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Rarely does a 9-5 job pay for bills, rent, and help afford luxuries, all at the same time. This is why we put together a list of side hustles for professionals that can help you earn those extra bucks and elevate your standard of living.

The good thing is that they can be flexible, so you can find the best side hustles when you have a full-time job, an online job or a part-time job – either way, you’ll find them easy to manage with flexible hours and a substantial income. Read on to find out the best side job for yourself.

Best Side Hustles for Professionals

Here is a list of ways you can earn money besides your full-time job:

Freelance Writing

side hustles for busy professionals

The freelancing market saw rapid spurts of growth in recent years. A report by Payoneer suggests that freelancing earnings in the USA jumped from 10% to a whole 78% from 2018 to 2019 – that’s a whole lot of freelance writers joining the economy.

You, too, can earn good money through freelance writing if you have reasonable writing skills. Just join platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and many more to find work quickly. You can also write for a specific niche, for instance, academic writing that is related to your profession.


Got talents other than writing? The internet is full of opportunities for you guys too. Whether you’re good at editing videos, designing websites, or just about anything, you can find a gig for yourself on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer.

With work hours and job offerings according to your preference, finding freelance work through such websites is one of the best side hustles for professionals with a full-time job. You’ll find yourself earning a handsome amount for a job that’s only part-time.

Get started on Fiverr today and finally get that project done!


There are over 200 million blogs on the internet, and around 31.7 million bloggers reside in the U.S alone. What’s so special about blogging that so many people are into it?

With blogging, you get to share your thoughts, opinions, and your personality with your audience alongside making money. How?

Let’s say you want to write about how exercising and yoga has helped you become healthier and look smarter. You can gain a large audience through such content because let’s be honest, everyone wants to look and feel good.

Once you have a large enough audience (keep in mind this may take some time), you monetize your posts through ads and affiliate links. You can also get different brands to sponsor you to sell their product to your audience (through which you can earn you a lot more than you expected.)

If this sounds good to you, you can start your blog today with websites like Bluehost.

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You were wondering when we’d get to this, weren’t you? YouTube is a way to earn some serious cash if you’re passionate about making videos of any sort. The diversity and flexibility of it make it a good side hustle for professionals who are busy all day.

You can create videos on just about any topic. Have you got art skills? Show it off on YouTube and create tutorials.

Like to play games? Teach your audience how to pass a certain level in a game. Just want to create vlogs to give your audience a peek into your daily life? You can even do that profitably. 

After your channel is eligible, you can monetize your videos by putting ads on them through AdSense. How much you earn depends on how popular your channel is, but on average, you make $18 per 1000 views.

Now that may seem very less, but keep in mind, YouTube is one of the largest online platforms after Facebook, with nearly 2 billion users using it each month. The chances of your channel becoming popular enough are good, especially if you’re good at what you do.

Not only can you earn money through ads, but also through sponsorships. This is a great way to make extra money and also do something you are passionate about.

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Gigs for professionals

Let’s say you’re not into any of those jobs that require creativity. You’re only good at what you do in your full-time job. How can you get side hustles then?

Many online platforms allow you to use your professional skills and get paid for it.

For instance, if you’re a therapist, you can sign up at Talkspace, Betterhealth, and many other websites to provide therapy online via chat, video, or audio.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have more of a business-oriented mindset, or if you’re good at marketing, you’re in luck. You can partner with companies like Amazon, eBay, Godaddy, and sell products that you think you can convince people to buy.

You earn according to how many new customers you can bring to the business who actually buy the product. So it is important to choose the right affiliate partner and the right product.


If you’re good at your profession, you can earn by teaching students about it. Do it offline by finding students in your area or do it online, the latter giving you much more opportunities.

If you’re a doctor, or an engineer (or literally anything), you can sign up at Skooli, TutorMe, Chegg, and so many other websites to tutor kids from school and universities, who are willing to pay you for your knowledge.


Uber is an obvious and well-known gig economy job that continues to reap side hustle benefits for full-time workers. This is yet another flexible yet good enough side hustle to keep you going through the month. There are around 4 million Uber drivers in the world, most of them working part-time to make extra money.

All you need to do is sign up for uber, pass some background tests, and you’re good to go. Decide your hours and get paid for completed rides each day. But how much can you earn through Uber?

According to Buzzfeed, Uber drivers earn $25 an hour, but this can vary depending on your location. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to make money in your free hours by merely driving.


Don’t think you have the time for such side hustles but still want one? You can still earn a good amount of money without any effort on your part. All you need is a spare room in your house or any space that you don’t use frequently.

With the help of Airbnb, you can have guests staying in your spare space and get paid daily, weekly, or monthly for it, depending on how long they’re staying. You can sign up and list your space for free and get bookings within a short while.

Why Having Side Hustles is Great

A side hustle is a second job to make money on the side. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to make an extra income through a side hustle. Professionals everywhere are taking advantage of this opportunity as a way to make ends meet between paychecks. The following are five reasons why you need a side hustle as a busy professional.

Side Hustles Provide Instant Cashflow

It can be extremely stressful when your check doesn’t cover all of your expenses at the end of month or you constantly find yourself worrying about how you will pay the bills next time around. These feelings go away with instant cash flow that is provided by having multiple streams of income. Of course, there isn’t anything like having a salary that can cover all of your bills; however, this is why people turn to side hustles, small businesses, and other sources of income.

Side Hustles Provide More Free Time

Busy professionals need all the time they can get for themselves to relax or spend with family members. A side hustle allows you to make extra money without sacrificing precious free time. For instance, if you work forty hours at one job and ten hours at another job on weekends (that’s fifty total) , you could be making an extra $800 a week. This would allow you to save more money towards retirement since you are making so much more per month. Side hustles also allow you to cut back on spending, which gives you more money in your pocket.

Side Hustles Allow You to Network with Others

Networking is extremely important for professionals that are looking to climb the corporate ladder or who will need future career references. Many people do not know where their next job opportunity could come from. Because of this, it is important to always be networking and building up your professional relationships with others in your industry. Working side jobs allows you to make connections with other professionals at the company where you’re working part time. This can lead into better opportunities down the road because these contacts would be able to provide a great character reference based on their own personal experiences with you working together professionally.

Side Hustles Provide People with More Financial Security

Having more money in savings is important since it allows people financial flexibility. This means that something unexpected like an emergency car repair or medical procedure doesn’t have to cause large amounts of stress for individuals and their family members. When you are making extra money through a side hustle, you gain the ability to fix these problems as they come up instead of waiting until there is no other choice but to borrow from high interest credit cards or beg for help from friends and family who might not always be able to accommodate your request.

Side Hustles Allow Professionals to Pursue Their Passions

In order to live a happy life, many professionals wish they could do something related to their passions and interests for money. This is not always an option since most jobs require people to work a set amount of hours and spend the rest of their free time away from work doing personal activities that they enjoy. Side hustles allow professionals to make extra money by doing something that truly makes them happy. For instance, if someone is creative, they can choose to become self-employed as a creative web designer or writer and make money through articles on the side.


You can always earn extra through these side hustles, no matter what your full-time job is. Be it a lawyer or an artist, we could all use some more income, especially if the full-time job doesn’t pay enough.

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