Have you ever heard of a popular TV series and felt compelled to watch it, only to be disappointed? Some TV series are all hype but don’t deliver on their promises. Although we each have our own preferences, there are certain shows that most people can agree are just overrated. Today, we’ll talk about the 20 most overrated TV series of all time—some people wouldn’t even bother to watch past the first episode!

1. Grey’s Anatomy

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One person said, “Grey’s Anatomy … I mean, how many series did they milk out of the show?”

Another person replied, “The first few seasons were borderline masterpieces. Very well structured, with developed, likable characters, intersecting storylines, tense drama, comedic output, handling of evolving romance, and a phenomenal soundtrack. That’s where most of the acclaim comes from.”

One Redditor added, “In my head, the series ended at season 3, and everyone lived happily after. I didn’t bother after.”

2. The Curse of Oak Island

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“The curse of Oak Island. They build up the conclusion of each episode so much with conjecture and folklore to excite you, only for the outcome to be very minimal and unimpressive. What? A piece of wood from 1704??? WE ARE FINDING THE TREASURE TOMORROW,” one person stated.

“If they ever find treasure on Oak Island, you won’t hear it on that show first,” another replied.

Another one shared, “My dad watches this show, and it drives me insane. He’s constantly like, ‘They’ll find something someday.’ LIKE NO, IT’S BEEN TEN YEARS, AND THEYVE JUST FOUND WOOD!!”

3. Riverdale

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One user commented, “To be fair, I feel like most people at this point watch that show to see what nonsense the writers come up with.”

Another one replied, “Yeah, in the most recent season the characters have superpowers. It’s so awful but entertaining for some weird reason.”

“My wife watches that show. It gets extremely weird by later seasons. Like superpowers, weird. It’s the strangest show I think I have ever seen,” one commenter chimed in.

4. America’s Got Talent

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“The Got Talent [shows]. All you gotta do is make up a story about how your dead granny used to love that song, and you are doing that to pay homage to her, yadda yadda yadda, golden buzzer, yay you won, big surprise,” one person stated.

“I used to really like the show and watching people who have put forward the kind of effort to master their craft. Nowadays, I can’t stand to watch it. Why do I need to find out you lived in an impoverished shack with three diabetic donkeys and an abusive chihuahua to enjoy your close-up magic?” another one added.

One Redditor said, “I just don’t like all the singing acts. I mean, if you have a very special talent that involves singing (something like yodeling), then I can understand, but if you just go sing regular songs, please… go to a talent show that’s specifically for that purpose and let more interesting things get shown on Got Talent.”

5. American Idol

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One user stated, “American Idol. Bunch of posers singing overblown karaoke of crappy songs.”

Another person replied, “It’s not about the talent; it’s all about who has the saddest story, worst life, etc.”

One commenter added, “Same goes for The Voice. You try and win such karaoke song contest, only to be mowed down by a teen who accidentally can sing and uploads it to TikTok or Instagram. Time well spent.”

6. The Masked Singer

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“Every time a commercial comes on for it, I pause and go, ‘How is that still on the air? Who watches that garbage!?'” one commenter said.

“I agree. The hosts are so obnoxious and not-funny I can’t understand the appeal,” another user replied.

“It’s just dumb fun and something to watch when you don’t want something heavy. I started watching it in 2020 when I got Covid and was quarantining. It passed the time in a fun way. I know it’s silly, but sometimes all you want to watch is silly,” another Redditor added.

7. The Walking Dead

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One user stated, “Sorry, but I absolutely hate hate The Walking Dead. The way they stretch the storyline, and add what I call music videos that usually start when one character says to another: let’s go back to the store! And they go through the woods avoiding zombies, so cool! I was done somewhere around season 3.”

“Those first couple of seasons were some of my favorite TV show seasons ever until they got to the Negan storyline. They dragged this Negan storyline out so much that I just gave up watching,” another commented.

One user added, “Stretched storylines are a recurring problem in successful shows. The networks don’t want to lose the money and high profile these shows give them, so they go on commissioning season after season. Which means the showrunners can’t resolve major plot lines or reveal the answers to mysteries because what are they going to do next season if the big mystery is solved? Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cruse—the Lost showrunners argued with ABC/Disney many times to be allowed to end the series but kept getting told, no we’re commissioning another season.”

8. The Flash

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One person stated, “Barry did bad thing, new villain, he fix, he make boo boo while fix, another new villain, electric ninja stars.”

The second person replied, “It suffers the same fate every CW show suffers. Good early seasons, then the writing takes a nose dive combined with the worst CGI you’ll ever see. [It’s a bummer] cause Grant Gustin is a good Flash/Barry Allen but trapped in a terrible show.”

“Yeah the first few seasons were pretty good light hearted, decent little mysteries sown in. Grant Gustin is such an endearing Barry Allen,” replied the third.

9. Glee

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Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series that aired on Fox from 2009 to 2015. The show focuses on a high school glee club, the New Directions, and their members’ struggles with relationships, social issues, and personal demons while striving to win regional and national show choir competitions.

One person stated, “The show was ok for like half a season, mostly because it was different and Jane Lynch was great. But then it just fell off the rails and became another teen soap opera with forced drama.”

Another person replied, “I thought Glee was good while Ryan Murphy was still directly involved. It started to suffer when he passed it off to his show runners to work on other things.”

