We can all agree that the decor of your airbnb listing can add tremendous value and create demand. There is a lot of opportunity in nightstands when furnishing an airbnb because it is pretty easy to get the functionality right. Unlike, say sofas where you may be restricted by wanting it to be a sleeper sofa, or fitting a very specific space.

Here are a few nightstand ideas that can really make your listing stand out (bad puns don’t make your listing stand out) when furnishing the bedroom.

Trendy Nightstands

Mitzi Nightstand from West Elm is a bit playful. It comes in a few different colors, though I think if you found a place for this blue it would offer a great pop of color into a room. Priced at $109 at time of writing.

EKR Bedside Gold Metal Nightstand uses gold brass and glass to create a trendy nightstand. The second layer gives an opportunity to clutter your space, I mean fill with decor items that can enhance the room.

Modway Origin Mid-Century Modern Nightstand This midcentury walnut nightstand is definitely an interesting piece. I really enjoy the solid white face that is contrasted by its playful shape and walnut texture.

High End Nightstands

Circulus Nightstand by crate and barrel definitely is an interesting look. The texture of this nightstand probably won’t be a favorite for cleaners.

I am a big fan of both of this mid century nightstand on Etsy. Priced at $200 at time of writing.

This West Elm Nightstand is very stylish. The gold brass look is certainly in style and these night stands would be sure add a bit of pop to your listing.

Eclectic Nightstands

Ropes suspended from ceiling? Check. Entire tree? Check.

At first I was not about this hanging shelf as a nightstand, but then I started thinking about how well it could photograph and started thinking it would be cool. Then I though about some maintenance issues with it and am having second thoughts.

Hanging End Table currently priced at $48.

Value Nightstands

Just because these nightstands are affordable does not mean they do not look good!

These Bameos Modern Nightstands are only $35 a piece at time of writing. They offer an interesting texture and a clean white table top.

For $10, you can get the Knarrevik at IKEA. It looks pretty good zoomed out, but the exposed fasteners are not the best look.

The Gladom from IKEA is $20 each, and is a very similar tray table style that is much more expensive from other retailers.

What Makes for a Great Nightstand?

One of the best things about shopping for nightstands for your airbnb is that they do not require a ton of durability. You can choose things mostly on aesthetics, unlike say a table or couch where you have to be very practical with how it is used.

The more a nightstand can help you create a vibe, the better.

Nightstands with a drawer is less than desirable than without, because it creates an area that needs to be checked after every guest.

In the end, for me, it usually comes down to a mix of price, visual interest, and being practical.

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