Hand It Over: 15 Strange Things Teachers Have Confiscated

We all know students get a little rambunctious and rowdy, even to the point of having contraband in their desks. Most will just hang on to things they’re not supposed to have in school, but a few students will go as far as cruelty. We asked Reddit to chime in, and compiled a list of the most shocking things teachers have confiscated from their students.

1. Another Student’s Wallet

Wallet, Taking Money out of wallet
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One person commented, “Most of the time it was just lighters. The worst thing I found was less about the item itself and more about the context. I heard news that my student with Down’s syndrome was mugged that morning in the bathroom before school and would be spending the day in the principal’s office. Coincidentally, this was the same day that another one of my students, one who has tons of behavioral issues and was borderline sociopathic (this kid legitimately liked seeing others upset/in pain), returned from being sick.

“When I was told that the mugged student was still missing his wallet. I started to think back to how shifty the other kid was being that morning, but part of me almost refused to check the other kid’s desk, as I just didn’t want to believe one of my 3rd grade students could truly be that heartless.

“Eventually I did check, and I was getting happier and happier as I dug through the desk, not finding anything, only to reach the back and pull out the blue Sonic the Hedgehog wallet. I think it was the only time I’d ever been angry as a teacher, and I was just fuming. Not even at the student, more just upset that that’s the way things had to be.”

The second person replied, “This happened to me in second grade… the teacher wouldn’t help me, and the girl took my money from me.”

Finally, the third added, “A kid stole my brand new Gameboy Advanced SP in elementary school. I had adhd really bad, so I was a little forgetful with things. My family was poor, so that thing was such a big deal to me. I got into so much trouble afterwards. Cried so much.”

2. A Large Brick

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Somebody commented, “A large brick that an angry male student picked up and walked into the toilet block with. A teacher’s aide alerted me to the incident unfolding. The boy had a verbal altercation with another boy and followed him into the toilets with a brick he had found.

I walked into the toilet block and said, ‘Excuse me, that’s my brick’. The boy turned around and asked how it was mine. I said my name was written on it and I’d like it back. He asked where it was written, so I held out my hand to show him. He handed the brick over and I said, ‘My mistake, it looked a lot like this one’. I removed the brick from the toilet block situation very quickly. I held on to the brick and alerted the deputy principal. I still can’t believe that sh– worked.

Another person replied, “Thinking quicker than the student. Well done averting what could have been a nightmare scenario.”

3. A Large Knife

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“A huge butcher knife. That he was actively trying to stab me with. He was 6,” somebody shared.

“I’m not saying that it’s appropriate to hit kids, but if I was going to hit a kid, it would be because of this,” someone replied.

“Man, that’s young! I had a 7th grader bring a hunting knife the size of my forearm to school too. It’s scary. He didn’t brandish it though luckily. He hated all the teachers there. We had a fire drill that day too. He was acting weird about his backpack so staff held on to it until it could be searched,” added another.

4. Whiskey

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“Someone I know brought in whiskey with blue food coloring in it,” said one.

“That’s very high school thinking. No one will recognize it as whiskey, because it’s blue! Also not thinking about how obvious the smell is,” somebody replied.

5. Weapons

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One user shared, “Used to be a monitor for kids from rough neighborhoods, we would take them out to the mountains or countryside and have them sleep overnight and do activities, like scouts. During the day I would take mostly cigarettes, but during the pre-bedtime inspection we always confiscated shanks, metal poles, and upgraded 2×4 bats. Once the other dorm confiscated a [firearm] from a kid that flashed it at my group.”

6. Brass Knuckles

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“Legitimate brass knuckles. He was knocking them against his desk and saying threatening things to my other students. Brass knuckles are illegal in general where I live, not just forbidden in school, so both he and his parents were in some trouble,” somebody stated.

“When I was in 8th grade I traded a stack of Play— magazines for a switchblade knife off another kid. We were caught doing the exchange at our lockers (haha). He was holding the magazines so he got suspended and our school counselor made such a stink about it their whole family got kicked out of their church. I got a week of detention for the knife and no one ever mentioned it again,” somebody replied.

