Mahi Mahi is a great fish to cook at home. There are many recipes that are super easy for weeknights. It is a great addition to a meal planning routine because it is easy and so versatile. The frozen bags from Costco are about the best thing to have on hand in the freezer to have an easy family meal. If you are looking to save money, purchasing your ingredients from Aldi is sure to be kind to your wallet.

Tips for grilling Mahi Mahi.

  • Get the grill grate nice and hot. This will allow for the Maillard effect to occur and give you those nice grill marks everyone craves.
  • Wait until the fish releases from the grate. The fish will stick initially, don’t be tempted to try to flip it too soon. As it renders on the grate, it will eventually come off with ease.
  • Get the internal temperature right. The target is 140F; if you pull it around 130-135 on an instant-read thermometer, it should continue to about 140.

1. Mahi Mahi in Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce

Mahi Mahi is a very light fish. However, if you are in the mood for something a bit more substantial, a great way to get there is to add a cream sauce. This cream sauce brings in extra umami flavor by having a chicken stock base.


2. Easy Grilled Mahi Mahi

Sometimes, nothing beats a simple, easy grilled meal. This simple grilled dish can meet that need for a nice weekday meal. Spiced with a little bit of lemon, paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper. This dish is not bland either.

You can use this lightly grilled fish recipe with almost any other white fish as well.


3. Hawaiian Mahi Mahi

While this recipe doesn’t technically cover the grilled shrimp in the photos, it seems easy to throw them on some kabobs and grill them up to garnish the fish. While it calls for crushed black pepper, I think freshly ground black pepper will do nicely too.


4. Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos with Coleslaw

Who doesn’t love a good fish taco? Such a light and festive meal are great for both weekends and weekdays. This fish taco recipe is super simple. With a marinade that is essentially just taco seasoning and oil, the prep time is short, and the flavor of the Mahi Mahi really gets a chance to shine.


5. Mahi Mahi with Lemon Garlic Sauce

With fresh garlic, lemons, and parsley, there is a lot to like about this simple Mahi Mahi recipe. This recipe works just as well on your gas grill as it does pan searing. Another alternative to this recipe is to use Cod instead of the Mahi Mahi. Either way, one important aspect of this recipe is making sure you get a good sear on the fish for that additional flavor.


6. Blackened Mahi Mahi

A good cajun blackened recipe is always a hit with light fish. This recipe also works quite well with tilapia. The ground ginger in the blackening spice definitely adds some spice to this rub.

7. Sweet and Spicy Thai Glazed Mahi Mahi

This Thai recipe gets a little bit of acidity from the white wine. However, this is a pretty quick recipe, and you only have to let the fish marinate for 30 minutes. Honey and sriracha are always a yummy mix!

8. Blackened Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa

Bring out the mango salsa! One of my favorite weeknight meals is mahi-mahi, with tons of mango salsa. Mangos chopped up with tomatoes and avocado is just such a winning combination. This dish calls for olive oil to be used for pan frying this dish. It would also work on the grill, and if you want, you could brush a little olive oil as well.

9. Mahi Mahi with Crunchy Coleslaw

Jessica Gavin has a tasty recipe for blackened mahi-mahi. This is a pan-seared recipe, but you could grill it too. I am all about the rubs, and this is another recipe that uses a rub rather than marinating.

10. Mahi Mahi with Balsamic Tomato Salad

When tomatoes are in season, Caprese salad is one of my favorite dishes. This recipe basically puts a Caprese salad, sans cheese on top of a piece of fish. Delicious.

11. Chili Seasoned Grilled Mahi Mahi with Lime Butter

This delicious spicy crispy Mahi Mahi recipe is a win-win. The lime butter adds a bit of freshness that goes great with the chili seasoning. Another great aspect of this Mahi Mahi recipe is that it is very pantry-friendly. There are not many ingredients you have to go out and stock to get this meal going.

12. Soy Glazed Mahi Mahi with Korean Dipping Sauce

Here is a bit of a change of pace. A soy-based marinade can bring in a lot of umami flavor. This sauce is a little bit salty, sweet, and a little bit of spice.


13. Mahi Mahi Foil Packets

Foil packets can be a great way to grill in your own backyard or while camping. The foil packet method is a foolproof way to grill foods. It is so much harder to mess up than some other high heat cooking methods that it even works out over the top of a campfire.

The foil packet method works because of its groups the food together, so it heats the same. There is also no easy release for vapor, so it takes longer for the food to dry out if you overcook it.

14. Pineapple Plank Grilled Mahi

This is a variation of the cedar plank method of grilling. Using a pineapple gives it some of the sweetness and acidity of the pineapple. It is also a barrier from direct heat, so you do not rapidly burn the meat.

15. Grilled Mahi with Fresh Corn and Avacado Salsa

Really this dish won me over with the fresh corn and avocado salsa. The crunchiness of fresh corn really stands up nicely to the soft texture of the fish and the smooth, fatty texture of the avocado.

16. Garlicky Lemon Mahi Mahi

Lemon slices: check. Garlic: check. Simplicity: check.

If you are looking for a goto meal for a weeknight, then look no further. This is a great meal for utilizing that bag of individually packaged frozen Mahi-mahi that you got from Costco.

17. Cedar Plank Mahi Mahi

Cedar planked salmon certainly holds a place in my heart, so why not try the same technique with mahi-mahi? Rather than using lemon juice to add a bit of tangy citrus, this recipe flips the script a bit and uses orange. This pairs a bit better with the smokey flavor of the cedar planks. Making this recipe on a charcoal grill will give it even more of that smoked flavor.

18. Honey Lime Mahi Mahi

If you think most grilled Mahi Mahi recipes are bland, then this is a good one to try. With cardamom, chili powder, and honey, this recipe packs some delicious flavors. This dish is prepared with a spice rub rather than being marinated. After grilling with the rub, it is then finished with the honey glaze.

19. Siracha Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos

Fish tacos are one of my favorite grilling recipes. These tacos are a bit different than the other tacos featured on this list. The spices of the sriracha marinade definitely make this a great dish to try for dinner. I prefer adding a bit of avocado to my fish tacos.


Mahi Mahi is a versatile meal that can be a great addition to your cooking repatoire. There are both easy grilling meals and more complex gourmet style preperations. Making Mahi Mahi for your family is a great way to get some high quality nutrition for your kids.

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