YouTube Growth Hacks: 11 Proven Steps to Grow Your Channel Fast

With these 11 proven YouTube growth hacks, you can ensure the success of your channel. Just make sure to follow diligently and be consistent.

YouTube is a platform which has grown exponentially in the past few years, with billions of users uploading videos every month and more than 1 million hours of video being watched every day. It is no surprise that YouTube has become an integral part of people’s lives to such an extent that YouTube growth hacks have evolved as ways for people to literally gain fame by amassing followers on the platform.

However, despite its massive popularity and range of uses from education to entertainment and even business, the fact remains that YouTube is still missing out when it comes to sharing information about how one can get their own channel to grow. The issue here is that there are too many potential users who have little or no idea about what they should be doing if they want to make their presence felt and seen on this mammoth of a platform.

YouTube growth hacks

This article focuses on YouTube growth hacks that people can inject into their lives for them to have an even better chance with YouTube, whether they are here to entertain or educate others through the medium of video.

1. Make Your YouTube Video’s Title Catchy

No matter what your video is about make sure you come up with a great title for it because this will ultimately determine how many people click on it when they are out and about online looking for some interesting content to watch. Remember, the whole key here is to get your videos noticed by as many people as possible so that you can increase the possibility of gaining more views in the future.

Good titles have the power to attract people’s attention while highlighting what your video is about in a way that grabs viewers’ attention. In order to make sure that you get the best result possible it would be best if you decided on your title before you even start shooting your video. Try and come up with something really catchy which will resonate well with viewers. The last thing you want to do is wait until it is time for publishing and then find out that the title fell short of what was intended because it did not have any creativity to capture viewers’ interests at first glance. It goes without saying that those types of videos will just end up being missed by most users who search YouTube for interesting content, so try and avoid this at all cost.

2. Upload Regularly on Your YouTube Channel

This is perhaps one of the most critical aspects when it comes to increasing your presence on YouTube, and that is making sure that you are uploading new videos on a regular basis, especially if this is an avenue for you to earn some income from ads or other means. The thing about YouTube is that once users find interesting content they generally want more so coming up with a schedule for your uploads will ensure that there will always be something new for people come back and watch again in the future.

Once you have decided on a schedule for your uploads then it is time to start monitoring that schedule. The key here is to make sure that the frequency of video uploads does not overwhelm viewers or give them fatigue and when you do this it will mean that they will continue to come back for more on a regular basis. Remember, the most important aspect of uploading videos is to know who your target audience is so if there are any changes necessary in terms of frequency, duration of uploads, etc., based on their preferences, then it would be best for you to tweak those aspects accordingly so as not to alienate them in any way.

3. Incorporate YouTube Video Annotations Intelligently

This is one of the oldest YouTube growth hacks in existence but it is still as effective as ever in terms of how you can use annotations for your own benefit. You just need to know what exactly you are trying to accomplish here before actually moving forward and making sure that everything aligns with your specific marketing needs. Remember, this will become effective only if there are people who will click on them when they see them which makes this hack something that should be done within reason.

Note that annotations are not the same as titles and tags. Annotations can be added to any moment in your video, and they are a way for you to inject links directly into your videos so that people will easily see them while clicking on the screen of their mobile devices or other types of gadgets where they usually watch YouTube content from. It is easy to do this as well because all you have to do is simply click on the three dots on-screen during playback and then select “Add Annotation”. A box will then appear where you can type out what you want before it appears again towards the bottom-right corner of your video.

It goes without saying that if there are any social media platforms that relate most with your niche market audience then this is where you should start by adding links, and they do not necessarily have to be all about your channel either. It could instead just be links to other videos on YouTube that are directly related with what you are discussing in the video that viewers might find interesting as well. Remember, if it is on YouTube it will most likely appeal to someone out there so make sure to take advantage of these features when needed because they can really help increase traffic across multiple channels online for even more exposure than before.

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4. Always Start Your Video with a Strong Opening Statement

When it comes to creating an impact online, nothing really beats getting people’s attention with interesting opening statements in your video that might make them want to watch more. After all, as mentioned above, you are competing with more than 1 million hours of video consumption every single day so getting noticed on YouTube will require you to be creative while doing something different from everyone else who is sharing their own content and information online.

YouTube vlogger

You may have a really good and informative video but if you don’t grab people’s attention with your opening statement, your content won’t be watched at all so it is very important that you take the time to plan out the best way to start off your videos well to make them as appealing as possible. You can even practice shooting several versions of how you want to introduce your content before doing the real thing on camera just to make sure that everything works well together for a seamless presentation.

5. Provide an Insight into What Makes You Special and Different from Everyone Else Out There

One of the most important ways for you to stand out on YouTube is to inject an element of personality into your videos. In other words, make sure that people can tell who they are watching and what makes your content more interesting than someone else’s. You have to be different in order for you to become memorable so consider this as one of the best ways for you to start showing your own unique side through the medium of video.

