Beyond the Glitz: 15 Famous Faces Who Remain Grounded and Humble

Celebrity culture can be strange—on the one hand, fame and money bring a certain level of privilege and excess that many of us will never experience, but on the other hand, it’s incredibly challenging to stay humble no matter how much success you achieve. That being said, we all know there are those in Hollywood who manage to remain modest despite their riches and fame. Here are 15 celebrities who have stayed grounded even amidst skyrocketing bank balances and legions of adoring fans!

1. Dolly Parton

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One Redditor posted, “Dolly, she will forever be the best!!”

Another user replied, “I don’t care one bit for the style of music she plays, but that woman is a class act. She’s a perfect example of turning your wealth and influence into a better world in any way you can.”

Another user responded, “She no longer speaks to her bra designer. Not since the two fell out.”

One user replied, “Dolly is an angel in human form, and nothing will ever change my mind.” 

Another Redditor shared, “I went to a private fundraiser with Dolly Parton last year to promote her bringing her imagination library to Ohio. She is the nicest, most down-to-earth person ever. She was given a teleprompter but basically ignored it and did her own thing, talking about growing up and how her dad was ashamed he couldn’t read until he was an adult. She is 100% as she appears in public.”

“My kids get those books. They don’t know who Dolly Parton is, but they call her ‘the nice book lady,’ and I bet she’d love that,” one Redditor answered. 

2. Mr. Rogers

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One user posted, “Mister Rogers. R.I.P.”

Another user commented, “I think he is one of those rare people who starts off kind and has some success and realizes how lucky he is and (here is the key part) leans into it. Rather than let it go to his head, each admirer and well-wisher makes him feel lucky as hell and creates a virtuous cycle, like an infinite loop of people loving him and him able to love right back. It’s rare, but it happens.”

Another one shared, “There is a rumor that his car was once stolen, then returned with an apology note once the thieves realized who it belonged to. I don’t know if it’s actually true, but I like to think that it was.”

One user also replied, “He broke barriers most TV shows at the time wouldn’t dare break; he also never stayed away from touchy subjects like murder/assignation, people with disabilities, and more.” 

One user also shared his story and posted, “Pittsburgh, Summer of 1994. I’m walking down Fifth Avenue in Oakland and staring at the sidewalk, deep in my own thoughts. I glance up, and there he is already looking at me with the kindest smile on his face. All I could manage was a surprised hello. I thought if I ever saw him again, I’d tell him how we had to hide from a tornado when I was three, and my mom said I was crying because she pulled me away from Mister Rogers. Unfortunately, I never got the chance.”

3. Brendan Fraser

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One user posted, “Brendan Fraser.”

Another replied, “I met him with my daughter about 4 years ago in London, and he stopped, asked her what her name was, and we had a conversation about George of the Jungle for a good ten minutes. Lovely bloke.”

Another user added, “Facts. He is a national treasure.”

One Redditor replied, “Don’t let [Nic] Cage hear you say that.”

Another user commented, “That said, if the plot of National Treasure 3 (which I still hope does happen someday) is that Nic Cage has to steal Brendan Fraser, I have to admit I’d at least be curious enough to see it.” 

4. Pedro Pascal

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One user posted, “Pedro Pascal is always super nice to fans and just generally seems like a good dude.”

Another user replied, “Someone referred to him as a Golden Retriever in human form. From everything I’ve seen and read about him, it’s an apt description.”

One commenter answered, “So he’s the real life Mr. Peanutbutter?”

Another user replied, “This might sound weird, but he’s giving me the same vibes that made me a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan. Neither are particularly Hollywood handsome, but both play roles that cater to a type (smart/nerdy, protector/father figure), and their media/public sides come off as extremely warm, welcoming, and nerdy to the core. And… they are both sexy as fk.”

One of the Redditors posted, “I ran into him at a diner during his Oberyn Martell days—nobody seemed to recognize him at the time (as he wasn’t as famous). I’ll never forget how incredibly sweet he was! He greeted me as if I were his longtime friend & said that it was such a pleasure to meet me (when that should’ve been my line to him). Meanwhile, sitting next to him was Michiel Huisman (playing Daario at the time), and he definitely wasn’t as engaging or nice.”

5. Keanu Reeves

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One of the Redditors commented, “Keanu Reeves.”

Another user replied, “They love him here for sure.”

One commenter added, “What’s not to love?”

Another user responded, “First person that came to mind.”

One Redditor said, “Because it’s always the top answer to this question.”

6. Paul Rudd

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One user posted, “Paul Rudd seems [super] humble.”

Another user responded, “I live in the Catskills, and he owns a local sweet shop with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. People who have met him say he is a super nice guy.”

One user shared his story and posted, “He owns a home in NY, about 45 minutes from where I live. A guy that does trees was telling me he got a job to remove some trees from a yard because if they fell, the fence would get hit. So he goes up there, knocks on the door, says hi to the women there, and explains blah blah blah. So they cut down this huge oak, and it comes crashing down between some other trees. Paul Rudd comes running out with his kids, ‘THAT WAS AWESOME!’ Bill, the tree guy, is like, ‘Thanks man.’ They watch the rest of the work, and Paul Rudd is talking to all the workers. He will also go around Rhinebeck and be super chill there too.”

Another user replied, “I can confirm. Paul Rudd was the one celeb I got starstruck over, and he was so kind.” 