One Redditor commented , “How can a show that I never hear about be overrated? Lmfao. Glee was a very solid show up until the main cast graduated high school in the show, and they had no idea what to do after that.”

10. The Big Bang Theory

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“When I first heard about the Big Bang Theory, I thought how cool it was they’d make a show for geeks and nerds. Then I quickly realized no, it’s a show for stupid people to laugh at ludicrous geek/nerd stereotypes,” one user shared.

“A friend of mine made the observation that it’s a show written for people to laugh at nerds, versus a show like Futurama that was written by nerds for nerds to laugh at,” another person commented.

“Came here for this. Any time I watched an episode I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen. My parents would regularly tell me how great it was. Stupid, stupid, show,” one commenter added.

11. The Blacklist

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One person shared, “Blacklist, just far too many hills to die on along with cringe-worthy writing and poor acting.”

A second person replied, “My GF would watch it and I would be like, ‘Is this the episode where they’re trying to get the bad guys but also one of the bad guys is actually a good guy, and also some of good guys are actually bad?’”

Another user said, “I don’t think this show is rated very highly to begin with.”

12. Full House

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“Full House. So much unfunny cringe,” one person commented.

“If you’re trying to watch it now, it’s not going to be the same as when you watched it when you were a kid in the 90s/early 2000s. A bunch of shows are like that and people don’t realize, maybe the show isn’t bad, maybe it just didn’t age well? Certain comedy was funny as certain points in history and they’re also marketed towards certain demographics in those eras,” another person added.

“I started rewatching when Bob Saget died and I couldn’t get through it. so many unlikable characters,” one user replied.

13. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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One person commented, “Any Kardashian show. I know it’s not like people are praising them but I just feel like they’re acknowledged way too much whether it’s roasting or praising and I just feel like they need to not be acknowledged at all.”

Another commenter replied, “The reality is people pretend they are important.”

14. Real Housewives

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“I love real housewives because it’s awful. It’s pure trash, which is just the kind of stuff I like to unwind with after I get the kids down on a weeknight and I’m a mere hour from bed myself. It’s like the opposite of mentally stimulating. I wouldn’t be caught dead-watching during the weekend. I save the mentally stimulating stuff for when I’m ‘well-rested,’” one person shared.

“I think the entire reason people watch it because it’s so awful,” another user added.

15. Yellowstone

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One user stated, “I’m from Montana and everyone hates it. I finally got around to watching the first season. It took me a couple episodes to realize that if you just consider it in the sci-fi/fantasy genre where a Hollywood version of a Hollywood western/political/cop show takes place on in an alternate dimension, it’s not so bad.”

“From what I’ve seen so far, every character/plot line is a caricature of caricature of what it’s trying to portray. Once I bought into this it went from frustrating to entertaining in it’s own way,” another commenter replied.

A third Redditor added, “I just binged this. It’s…ok. Hard to care too much when the characters have Teflon plot armor and never endure any consequences.”

16. Sex and the City

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“I hated Carrie by the end of the series, and the movies just made it worse. I know she’s intended to be very flawed, but they pushed that so far that is unbelievable. Like demanding her friend sell her engagement ring to buy her apartment, and the friend actually doing it. What?! Apparently, they have a new run going. I refuse to watch it,” one person stated.

“Carrie is pretty gruesome, yet the show presents her as Miss Popular, invited to all the A-list affairs. In reality, no one would tolerate her,” someone replied.

17. Stranger Things

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One user stated, “I am 100% convinced people only like it because we as a society have a hard-on for the 80’s. Also kudos to you for listing an ACTUALLY highly acclaimed show.”

Another replied, “Don’t apologize. I was comatose after the first season too.”

18. Friends

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“Watched most of the series when I was younger. Tried to re-watch and came to the conclusion that each episode is literally just a bunch of really [terrible] people being annoyingly unfunny for 25 minutes while the live studio audience loses their… minds,” one person shared.

“I tried to watch a few episodes and didn’t get the appeal. Watching it is like going to someone’s apartment and being an actual fly on the wall for some very unremarkable conversations,” another user replied.

Another Redditor added, “Jokes are so lame.”

19. The Witcher

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One person shared, “I played The Witcher 3, then watched the show. If I keep the two iterations separate and turn off my brain it’s fun. But if I actually try to think about it in a deeper sense…ugh… Lol. Like Henry Cavill as Geralt is the only thing that was done right. I’m planning to read the books, which I’ve been told are amazing, so if you’re into that kinda setting maybe give them a try?”

One user replied, “Having read the books after playing The Witcher 3, this show is just plain upsetting. They are throwing away important plot lines and details and making up absolutely absurd things to fill those holes. I get that no adaptation is perfect. They just continue to [c-] the bed on this show.”

20. Lost

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“If you binge it now it’s ‘just gotta rescue so and so, rescued them, but now so and so is missing, gotta rescue them…back and forth, back and forth,’” one person commented.

“The first season of Lost was great, but from then on it got dumber and dumber, until by the end it made no sense at all,” another user replied.

“The problem with Lost was that they wrote a whole bunch of cheques that they couldn’t cash. Wow! A giant foot on the beach! A cosmic wagon wheel that shifts time and space! Now we just have to tie it together. Crickets,” a third commenter added.

Source: Reddit.

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