Can you think of a movie in your collection that seemed like a good pick at the time, but now that you're looking back, it hasn't aged well? Not surprisingly, this is common—not least because our tastes and expectations change over time. We forgive classic films for their outdated elements due to cultural nostalgia and appreciate them despite those flaws. But some movies aren't just old classics that we've gotten over, or don't love anymore; some movies really aged poorly and don't hold up with time. Let's explore ten movies that just didn't age well!

1. The Last Exorcism 2

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 One Redditor posted, “The Last Exorcism, made obsolete by The Last Exorcism 2.”

Another user added, “2 Last 2 Exorcist.”

One user also replied, “I just watched the trailer. I was hoping it would be another movie with the same premise—a skeptic trying to expose exorcisms as a sham—since that's what the title is alluding to, but instead, it's just following Nell into adulthood and a traditional demon-wants-to-possess-main-character storyline, and a conventional manner of filming; it looks like there's no post-modern meta & self-awareness with a camera crew or layers of reality/perception like the first one. What a disappointment. “

“The Penultimate Exorcism. Or, ‘The Last Exorcism: The Rehearsal',” one user concluded. 

2. Never Been Kissed

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One user shared, “Never Been Kissed. Drew Barrymore posing as a teenager and having a relationship with the teacher who gets MAD when he finds out she's not a teenager and is his age, then we're just supposed to smooth it over at the end.”

Another added, “Yeah, but the way they spoofed it in Not Another Teen Movie was hilarious.”

One commenter replied, “Which ironically actually stands the test of time fairly decently.” 

3. Buzzfeed Studios 

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed Studios.

One user posted, “Hi Buzzfeed!”

Another added, “I just looked at two Buzzfeed articles 20 minutes ago already written about this exact subject. I felt inspired by Google OPs' question. Then I came on Reddit and saw this. All the titles in the article are here too. I feel crazy.”

One replied, “Enjoy the moment—Buzzfeed is just transitioning between stealing all their articles from Reddit and writing them all with ChatGPT.” One user shared, “Good lord, the internet is so fake and commercialized nowadays. Take me back to the old days of rabbit hole geocities pages when big corporate websites were meant to be boring and unfrequented.” 

4. Blazing Saddles

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One sharer posted, “22yrs old, and in that time, I can't think of any that are anywhere near as good as it. It's on the level of Blazing Saddles and Airplane for me.”

One added, “And they went R-rating with it too. Cue the [unclothed] foreign exchange student gal getting mad when another girl shows up at a party [also unclothed]: “Ugh, she stole my outfit!”

Another one responded, “My favorite line from the party is when the girl who fell in the pool gets out and has a glass of water thrown on her. Then, in the background, someone says, “Ooh, that's gonna leave a stain!”

5. Passengers (2016)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

One Redditor posted, “Passengers fits this description 100%.”

Another added, “I know this is said a lot, but that film would've been the perfect horror movie if you followed Jennifer Lawrence's perspective from the start.”

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

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One user posted, “Benjamin Button.”

Another added, “Are you crazy? Dude looked 7 when he was 80!”

One user also replied, “That movie was weird and gross when the baby looked about 80. Then the baby died. I really didn't like that. So for me, it's a see once but not again.”

Another user responded, “I kind of felt like he should have ended up a man-sized baby rather than shrinking down.”

7. 40 days and 40 Nights

Photo Credit: Miramax Home Entertainment.

One Redditor shared, “40 days and 40 Nights. No one lives like that in San Francisco or works at a tech firm designing websites to make money like that… But most importantly, that ending would not fly. Victim blaming when [his ex-girlfriend takes advantage of him]??? It's just so wrong.”

Another responded, “Seriously, he literally wakes up [with someone taking advantage of him] while tied down, and it's HIS fault??” 

“Also, given the rules of Lent, the guy could totally [be intimate] on Sundays and still follow Lent. There are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Sundays aren't counted for the Lenten sacrifice,” one commenter replied.

8. The Blue Lagoon

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One Redditor shared, “The Blue Lagoon.”

Another replied, “Wasn't there a string of movies where Shields was underage and underdressed? I even remember a George Burns movie she was in that did that.”  

One user confirmed, “Bruh. Here are a couple of quotes [from an article about when she was 12], although basically, the entire article is these quotes:

‘She's the hottest new young thing in movies since a smoldering preteen named Elizabeth Taylor stiffened up Louie Mayer's cigar…'

‘Unlike pugnacious Jodie Foster or puerile Tatum O'Neal, she's the delicious stuff of teenage fantasies become flesh: barely old enough to want, but too young to get.'

‘By day, she was the face that sold. But, at night, she was the princess of… dreams.'

‘Producers literally held their breath, waiting for the remarkable Brooke shields to reach a reasonable age of [consent]…'

…Edit… This is getting a little traction, so I just wanted to offer that I don't know if this is a satire or not. I am not even sure of the article's origin or its publisher… if it is satire, it's pretty brilliant since we are all here cringing at it, but I don't have any info one way or the other.” 

9. Revenge of the Nerds

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

One user posted, “Revenge of the Nerds.”

One Redditor added, “I mean, who hasn't worn a mask to trick a girl into [being] with you?”

Another user replied sarcastically, “The worst part is it's alright because it was really [just taking advantage]. So remember folks [taking advantage] is fine as long as she enjoys it.”

Another user replied, “That might be one of the worst sentences I've ever read, and applies to a lot more media than it ever should.” 

10. Scream 3

Photo Credit: Dimension Home Video.

One user posted, “Scream 3 and it's plotline of a movie producer who assaulted young actresses. Miramax (i.e. Harvey Weinstein) made that movie.”

One commenter added, “Harvey Weinstein was one of the executive producers of the film. It is said that the film was nothing more than an attempt by Wes Craven to expose everything that was underneath.” 

“In which case, it has aged extremely well post-MeToo. Not sure why OP thinks this ‘aged poorly',” another user replied. 

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