7 Most Attractive Celebrities of All Time

Celebrities are often praised for their looks, but there aren't many who are genuinely stunning. There are many significant celebrities out there whose beauty and good looks are undoubtedly captivating. Still, it takes something special to be so enthralling that people can hardly concentrate on anything else. Moreover, their acting chops make them that much more mesmerizing. As a result, it can be hard to figure out which Hollywood star is the most distractingly beautiful. Here are seven celebrities who meet these criteria.

1. Paul Newman

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Paul Leonard Newman was an actor, film director, race car driver, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

One Redditor openly shared, “Paul Newman when he was a young man. He could melt my insides with a look.”

Another added, “Not only the beauty but the charisma, the playfulness of his eyes and smile. He was something else.” 

Another user also shared, “Honestly, any age Paul Newman. Dude was just handsome on wheels and aged well.”

2. Jennifer Connelly

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A user shared, “Young Jennifer Connelly (she's still beautiful, but back in the day…oh gawd).”

“I just watched Dark City last night. When she's singing at that bar, just… God damn.”, another user added. One replied, “I have a hard time telling the difference between young Jennifer and not quite as young Jennifer.”

Another user added, “I worked at a video store when Career Opportunities came out on VHS. I used to make sure whenever I went anywhere in that store. I walked by the 5 or 6 copies of Career Opportunities we had on the shelf. Even in the new Top Gun, she's a total smoke show.”

3. Grace Kelly

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A Reddit user posted, “Her introduction to the screen in Rear Window. Holy sh*t!” 

Another user added, “I agree! It's a great film, but you can't help but wonder what the hell this drop-dead gorgeous 20-something princess is doing slumming it with this almost 50-year-old run-down photographer. Jimmy Stewart is a very likable and charming guy. Still, I have trouble believing this stunning socialite wouldn't be more interested in settling down with someone closer to her own age and energy level.”

She is so stunning I would say that it messes with the immersion of the movie,” one user replied. 

4. The Cast of “The Mummy”

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A Redditor posted a thread, “The cast of The Mummy.”

A second user replied, “Everyone in that movie can GET IT.”

Another commenter added, “I love the meme about this that says something like ‘My sexual orientation is the cast of The Mummy'.”

“I have a shirt with a picture of Brendan Fraser on it that says ‘The Mummy? More like The Daddy',” another user added. 

Another Redditor commented, “This summer, I was stuck in traffic behind someone who had a bumper sticker that said, “If you're close enough to read this, I just want you to know that The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser, is the greatest piece of cinema I've ever seen.”

5. Rachel Weisz

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One user posted, “Rachel Weisz melts butter.”

Another commented, “She has a timeless beauty to her. Like, I could totally see her being a Victorian lady attending parties at the palace. I feel like I would stare.” 

“Or she could play a Russian assassin posing as an American and make it look perfect,” a user added. 

Another commenter posted, “She could wear a potato sack, and I would still stare.”

6. Morena Baccarin

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Morena Baccarin is a Brazilian actress best known for portraying Inara Serra in the sci-fi television series Firefly and the film Serenity.

A Redditor shared, “Morena Baccarin.”

A second user replied, “ABSOLUTELY. Firefly, Gotham, Endgame, Deadpool, she's always freaking gorgeous.”

Another user added, “A literal goddess.” 

7. Matt Bomer

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A user posted, “Matt Bomer.” 

Another user replied, “My mom is always like ‘he's so handsome!' And one day I told her he's gay, and she said ‘Why did you tell me that?' And I said, ‘Why, did you think you had a chance when you thought he was straight?'

“I'm a straight male. Bomer can get it,” one user also commented. 

A user also shared how the actor is also attractive inside and out, “I worked with him. He is striking in person. And a really good guy.”

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