Out of Touch: 25 Clueless Things Rich People Have Said

If you’ve ever been around someone richer than yourself, you may have heard some of the things they’ve said which are pretty out of touch with the middle-class world. It can be challenging for a moneyed individual to appreciate the realities of life when there is seemingly no limit to their resources and privilege. From bragging about an annual ski trip in Aspen to announcing how they employ a team of nannies to raise their children, wealthy people often make comments blatantly ignorant of what it takes most people just to pay rent. Here are 25 of the most out-of-touch sentiments rich people have expressed to those without privileged means.

1. Who Told You to Stop Pouring?

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One user shared his story and posted, “Long ago, when I was a server in a Country Club. I was very new to properly open wine bottles, as I was using my key to take off the foil and gashed the webbing on my hand badly. Husband and wife at the table.

“I put down the bottle and was about to leave when he said, ‘Who told you to stop pouring?!’

“I picked it up and poured the wine, dribbling blood over the white tablecloth. Went outside, had a smoke and thought about my life.”

Another user replied, “For your job, obviously not, but it would have been nice to get the blood in there with the wine. Definitely a cigarette moment.”

2. Jetting Away for the Afternoon

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“Worked for a small company that was owned by two wealthy individuals. They were very kind and generous but entirely out of touch. One day, I was at my desk, and my then-boss came to me and said he was leaving early for the day to go waterskiing because the weather was nice. It was early summer, and the weather was no nicer than it had been the rest of the week. I inquired where they were going, thinking it was somewhere near where we were, and he said he was going to his friend’s house in Florida. He’d just booked his private flight, around a 3-3.5 hour flight.

“Then there was the time he left early to fly to his friend’s house to go quail hunting … The other owner, also wealthy, would jet around the world on a whim to go surfing. Like everywhere. During a conversation about what we were doing for the holidays one year, he said he rented a big house in Canada and hired a helicopter so he, his family, and friends could go heli-skiing. It was a totally normal thing to him, lol.

“On the other side, they would give great gifts like good wine, dinners, sometimes small trips, and stuff like that. Very nice people and I sometimes miss working for them and seeing them, but they both basically semi-retired during the pandemic.”, posted one user.

Another commenter replied, “To be fair, him travelling around is something I can’t be mad about. I profoundly dislike people who spend absurd amounts of money on stupid things (like spending the family fortune on coke and crashing expensive cars) but going on ski holidays in Canada with friends and family sounds like someone who has his priorities right.”

3. My Dad Bought Me a Condo

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One user said, “Isn’t it funny that we are the same age, but my dad bought me a condo, and you have to work two jobs?”

One Redditor replied, “Bro, how did you not flip your stuff at that.”

Another user added, “Yeah, language like that would have me catching a case.”

4. I’ll Buy New Stuff for My Next Place

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“‘Oh yeah, you can keep all this since I’m moving out. I’ll buy new stuff for my next place.’ Some dude I knew who was taking classes at a prestigious university in a very nice studio apartment, whose father had just flown in from Indonesia just to help him pack his clothes.

“I got a complete mattress set that was about 3k, multiple leathers for carpeting, expensive looking paintings, way too much IKEA stuff, and a Dyson vacuum.”, one user posted.

A user commented, “I used to live in ST Louis, MO way back. I had this friend who marked ‘big trash pick up day’ in specific neighborhoods for just this reason. The quality and amount of ‘trash’ these loaded people throw out is amazing.”

5. Take Time to Travel the World

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One Redditor posted, “I was between jobs, and a bunch of my friends told me I should take the time to travel the world. Like a) just because someone doesn’t have a job doesn’t mean they can just up & travel the world—in fact, the opposite is more likely, but also b) you mother thought the reason I wasn’t travelling the world was because I hadn’t thought of it?”

Another user commented, “This happened to me as well. A friend in finance told me to go on a sabbatical, and I was like, who’s gonna pay my rent? How would I afford a vacation, and it costs $$$ for someone to watch my dog lol.”

6. That Million Dollar House Is So Dinky

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One user shared, “Built a 3 million house for a couple. After the neighbors built their home, we’re talking, and the wife says, ‘That little house is so dinky. We have a joke going on that we call “The help house.”‘

“Now, this is still a 750k-1mil home, no less. Just struck me as not very grounded.”

One user replied, “They sound like bad people.”

7. Vacation Means Spain and Italy 

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“Had some kid in his early 20s start working at the restaurant I was at, a total trust fund baby, but his parents made him get a job, or they would cut him off (Phone, car, apartment, school, credit card, everything).

“We were talking about plans for the summer. I mentioned I was gonna take a weekend to head north and visit my mom; someone else was going camping, and another guy was taking a long weekend to help his brother move. Holy f-. ‘You guys have no idea what vacation means, do you? I’m taking my GF to Spain for two weeks and then spending a few days in Italy before we come back.’

“He got really upset when I asked him where he was gonna work when he came back. Apparently, he didn’t understand that taking three weeks’ vacation, not even two months into a job, isn’t a thing, especially when part of that was during our busiest season of the year. Even better when we all looked at him and told him we couldn’t even afford a week off, let alone in Spain. He didn’t last long,” one user posted.

One user commented, “This is EXACTLY why his parents had him take a job. So he could get a couple of reality checks and also appreciate what work is. Or at least, appreciate what not having to work as hard is.”

8. Buy Your Dream Car!

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One user shared, “I was working at a car dealership and saw the owner pull up in a $250k Porsche GT3. I told him how much I loved the car and dreamt of owning one someday. owner looked at me confused and said ‘What do you mean? We sell them right here, you know?’ It totally blew my mind that he didn’t realize his employees couldn’t afford the cars they were selling.”

