Holiday Affiliate Marketing Strategies: Ways to Boost Your Sales

It’s holiday season once again and you may be wondering how to boost your affiliate sales. Here are helpful holiday affiliate marketing strategies to guide you through.

When you sell online, whether as a brick and mortar retailer or through social media platforms such as Etsy, affiliates are a fantastic way to boost your holiday sales. Holiday affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity for both you and the affiliates to make some solid gains in revenue. In this article we’ll discuss why it’s important to work with affiliates during the holidays, how they can help boost conversion rates, what you should do when hiring an affiliate and ways that you can provide value for them in return for their hard efforts.

First of all, why would I want to work with an affiliate?

An affiliate is a location where visitors go after clicking on a link from another site with the purpose being to purchase something from your website. They have been shown to have a higher conversion rate than visitors from other sources.

In addition, people are more likely to buy when they feel the need for an impulse purchase. This is why holiday sales tend to be so strong and happen with such frequency at this time of year. A great affiliate can help send you some solid gains in revenue during this time of year and the end result is that both you and your affiliate will benefit from increased revenue and more secure relationships.

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So how do I get started?

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a good affiliate company that produces quality content around topics related to your niche . Some companies create blog posts, others produce videos. It varies depending on the type of product/service you offer. Once you have a list of companies, send them an email introducing yourself and your site. Tell them about what you offer and how they can help you to generate sales for each other.

In most cases, the affiliate company will be more than happy to work with you as this can provide significant value for their own customers as well as increased revenue. However, even if they’re not interested in working with you there’s no reason to get discouraged. Just keep contacting different affiliates until you find one that is ready and willing to work with you!

Once you’ve found an affiliate company that is interested in working with you there are several things that they’ll want from you:

  • A call-to-action on your site through which visitors can click through to their site
  • An email list or group that you can email links to your affiliate company which contain a backlink to their page

It’s important for the affiliate company to receive traffic from you in order for them to see any increased revenue. This is because if they don’t get traffic, the only people who will click on their links are those who have already been directed there from another source. Essentially, by directing traffic toward an affiliate companies link, you’re allowing that business to increase its own conversions while providing a great opportunity for increased sales for your store as well!

Overall, it’s worth working with affiliates during this time of year because it provides a simple way for both parties involved to come out ahead and build stronger customer relationships together.

How Much Do Affiliates Pay?

Affiliate companies pay on a per-action basis; this means that they’ll only pay you when someone clicks through and actually makes a purchase. This is the safest way for an affiliate company to ensure that they won’t lose money and it means that your earnings will always be commensurate with the amount of conversions you send their way.

Typically, affiliates will pay anywhere from $7-$25 per sale made as a result of their referral link as well as some percentage (usually between 5% and 50%) of what each product retails for. However, some companies may pay more depending on various factors such as how much traffic has been sent to them by other sources, etc., so it’s important to find one that provides value for your customers as well as being fair with their payouts.

There are a number of other factors that affect how much you’ll be able to earn from affiliate marketing but these tend to only come into play when looking at the financials on a deeper level, so they’re not worth going into here.

In general, it’s best to choose an affiliate company that offers relevant products and has good customer service because this will lead to increased conversions (and therefore earnings) for both parties involved!

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How Do I Market My Holiday Affiliates?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to market their affiliates too heavily; if done incorrectly, you can end up decreasing your revenue by pushing your visitors away and actually hurting instead of helping your business.

The trick to affiliate marketing is to market subtly; don’t be too pushy about the affiliate links, but highlight them enough that people will be able to find it and click on it if they’re interested. It’s important that you avoid using ads or popups as these can turn customers away from your site immediately. This might seem counterintuitive, but the best way to make money with affiliate marketing is by attracting customers who are interested in buying what you sell anyways!

What Kinds Of Products To Promote?

It’s important that you’re not just promoting anything in order for this method of marketing to provide increased earnings for both parties involved. You’ll want something that aligns well with what you sell in order for it to be effective, so keep the following types of products in mind when choosing your affiliates:

  • Products related directly to what you sell (jewelry might work well with beauty supplies)
  • Products that are widely available (this way customers will be able to find them easily)
  • Discount-based or sales-based products (people love a bargain, so offer one if you can!)

Offering discounts is another great option! Springing for a large discount code that people can use on your site, while also promoting it via affiliates will encourage even more buys. Customers enjoy the opportunity to get something extra while saving money, which means this type of marketing strategy should provide increased revenue for both parties involved! Keep in mind that any product you promote through affiliate links should directly relate to what you sell in order to be effective. It’s important to choose an affiliate company carefully because they’ll need to provide the traffic in order for you to make money.

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Have a Plan and Stick to It!

It’s important that you have a plan in place before starting your affiliate marketing campaign because this will ensure that you’re presenting it correctly and providing improved revenue for both parties involved. Do some research on companies to find out what they offer and who their target audience is; this will help you determine if their products align with what you sell and, if so, how best to approach promoting them!

Once you’ve chosen an affiliate company, outline your plan of action; including where your links will be placed (such as on product pages or throughout the sidebar of your blog), how often you’ll be posting about each of them (i.e., daily, weekly, etc.) and when you’ll be promoting them (holidays tend to be a popular time). Your goal is not to necessarily sell the product but instead highlight it in order for customers who are interested to be able to find it and click on your affiliate link!

Your chosen affiliate company might provide special offers like coupons or discounts that you can promote alongside their products; doing so will entice even more people to look into what they’re selling, which means this method of marketing should lead to greater revenue gains for both parties involved! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t market too heavily because search engines can penalize sites with too much advertising. Instead, choose quality affiliates and only market them subtly in order for this form of marketing strategy to provide better gains for both parties involved!

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If done properly, affiliate marketing can be one of the most beneficial forms of revenue generation; customers like to buy things that are relevant to what they already like, which means these products should appeal to them already . This makes them easier to market because you only need to attract the customers once but keep them coming back for more! By choosing affiliates carefully and promoting them in innovative ways, this form of marketing strategy should provide better revenue gains for both parties involved.

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