In a lot of cases, even the most popular YouTubers have made themselves stand out by offering something unique and special. Of course, they need to offer entertainment as well but this is actually just the icing on the cake. At its core, you should be looking at ways for you to provide value to your audience. For example, maybe you can teach them how to play chess or you could sing songs that would make people feel happy whenever they hear them.

The great thing about this approach is that it ensures that you will never run out of content ideas. Just plug in whatever makes you different and start coming up with topics around those ideas so that people can keep learning from what you are doing on YouTube .

6. Make Sure that Your YouTube Video Description Contains all the Necessary Keywords for SEO

Now this is one of the best YouTube growth hacks you should never miss doing. This is a technique which has been around since before social media became mainstream but it should not be overlooked because it remains effective despite being widely used by many others on YouTube itself. After all, being on top of search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways for you to get noticed online and this is exactly what you want when it comes to growing your channel.

To make sure that your video description contains the keywords which are most likely to get people looking for you online, you should include them in your description. You can do this by using the ‘description’ tab on your YouTube dashboard and adding a unique title to every single one of your videos. The title is something that search engines like Google will take into consideration when ranking channels or videos so it’s crucial that you choose an effective and original title if you want to increase the amount of organic views coming from search engines .

7. Add a Call to Action Button in the Video

You can easily add a call to action button in your YouTube videos as this is something that becomes really important for people who are looking for an extra push when they have already started off creating content on their channel. Remember, the more people you can bring into your channel will ultimately translate into having more subscribers which translates to having more viewers of your videos and so forth.

You should know that users today get twitchy if they do not see any interaction via social media with the channels that they watch or subscribe to, especially if it seems like there is no point in watching them at all. Make sure you come up with catchy calls to action such as invite friends to subscribe or share your video with family and friends so that you can grow your channel faster.

8. Utilize Social Media to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube growth hacks do not really stop at just the point where you upload a popular video on YouTube but there is much more to it than this. If you want, people will be able to easily find your videos without any problem at all because if they have signed up for your newsletter or follow you on social media then they will eventually see anything that you post online about new videos that are available as well as when these videos come out.

share YouTube videos on social media

If possible also include links in your emails or messages which send them to channels with similar content so that they can become subscribers of such channels quickly as well! Remember, more subscribers mean more views and this is something that you should take advantage of without any further delay.

9. Ask for Subscriptions from People Who Watch Your Videos on YouTube

If your channel is gaining momentum then by all means keep a lookout for ways to get even more subscribers as well as grow your subscriber base every time you upload a new video. The best way to do this is to ask people who have watched the videos in the past if they would be interested in subscribing to your channel so that they can watch anything new that you might come out with in the future! This will definitely spark some interest in them and make them want to subscribe which can only work towards having more views on all of your videos and thus, also increase your chances of getting noticed by even more people.

It is always a good idea to have an incentive for subscribers because as soon as they subscribe, they are being bombarded with ads on the side of their screen telling them about other great channels that would cater to their interests in order to get more views and increase your chances of having more subscriptions. Also, you can even ask for this via Twitter or Facebook if it is appropriate.

Although there may be some people who will not want to subscribe after watching one of your videos, and although having an incentive does force them to sign up, don’t be discouraged! People who see your channel page are going to want to see what else is waiting for them in terms of other videos which means that they will most likely check out your older content as well as new content. The key is to target the right people and make sure that you are truly keeping your subscribers interested in your channel and your content so that they will also choose to share it with their friends!

10. Make Sure You Can Be Found in Other Channels in YouTube

If someone has subscribed to one of the channels that you are a part of, it definitely makes sense for them to come visit your channel from time to time and this is something that will most likely happen if they know where to find it! If possible make sure that you have links or buttons which link back to your own channel so that people do not have any problem at all finding out about what’s going on with your YouTube presence.

Remember, increasing the number of views means gaining more subscribers and thus having more viewers who will keep coming back for more. With this kind of exposure even some name might spot your channel and offer you some assistance as well.

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11. Get Persistent and Never Give up!

If you have a dream and want to see it flourish, then never give up. The same goes for YouTube channel growth hacks as well since you need to be persistent with these if you want to make sure that they actually work out in your favor. It does not matter how many times one of your videos might get rejected or flagged on YouTube or even removed from the site either (of course this is rare if you produce only original content) because this is something which can happen eventually, but if what you are doing has some type of value then keep at it!

You do not necessarily need to focus on going viral either. Just do what works best for you and take advantage of any opportunities that come up along the way!

These 11 proven YouTube growth hacks that you should be using in order to improve the reach and exposure of your videos online are just some of the many things that can help you get ahead while joining the largest online video sharing platform today. If followed properly, there is no reason why any individual or brand would not see positive results from a bit of strategic planning as far as their YouTube growth plans are concerned.

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