10 Actors That Played the Good Guy and the Bad Guy Incredibly Well

Who’s an actor who played the “good“ guy and the “bad “ guy amazingly well? Which roles were they? After polling the internet with this question, here are the top-voted actors and roles.

1. Robin Williams: Peter Banning and Seymour Parrish

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“Robin Williams is a good guy in pretty much everything except his turns in One Hour Photo and Insomnia, where he let his demons out to play. Scary as h- after growing up watching him in things like Good Morning, VietnamMrs. Doubtfire, and Hook,” replied one. 

2. Heath Ledger: William Thatcher and the Joker

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“I love Knight’s Tale. The movie is great, but also because it made me a huge fan. I quote, ‘your entrails will become your extrails’ all the time. He delivered that line perfectly. But his Joker was the definitive Batman villain of all time,” shared another. 

3. Alan Rickman: Colonel Berandon and Hanz Gruber

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“Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility was amazing. He could have come across as being a total creeper. But instead, he is so sweet and caring. He appreciates Marianne for herself while still able to see how the past shapes his affection for her. Swoon-worthy,” one replied.

Another reminded us, “Don’t forget Alan Rickman killed it as Hans Gruber in Die Hard and the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves too.”

4. John Lithgow: Dick Solomon and Arthur Mitchell

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One person answered, “John Lithgow as Dick Solomon in 3rd Rock From the Sun and then as Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, in Dexter.” “My mom binged all of Dexter not too long ago. So I knew she had started season four when I heard her shout from the other room, ” Hey, it’s John Lithgow! ” Then, moments later, ” Oh my God, he’s naked,” another shared.

5. Daniel Day-Lewis: Abraham Lincoln and Bill the Butcher

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“No greatest actor thread is complete without mention of Daniel Day-Lewis. The guy who played hero roles like Gerry Conlon in In the Name of the Father and John Proctor in The Crucible switched to villains to play Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York. Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood, then came back and played Abraham Lincoln!” One person exclaimed.

6. Christoph Waltz: Dr. King Schultz and Hans Landa

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“The scene that cemented Christoph Waltz as an incredible actor was Inglorious Basterds when he was at the Frenchman’s house asking about the people hidden under the floorboards. His face goes from this polite, friendly demeanor to absolutely evil and menacing. You can barely see his face move, but it’s so real; the look in his eyes,” replied another. 

7. Gary Oldman: Sirius Black and Jean-Baptiste Zorg

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“It stands out how wildly different the characters are and that so many are iconic, but he still never got typecast. People know him from other movies individually, but it takes looking at his catalog to piece together everyone he’s played because you wouldn’t associate the guy playing Commissioner Gordon with Drexl Spivy. Or Dracula, for that matter,” another added.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Terminator and the Terminator

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Someone stated, “I don’t think people take in how amazing the turn in Terminator 2 was. His character in the original is what nightmares are made of; an unstoppable killing machine, void of emotion, with a singular goal you can’t escape. They took that same character and made you cry when he had to die at the end of T2. It felt like John was losing a father.”

9. Ian McKellen: Gandalf and Magneto

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“How does he act so well? He pretends to be the person he’s portraying in the film or play—case in point: Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson comes to him in New Zealand and says: Sir Ian, I want you to be Gandalf the Wizard. And Sir Ian says to him: You are aware that I am not a wizard,” another declared. 

10. David Tennant: The Doctor and Kilgrave

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“I have so much goodwill banked towards David Tennant for playing my favorite Doctor (Doctor Who), but I STILL absolutely hated him as Kilgrave (Jessica Jones). And I mean, I hated him in a good way. He was both loathsome and terrifying—a fantastic job,” a final person commented. 

Source: Reddit.

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