What to Do to Get Started Podcasting? Starting from the Basics

Get started podcasting from the basics! Don’t pressure yourself too much and instead, take it one step at a time.

When you are to get started podcasting, what do you think is the first thing to do? If you are like most people, you create an outline of topics to talk about. Do not worry if that sounds like too much work for you, I promise it is easy! First, let us go through some steps before we come up with our list of podcast topics.

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This step is simple but very important. The more time spent thinking about podcast topics you should have in your list to get started podcasting, the easier it will be to come up with a list later on.

This is because they will already be fresh in your mind and it would be very hard to forget them.


get started podcasting

This step will help you gather more ideas for your list. The best way to learn what works and what does not, is by listening to other podcasts and seeing how their topics are presented. Learn from their mistakes and see how other make it interesting or funny at times too! You should also take note of the different styles they use when talking about a topic if there are many ways to do it. This step can be very time-consuming but well worth it in the end.

Do not forget that while you learn from other podcasts that have already been successful, you also want to stand out from them too. So, keep an eye on what makes you different from them as well.


This step will be the easiest of all for most people, because that is where they shine. Like many creative tasks, this one requires no thinking either! Simply let yourself go wild and come up with ideas on your own without thinking if others have done it already or how to do it. Come up with at least twenty podcast topics before narrowing things down to ten or fewer topics.

Do not look at any other lists until you are finished coming up with ideas on your own first. Then compare what you have against other lists if you want to use their ideas too. This way will make sure no idea gets left behind by accident and it does not feel like too much work for you either.


When you have your list of topics and everything is in order, it is time to see what days will work best for each topic and fit the schedule into your podcast. If you already know when you plan on releasing episodes ahead of time, stick to that plan unless something changes.

Now if this is your first podcast or there are lots of podcasts with the same general release times such as Monday-Friday, do not be afraid to make adjustments so your calendar fits in with everyone else’s! There is nothing wrong with that at all and most people understand why things change.


There is always room for improvement even after you have your episodes released. Do not worry if things do not go the way you expected them to when it comes to feedback, likes, and downloads. It is a learning process and we know that every feat has to start somewhere. Just take the time to enjoy the journey as well as seeing everything come together over time instead of focusing on a huge goal that can be rather intimidating at times! Then once you get further down the road with your podcast, you will feel more confident about what makes a good topic or how to talk about one successfully. You can then take some ideas from other podcasts too if they worked better than yours.

The main thing to remember is that nobody knows everything immediately and it is better to start somewhere than wait forever. So do not be afraid of taking on some topics if you are unsure how to approach them, just see it as a learning opportunity first! Then later edit your list, if necessary, since new ideas might come up along the way too, because things can always change. That is why there are no set-in stone rules about what works best, only guidelines based on experience.

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You should now have a pretty detailed article finished at this point which you can use for reference when creating your own list of podcast topics. It does not matter where you end up posting this either since all that matters is putting out a great product at the end of the day. So, get your creative juices flowing and the rest should come naturally after that!

Just remember that starting a podcast is not easy and takes lots of time to define and perfect, but it is definitely worth all the effort once you get going and it can truly change people’s lives for the better too. This is why many people see this as a huge passion project in their own way even though it will still be different for everyone else depending on what they want out of it. All you have to do now is make up your mind about how far you want to take things before making any serious commitments which could cause unnecessary stress if you feel like quitting at some point later on down the road instead.

Also, while we are talking about making your mind up, there is one more thing to discuss quickly. You might want to think about whether or not you want to put together a business plan for this at some point too. This goes beyond the actual topic list and business advice in general, but it can be very helpful when making decisions about monetizing your podcast later on down the road if you feel like making that jump instead of doing everything out of passion only. That way you will know exactly where all that hard work is headed just in case things do not go as planned with downloads and things like that over time so nothing gets wasted if something needs to change eventually.

Nobody is saying you have to monetize right away either since there are lots of other ways to support your podcast without having to worry about income and expenses on a large scale later down the road. But you should still have at least one general idea of how things will work so you can look into it from time to time as your podcast grows in popularity.

get started podcasting

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So now that we have gone over all four steps in this guide, you should be ready to start brainstorming topics for your first few episodes! Just remember not to get too ahead of yourself since the list will fill itself out eventually if everything goes well. You do not want to spend more time planning than actually making progress! So, get out there and get started once the idea sticks with you.

One last piece of advice would be to make it clear from the start what your podcast is all about, who it is for, and what kind of content will be included. This makes starting up a lot easier since you already have an idea what to expect in terms of quality assurance once other people jump on board too. It can help for planning purposes if nothing else since everything should fall into place eventually when everyone knows where they are aiming. Just use these four steps as a reference, if necessary, but know that it is okay to improvise along the way too! The key thing here is producing something not perfect at first, but fun to listen so people want more even before you release it to the public. This is why you should never force yourself to do something if, for whatever reason, your heart is not behind it.

That being said, this does not mean that you cannot be open about how things work either since many dedicated podcasters actually record their first podcast as a way to test the waters before making up their mind about what they truly want from it. Either way works as long as you remember the main goal here which is to entertain people with a quality product at some point down the road! Whether or not you choose to monetize later on is completely up to you and depends on whether or not you can find an audience willing to pay too much attention by then. But for now, just focus on creating something that people actually want to listen to, and you should be ready to roll in no time.

That is all for now…

I hope this article has helped you understand the process of creating a podcast better. This information is meant as an introduction only so read on if you feel like getting more hands on with your future project! I will make another post about topic ideas for a podcast but first I will need some more time to test out what works best for new podcasters since it seems like there are multiple ways depending on what equipment you have lying around. Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more articles coming your way! Remember, you can have my articles as resource so share this blog with the world if you found it helpful!

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