7. Vi—tor

confused, confusing
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One person said, “A vi—tor. A second grader was using the ‘tickle toy’ on other children on the bus.” Another person replied, “That just sounds like a parent who didn’t put their toys away at the end of the night and had to come up with some quick lie when the kid found it.

Then the third added, “This is the most unexpected thing from SECOND GRADE CHILD.”

8. Improvised Taser

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“Not the worst, but the most interesting thing I confiscated was a ‘taser’ crafted from a BIC pen, some wires, and a staple. It conducted short bursts of electricity when you clicked the pen. I was more impressed than anything,” said one.

“Kid’s got talent, I guess,” another person replied.

“… McGyver,” added the third.

9. A Cat

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One Reddit user shared, “Not the worst but possibly the best—a student with cognitive delay didn’t want their cat to be lonely, so they put the cat in their backpack and brought it to school. This child rode a van with an aide and somehow no one knew until she set this cat free in the middle of my classroom. Made the day much more exciting.”

Somebody replied, “A lot of the responses here are super depressing, but this just made me laugh! Must have been quite the shock.”

10. Plastic Tubes

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“Plastic tubes used for freebasing. I work in the discipline office at a high school. W*ed, knives and brass knuckles are common. But the free-basing supplies really threw me,” somebody stated.

“Crazy thing is I feel shocked reading this but junior and senior year I was doing [drugs] in school. Bizarre how we separate ourselves in our minds,” another one replied.

11. Cond*MS

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One person said, “This mostly made me sad. I briefly taught a 7th grade class. I asked one of my students to please take out a pen to complete some class work. As she opened her pencil case, I saw that it was crammed full of cond–s. I didn’t say anything because by grade 7 some kids are going to explore, and I didn’t want to discourage safer s*x.

On my next break, I asked a more senior colleague her advice on the situation. She said, ‘Oh—was that (name)? Ya, best she has those. She makes money at recess by giving [pleasure] to the older boys. It’s safer if she’s got a little protection’. I did NOT expect that. None of the staff wanted to step in because her family was beyond poor and the money she made paid for her food. I felt crushed.

“Apparently, all attempts to set them up with community services or food banks were rejected by the family, but they were fine with their daughter’s side enterprise. This never sat well with me and still worries me to this day.”

The second person replied, “Um. … worse stuff was almost certainly happening outside of school. I’m so sorry that no one supported you in intervening. That must have been such a … heartwrenching situation to be in as a teacher.”

12. Rum and Coke

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“I used to teach Grade 2 in a rough neighborhood, and one day one of the little girls in my class smelled terribly of booze. I confiscated a 1.5L thermos of Rum & coke that she had mistakenly brought to school. It was her mom’s thermos for work… little girl had grabbed the wrong thermos. Poor kid,” another user commented.

13. Syringe With Drugs

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Somebody commented, “Kindergarten boy. A h*roin filled syringe. Said it was ‘his mom’s medicine’ after I saw it fall out of his hoodie pocket.”

Another person replied, “Oh. My. Gawd.”

The original commenter replied, “I’m surprised people are questioning this. Teachers see all kinds of things! I contacted the principal immediately, they got a school resource officer (city police officer at that time) over to our building asap. They tested it and also had police over to his house within the hour to question the mom. We are a title one school with 92% poverty. 70% of students are ESL. It’s a rough neighborhood. He also mimed how it goes into the arm after I took it. Really sad.”

14. Lighter

“When I was in high school, a kid in my class brought a lighter and a lit a test on fire. He was suspended,” somebody shared.

“Reading this, I’m blinded by the gumption of that kid,” somebody replied.

15. Revealing Images

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One person stated, “A friend told me that once, on one of her first teaching practices, she had to confiscate a phone with bad images. The strange thing about that case is that the photos were of the child’s parents Doing things that parents do when they are alone. Apparently, the boy saw them on the spot, and took pictures of them to show his classmates.”

The second person replied, “And that’s why you always lock the door, even if the kids are ‘sleeping.’

How are you finding our list? While it can be shocking, these stories are real! Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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