Oh Man! 20 of the Worst Places to Have a Bathroom Accident

When you feel the sudden urge to go and do not have a restroom readily available, it can be one of the most embarrassing, uncomfortable experiences. Whether on a bus, in line at a store or hiking—having diarrhea anywhere apart from your own toilet can turn an otherwise pleasant experience into something worse than you ever imagined. We’ve compiled this list of 20 places that are the worst possible for unexpected bouts of Diarrhea.

1. Mid Pap-Smear

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One user posted, “In the middle of a pap-smear.”

Another user replied, “Lmao ty for the smile. But it’s the city bus.”

2. On an Airplane

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“Airplane,” one user shared.

Another user added, “Airplanes coming into land with the fasten seatbelts sign on.”

One user replied, “This happened to me when I was like 10 or 11. I sat between 2 strangers and they were rubbing my back and holding my hand because they thought I was scared, but I just had my eyes shut tight and was bent over because I was trying to hold it in (which I fortunately did).”

3. Your Wedding Day

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One user shared, “Bride at the altar.”

Another user commented, “This is my answer. We practically had to use power tools to get my friend into and out of her dress, so that would be pretty bad.”

Another user commented, “I read a story where the bride messed herself at the wedding. She had it in a barn venue, and while it had some air-conditioning, it wasn’t great. She also had like three layers of shapewear on. Luckily, it happened after the I do’s, but it was as the bridal party was getting announced at the reception and just before the dances. It was pure sludge, and instead of leaking down the tight band around the upper thighs from the shape, we left it all in. It got sandwiched in and kept pushing upwards into the shape. It went up her back, and she could feel it all rubbing in as she moved. She was beside herself but didn’t want to embarrass herself more by leaving in the middle of the dances.”

One replied, “Man—all that effort and planning and expense. Just to mess yourself and dance around in it on the day of. I would have been so upset.”

4. In the Car

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“Driving to a Christmas Eve party with your teenage son in the car. It happens. You must explain to your son, call the hosts, and then take out Applebee’s for Christmas Eve dinner. I was doing chemo/radiation for colon cancer at the time. (12 years cancer free!)” one user posted.

Another user exclaimed and commented, “Congratulations on being cancer-free, though!”

5. At the Waterpark

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One user posted, “WATERPARK.”

Another user replied, “Diarrhea?! At SEAPARKS?!”

One jokingly added, “It’s the funniest, wettest, most splish-splashy place in the world!”

Another user commented, “I’m sorry. But the Elders of the Internet would never stand for it.”

6. During a Spacewalk

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One Redditor commented, “During a space walk.”

Another user replied, “Houston, we have a problem.”

One user shared, “‘This is Houston. What’s the problem?’… terrified gurgling noises…”

Another Redditor commented, “Pretty sure they wear diapers in the space suit. It would still be awkward, though.”

7. Bungee Jumping

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“Slingshot bungee ride,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “Those poor people… 50 miles away.”

8. Anywhere

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One user shared, “ANYWHERE, except sitting on the toilet, but even there, it ain’t fun.”

One user added, “In an American public toilet, even worse, more gaps than a cubicle. My recent road trip across New York with a sudden, bad Crohn’s flare was interesting, and I’d like to apologize to anyone who encountered us on the journey publicly. But when you gotta go, you gotta go.”

9. On a Beach

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One user posted, “On a beach.”

Another user commented, “You could wash off in the ocean so that I wouldn’t mind.”

Another user shared, “It’s so nice that you wouldn’t mind sharing that ocean.”

10. During a Broadcast Performance

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“Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. You will be remembered, though,” one user posted.

One user replied, “Happened to me once, but I was wearing a wig.”

11. During a Long Drive

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One Redditor shared, “In the car on a long drive.”

Another user added, “I reckon in peak hour traffic. You can’t pull over somewhere quiet.”

Another user replied, “My sister once told me she and her husband were stuck in traffic on the GWB when she was taken by an undeniable need to get rid of something quick. There being literally no options, she climbed into the backseat and messed into a Dunkin Donuts box. Which she then placed carefully on the side of the bridge. Later on, she said she felt bad imagining some poor homeless soul coming along to discover a box of donuts. More like a box of donuts.”

12. In a Packed Elevator

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One user shared, “In a packed elevator.”

Another user replied, “Packed broken down elevator.”

13. In a Hot Air Balloon

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One Redditor posted, “In a hot air balloon, as a passenger, hundreds of feet up in the sky (which means there is also a pilot… #neveragain.”

Another user shared, “It could have been worse. You could have been in the balloon at Disney Springs with a dress of people standing under the balloon.”

One replied, “I bet they didn’t even let you hang over the side smh.”

14. At a Funeral

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“Meeting, funeral, church, job interview,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “I would have gone home after the first incident at the meeting.”

15. When Your Number Is Called at the DMV

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One user shared, “The DMV after a 4-hour wait, but right when your number is called.”

Another user replied, “Laughing… this reminds me of when I drank coffee and figured it would let the chocolate drizzle within 1-2 hours. No. Sitting at the DMV with your mom, knowing your numbers will be called, and learning an entire DMV can probably hear your brown water streaming. Oh, and it was the only bathroom.” 

16. On a Zip Line

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“On a zip line,” one user shared.

Another user commented, “Ohh, the visual…”

17. Riding a Horse

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One user posted, “Horseback riding.”

18. On an Airplane With No Toilet

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One Redditor shared, “I have IBS, and I can tell you that being on a plane without access to a toilet was one of my worst experiences.”

Another commenter agreed and replied, “This.”

19. While You’re Getting Baptized

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“In a baptism pool right when you’re pushed under,” one user posted.

Another replied, “In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit…. ah……”

20. During a Colonoscopy

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Another user shared, “During a colonoscopy.”

One user replied, “After the 24 hours of diarrhea leading up to that, you should be pretty empty right then.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the places listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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