Canada. This cheat summons the Lazer Bear in Age of Mythology, which pretty much carried me through the entire campaign,” shared somebody.

9. Pitfall Harry for Atari

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“Pitfall Harry for the Atari would sometimes put you in a different part of the map if you jostled the cartridge when you started the game. I am old.”

Then somebody replied, “Pitfall Harry was awesome.”

10. Ghostbusters

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Somebody commented, “On Ghostbusters, on the Commodore 64, (this was in like 1985), if you put Name ‘Dio’ and Password ‘Help’, you start the game with $800,000 instead of $2,000.”

The second person replied, “Aw man, that would have helped me buy the sports car and max out on all the extra stuff first shot!”

11. A, B, B, A, Start on Ikari Warriors

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Somebody shared, “Ikari Warriors on the NES let you get 3 more lives every time you entered the basic code of A, B, B, A, Start. This essentially let you have infinite lives, and thus it was the only way I was ever able to get to my cartridge’s endgame. I say my cartridge because I found out like 3 decades later there was actually a real ending I never saw because my particular game was bugged and didn’t spawn the stairwell that was supposed to appear at the end when you destroyed the dictator’s corpse.”

Which of the video game cheat codes do you remember using? Let us know in the comments!

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