How to Respond when Someone Asks why you’re Still Single

Are you tired of being asked why you're still single? It can be one of the most draining and uncomfortable questions out there. But fret not—being single doesn't need to mean being alone! In this blog post, we'll provide tips on how to respond when someone asks why you're still single, teaching them (and reminding yourself!) that it's more than okay to be unattached for now. So whether it's your first time facing such an inquiry or the 50th, get ready to take back control with these simple responses from Redditors:

1. I have Personality Flaws I'm unwilling Fix

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One user shared, “Because I have raging personality flaws that I'm unwilling to work on. Usually prevents any follow-up questions.”

Another user replied, “This is good. The first step is accepting that you have problems you're unwilling to fix.”

One commenter added, “… I've never seen myself described in a single sentence before.”

Another Redditor said, “And you don't even need to lie this time! Yeah, I see the issue here.” 

2. Have you Seen the Economy!?

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One Redditor posted, “Have you seen the economy!?”

One replied, “In this economy???? Hahaha, but I know people that live together ‘as a couple\' just because it is cheaper than separate. I live in Brazil, but I know Brazilians in Portugal that live in 3 couples in a small three-bedroom condo, just because six people working to share rent is the only way to make the month.”

One user added, “The economy is in shambles.” 

3 My In-laws were Unable to Conceive

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One user commented, “My in-laws were unable to conceive.”

Another added, “That's really creative.”

One Redditor commended, “That's the best reply I've ever seen. I wish I had enough brains to remember it.”

Another user said, “Excellently clever. I'm envious.”

One commenter added, “I had to think about this for a moment.” 

“Imma use this next time,” one user concluded. 

4. You See how Picky I am about Shoes: They only go on my Feet!

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One user posted, “Go full-on Cher from Clueless: “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet!”

One commenter replied, “That movie was amazing.”

Another shared, “My go-to answer at this point is, ‘I really don't know.' Because I really don't.”

5. Because I have a Radio Face

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One user shared, “Because I got a face for radio work.”

One replied, “…and a body for Standard Def.”

Another one responded, “…and a voice fit for silent films.”

One commenter said, “Objection! Radio work would not be a viable career choice if that were the case!” 

6. Look at my Face and Take a Guess

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One online user commented, “Look at my face and body and take a wild [hecking] guess.”

One responded, “‘But you don't look bad at all.' ‘If that's so, would you date me?' ‘Eww, no.' ‘So you think I look bad.' ‘I already told you that you don't look bad at all.' ‘So it's me you don't like.'”

One user commented, “Unironically correct, lol.”

7. I didn't Pass the Beauty Standards

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One Redditor stated, “I didn't pass the beauty standards of my country.”

One replied. “You pass the beauty standards of Antarctica.”

Another added, “Sounds like a compliment … until it isn't. Also, how dare you assume that the ten or so scientists that are stationed there aren't super hot.”

One commenter added, “They're, at the least, very cold.” 

Another user shared, “Penguins are really attractive.”

8 I Don't Meet Eligible People

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One user posted, “I don't meet people (who could be potential partners), and I think more and more that I am not a ‘date' type of person.”

One user replied, “You missed the arranged marriage era. It might have worked out for you. Perhaps you could borrow someone's overbearing mother to find you a match.”

One Redditor added, “I have a couple of coworkers. One is Bangladeshi, the other is Indian. Their parents were like ‘Times are changing, you can marry for love if you want, and we'll support you,' and my coworkers were like ‘What the heck, you mean I'd have to DATE? [Forget that], please find me a husband.'

“Anyway one is now happily married and the other is constantly roasting her dad because he keeps offering her deadbeats riding on their dad's coattails.”

Another commenter added, “No joke, arranged marriage sounds better and better, these days.” 

“Yes, yes, I didn't consider that. Tnx,” another user replied. 

9. Why not?

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One of the Redditor commented, “Why not?”

One user then added, “That's basically my response when my extended family asks this. They all have that small town, hurry up and settle down mentality, and are ALWAYS on my case about being single with no kids whenever I visit. Took me far too long to realize some of them are actually jealous. My money is MY MONEY. My time is MY TIME. I don't have to confer with anyone before making a decision.”

Another user responded, “Misery loves company. They're jealous…”

One Redditor added, “Do what you want whenever you want and indulge yourself and no sacralfices.”

Another user stated, “I've got a lot of friends from my hometown like that. I see how miserable some of them are and that's repellent enough. Some of em got married way too young and didn't vet their SO enough and realized they were crazy after they already got married.”

10. I've got the Personality of a Spoon

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“I've got the personality of a spoon,” one user shared.

Another asked, “Big spoon or little spoon?”

The OP answered, “The one you can never find a purpose for.”

Another user replied, “Salad spoon.”

11. Because I'd Rather be Alone and Happy 

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One online user commented, “Because i'd rather be alone and happy than dealing with someone else's work drama and emotional problems lol.”

One replied, “Being in a relationship seems so exhausting, I've been single for several years now and have absolutely no urge to date.”

Another user commented, “too real.”

12. Because I Tell the Truth

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One Redditor shared, “I tell the truth. I'm shy and don't really meet new people. I've not added to my friend group, aside from partners of existing friends, in about 20 years. At work I have acquaintances from work—they're nice people but I don't communicate with them outside of work. I live alone, I work mainly alone, I don't have any hobbies or interest groups.”

One replied, “Same.”

13. None of your Business 

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“None of your business… that's my usual response,” said one of the users.

Another user replied, “‘It's because of Narnia.' ‘Narnia?' ‘Narnia business.'”

One also added, “It's even cooler to turn it around on them: ‘Why would you think that's your business?'”

Finally, another replied, “If they don't know you that well, try weeping excessively. That discourages follow-up questions.” 

14. I'm not Single; I have a Motorcycle 

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One of the users said, “I'm not single. I have a motorcycle.”

Another user replied, “My cat takes up most of my free time.”

Another one responded, “What kind?”

One user added, “….and her name is Betsy and she lets me ride her all day and night, whenever I want.”

15. I'm Happy Single Right Now: Don't Want to Ruin It

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One Redditor also shared, “I'm happy single rn. I wouldn't want to ruin it.”

Another added, “When I was still single my response to this question was always ‘because I'm in a happy relationship with myself.' I wasn't, but it's the thought that counts.”

One also confirmed, “I got out of a relationship a few months ago, it's been rough but I really love my personal freedom. I'll jump back in when I get tired of myself.”

Original Reddit thread here.

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