Movies frequently employ dramatic and unrealistic scenarios to create suspense, humor, or drama. But no matter how much we enjoy watching these situations play out, they're usually just not practical or possible in real life. Below are some popular movie tropes that are unlikely to work in reality

1. The Hero Always Wins 

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The hero-always-wins movie trope is a common element in action and adventure films. The protagonist faces difficult and dangerous situations but ultimately triumphs… every single time. It is seen as a form of wish fulfillment and provides closure and satisfaction for the audience; but it can also be criticized for being predictable and lacking in suspense.

It's Gets Boring

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I mean honestly—we need some variety. The trope can be subverted or played with to keep it fresh and interesting, such as the hero experiencing setbacks or facing moral dilemmas.. 

2. Love at first sight 

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The idea of love at first sight is frequently used in romantic films where two characters quickly and immediately develop intense feelings for each other. This can create a sense of idealized romance and passion, which can be enjoyable for viewers.

It's Not that Simple

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However, this trope has also been criticized for being overly simplistic and unrealistic. To add more depth to this trope, filmmakers can choose to depict the characters facing challenges or falling in love over a longer period of time, which can make the portrayal of their romance more complex and realistic.

3. One punch Knockout

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The idea that you can knock somebody unconscious in one punch is a common element in action films where the hero defeats their opponent with a single, powerful blow. This trope feels a bit satisfying in certain situations, but it's just not very realistic. It can also be criticized for being perpetuating harmful societal messages. Maybe don't go around punching people.

Show Us a Struggle

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The trope can be slightly modified to make it more nuanced, such as by showing the hero struggling to defeat their opponent or resolving the conflict through non-violent means. Realistically, only a small percentage of people in the world have the power to knock out someone in one punch and an even smaller percentage of those people have the proper training to do so.

One Reddit user said, “I’ve always wondered how many people over the years have been seriously injured or killed because someone thought he could knock out his enemy in one punch.”

4. Convenient Timing

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Convenient timing is frequently used in films, where things seem to align perfectly to aid the protagonist or propel the plot forward. While this can create a sense of convenience and efficiency for the story-line, it can also be criticized for being overly contrived and predictable. Filmmakers can choose to add more complexity to this trope by introducing unexpected setbacks or negative consequences. This can add an element of surprise and make the story-line more engaging for viewers. Alternatively, they can also opt to present the characters with genuine challenges that require effort and creativity to overcome, rather than relying on convenient timing to resolve conflicts.

Consequences for Their Actions

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Despite its potential flaws, this movie trope remains popular and can be found in a wide range of films across various genres. Its use can vary from minor coincidences to major plot points that shape the entire story. The trope is often employed to keep the audience engaged and to move the story along at a fast pace. It's always refreshing to see movies that have shaken things up; taking advantage of the audience's expectation of a convenient resolution to create tension and suspense as the characters work out a solution themselves.

5. Unlimited Ammunition

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The unlimited ammo is a classic example of how movies take liberties in order to create a more thrilling experience for audiences. This is often seen in action movies, where the protagonist is able to fire an endless stream of bullets without ever needing to reload their weapon. While this can make for some exciting and intense scenes, it's just unrealistic.

Firearms Have to be Reloaded

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Show us some characters running out of ammunition, struggling to reload their weapons, or dealing with the weight and bulkiness of ammunition. It's the same trope as hikers who never stop to check the map, or people running in an action film who never stop to eat or catch their breath. Those elements would add an extra layer of realism to action scenes and encourage viewers to have a more responsible attitude towards firearms. 

6. Perfect Hair and Make Up

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The perfect hair and makeup trope is a common feature in movies and TV shows, particularly in romantic comedies and dramas, where a female character has flawless hair and makeup. This trope can create a sense of glamour and sophistication but have you ever tried to sleep with a full face of makeup so you can wake up feeling glamorous? Your pillow will be filthy in the morning.

Is it Fair to Women?

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Not to mention, the expectation of perfect hair and makeup just reinforces gender stereotypes and the idea that a woman's appearance is more important than other qualities. While the trope can be subverted or challenged in some cases, it remains a popular feature of mainstream media.

One user said, “Sleeping with all your make-up on including false eye-lashes and waking up looking great without destroying your pillow and your skin…”

7. Happily Ever After

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The happily ever after movie trope is a common feature in romance, fairy tales, and other forms of fantasy where the main characters achieve their desired outcome and live, well, happily ever after. It creates a sense of satisfaction and closure for audiences. Who doesn't love a good happy ending?

Life isn't Always Easy

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While it's enjoyable, the trope can be criticized for being overly simplistic and unrealistic, perpetuating problematic ideas about relationships and gender roles. Some filmmakers and writers challenge this trope by creating stories that subvert or twist traditional ideas about romance and happy endings.

8. Court Interference

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The representation of interference in court from movies is… barely accurate at all. It usually involves a judge or authority figure intervening in a legal case in a dramatic and unexpected way, adding tension and unpredictability to the story-line. Examples can be found in many legal dramas and courtroom thrillers, such as “A Few Good Men” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

That's Not How it Works

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This trope highlights the role of authority and power in the justice system.

One Redditor said, “Doing whatever you want in a courtroom as long as you are ‘going somewhere with it.'”

Another user replied, “Any random person being able to walk up and present new evidence.”

9. Dangerous Stunts

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The “stunts” movie trope is a common element in action, adventure, and thriller movies where elaborate and often dangerous physical feats are used to create excitement and entertainment for the audience. Stunts can involve a range of physical activities and are often performed by trained professionals.

It's Not as Dangerous as it Looks

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Safety is a top priority in these stunts and many films have elaborate safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of performers and crew members.

One user said “Jumping through shattering glass windows and surviving without lacerations all over is very much impossible.”

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