7. Hugh Jackman

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One Redditor posted, “Hugh Jackman seems to be humble and kind.”

One user responded with his story about the actor, “A friend of mine worked out at the same gym as him in the West Village, and they’d exchange pleasantries from time to time, but one day Hugh somehow realized that my friend was attempting a personal best on the bench and came over to help spot him and then gave him a nice high-five and bro-hug congratulations.” 

8. Robin Williams

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One user commented, “Robin Williams, R.I.P.”

One Redditor shared, “I randomly met him on the street in NYC. I had a backpack with a “what dreams may come” pin, and he complimented me on it. He signed it and chatted for a second, then smiled, and then vanished into the crowd when the light changed. It was weirdly surreal.”

Another user replied, “In my family, we held Robin Williams high. We loved his comedy, of course, but separately, my parents would get backstage tickets to his shows in Milwaukee. In spite of being the lead actor in Jumanji, my parents always came back from the show happy in such a simple way. Each time I asked how Robin was after the show, they would shrug and say he was quiet and it was a nice time. That description could not be more opposite of what he was doing on stage; he was real. In fact, he was so real that he would send out Christmas cards like anybody else, and they all featured his children, like anybody else. It was clear he loved them.

Edit: Kids, Christmas cards were these things we’d send in the mail. They were often self-aggrandizing and full of updates on their year. Before Facebook, this was how to figure out if your neighbors four doors away finally took their poodle to Manitoba.” 

Another Redditor shared, “I ran into him and his family in Costa Rica many years ago. At the time, it was a sleepy little beach town, and when somebody drove into town, you noticed. I ended up talking to him for a few minutes while he was waiting for his kids, I honestly didn’t know it was him, it’s not like you are expecting Robin Williams in the middle of nowhere. He was much shorter than I was expecting…, but super nice. I think he was surprised that I didn’t know him right off the bat. We just talked about surfing and how bad the roads were. It wasn’t until the end that my brain clicked, and I gave him a look, and he just smiled and said, ‘See you later.'”

9. Terry Crews

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One user posted, “I got to meet Terry Crews at a Tough Mudder obstacle course like event. He was the kindest and sweetest dude despite being built like a monster and looking intimidating as hell at first.”

Another user replied, “Terry loves love.”

One added, “And his yogurts.” 

One commenter added, “I’ve known a few guys who were into bodybuilding but were marshmallows IRL, usually because they had a deep well of personal insecurities. They were invariably wonderful, wholesome people. Whenever I see a male celeb who became famous when they were already jacked, I tend to wonder if that’s what’s behind them, as well.” 

“Tbf Terry Crews is a giant in large part because he was a legit NFL player. He played in over 30 NFL games (albeit never as a starter), which objectively means he was better at football than, like, anyone I’ve ever met is at literally any activity. It’s extremely impressive that he’s as funny and charismatic as he is considering that his athletic accomplishments would make him pretty remarkable if that was all he ever did,” said one user. 

10. Jack Black

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One user posted, “Jack Black. I have never once regretted being a Jack Black fan.”

Another user responded,”I literally can’t believe this isn’t higher up. He is the most wholesome person ever!” 

One Redditor commented,”Celebrity wheel of fortune Jack Black is an entire emotion.” 

11. Weird Al Yankovic

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One Redditor commented,”I’m gonna have to go with my favourite singer of all time.The great Weird Al Yankovic.”

One replied, “He is so pure and wonderful he had to make stuff up for his biopic.”

Another user added, “My aunt has a friend in town who’s friends with Weird Al and apparently every time he passes thru town they have lunch or dinner together. Maybe I’ll luck out and get to meet him too someday.” 

12. Andrew Garfield

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One user shared, “Andrew Garfield.”

Another replied,”I still can’t believe that man is almost 40.”

One commenter responded, “He was ‘The’ Amazing Spider-Man, but if you watch any interview of him, it’s honestly surprising he’s so down to earth and super sweet.”

Another Redditor replied, “I love his energy. He’s such a sweet man.” 

13. Rick Moranis

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One Redditor said, “Rick Moranis.”

Another user replied, “Probably one of the kindest dudes ever. I don’t know much about him, but ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ was a staple in our house while growing up. Along with the Lion King, Aladdin and Home Alone.” 

14. Steve Irwin

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One Redditor posted,”Steve Irwin seemed like a genuine dude.”

Another replied, “He was. Said hello to him a few times and always got a g’day from him.”

One commenter also shared his story, “Once I saw him working so hard at his park when I was a kid that he threw up. Took a minute, threw up behind a tree, came over drinking water to tell us about the croc in the enclosure. Later find out said croc got loose in a flood and bit off Steve’s best mate’s posterior. stuff’s wild.”

Another user added, “He WAS the best human ever.” 

15. David Tennant

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One user commented, “David Tennant. Fantastic actor and an awesome, down-to-earth human being.” 

Another user responded, “What a great video tribute. He’s almost too good an actor. His performance in Jessica Jones was so intense that it made it hard to watch him in other things. But his performance in Good Omens was so good I had to rewatch it several times to just absorb it.”

One Redditor confirmed, “YES!! David Tennant! If anything ever comes up that’s bad about him, I don’t want to know. It would break my heart. I just adore that man and I’m old enough to be his mother.” 

Do you agree with the actors listed above? Let us know in the comments.

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