“Owner is obviously a salesman at heart,” replied one user. 

9. What Did You do With Your Money?

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“I was talking to my manager about a mistake on a check.

“Me: This isn’t enough to cover my daughter’s daycare for the month.

“Her: Well, what did you do with the money you were just paid?

“Ma’am. Food, rent, electricity, and car payments. Boom, check gone,” one Redditor said. 

10. I Sometimes Forget That I Own a Boat!

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One user shared his story, “My boss is an attorney. A client who was filling out her financial statement for a divorce realized that she had forgotten to include her student loans on the report. Laughing somewhat ruefully, she said, ‘I can’t believe I forgot to include that.’ And in a bright, sunny voice, my boss laughed and said, ‘I sometimes forget that I own a boat!’ The client and I quietly locked eyes with a shared understanding of how out of touch that was.”

Another user commented, “I have a car that I bought for $100 that’s been sitting in storage since 2019, and I frequently forget that I own it. I wonder if people think I’m rich when I joke about that (I have about $2000 to my name).”

11. Just Ask Your Mom for a Car

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One Redditor commented, “I was venting to a schoolmate about not being able to have a car. She said, ‘Why don’t you just ask your mom?’ It literally broke my brain. Like yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”

Another user replied, “I know the feeling. I was probably the only person in my high school who bought my own car. Didn’t even get it until senior year.”

12. State Government Had a “Poverty Exercise” 

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“l worked for Medicaid. The big bugs at the state government level had a “poverty exercise” where they had to try to budget at the poverty level and live on it for three days. “My, that was SO difficult!” No, pal—that whole idea annoys me off so bad,” one Redditor shared.

One user pointed out and stated, “Reminds me of when Gwyneth Paltrow failed the $29 food stamp challenge.”

One user commented, “I’m no fan of the goop lady, but I think it’s reasonable that she couldn’t do it, and it’s also good that she publicly failed. That amount is just not enough to live on, and nobody should have to. Showing that she couldn’t do it shows people that it is very hard to do. If she’d completed the challenge, then everyone would just say, ‘See! They’re fine with that amount!'”

13 “This is a Mercedes! You can’t just put air in the tire!!”

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One user shared, “One of my former coworkers grew up in a wealthy family and married into more wealth, but they decided she should work anyways. She was outside her car crying one day, waiting for her husband to pick her up, saying she couldn’t drive her car because a light was on. My buddy looked, it was a low tire pressure light. He asked if she wanted help filling up the tire.

“Her sobbing response, ‘This is a Mercedes! You can’t just put air in the tire!!’

“Edit: To everyone wondering why she would cry about a tire pressure light, I think that was the second time the light came on in three months so she didn’t think it was safe or reliable anymore and traded it in soon after (I believe the next one was a Lexus). She was also very much the type of person who would cry because she had to wait 30 minutes to get picked up while everyone else could go home.”

Another user asked, “??? I literally don’t even understand what she’s saying.”

14. You’re Just Letting Money Stop You

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One user posted, “‘You’re just letting money stop you.’ Yes it does that.”

Another user replied, “No, I’m letting my lack of money stop me!”

15. Surely Your Nanny Can Handle That!

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“Boss: My wife and I decided that you and your wife should join us in the Caribbean. I’ll pay for everything.

“Me: We appreciate the offer, but we won’t be able to afford it.

“Boss: Why?

“Me: I’d have to hire someone to watch the kids.

“Boss: What? Surely your nanny can handle that!” one Redditor posted.

One user replied, “He said everything. Should’ve asked for babysitter money.”

16. We Have to Wait Before We Build an Air-Conditioned Stable for the Horses

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One Redditor posted, “Money has been tight, so we have to wait a couple more weeks before we break ground on the new air-conditioned stable for the horses.”

Another user commented, “Seems like the type of people who are rich now but will end up poor after wasting all their money on stupid stuff.”

17. It’s Only $1,000

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One user shared, “It’s only $1,000.” Ok, b—h. Then give it to me!”

Another user added, “I had a friend like that, but she was very nice and extremely generous. You could tell her you’re facing homelessness, and she’d be worried and empathetic, but then you explain that it’s about money, and she’d go, ‘Oh, so 1000 dollars could make this problem go away completely? I can give you that.’ That’s why I didn’t really talk about these things with her cause it just feels like you’re asking for money when you’re venting to a friend.”

18. Why do Backpackers Stay in Hostels

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“Met a guy on a backpacking trip that said he couldn’t understand why all these backpackers stayed in hostels when there are so many hotels around. I pointed out that most of us have budgets, and hostels are cheaper. The thought had just never occurred to him that we can’t all afford that. Same thing with restaurants. He just never considered that nicer places aren’t in everyone’s budget,” one online user shared. 

19. Embarrassing That She Rents in Her 30s

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One Redditor also posted, “Referring to a coworker, they said ‘She’s been saying she wants to buy a house. She’s in her 30s now, but she still rents. Kinda embarrassing.’ This person owns an apartment downtown, is paying for a villa in the suburbs with the help of some relative and could choose to stay at their parents’ big house which they’ve owned for generations. According to this person, they’re ‘normal people’ because they’re middle class; they’re not filthy rich/old money. The coworker is middle class, too. And If she can’t afford a house right now, how are we supposed to?”

20. When I Feel Depressed I Go to India

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One user shared, “I was going through a bad time financially and my mental state was very low. A woman said to me ‘When I feel depressed I go to India for a month and just chill that always cheers me up,’ in a manner that I took as I ought to do it if I had any sense.”

Another user replied, “Watching impoverished people wait on me hand and foot always cheers me up.”

21. Just Go

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“My CEO’s daughter was talking to me and she now lives in the UK. She bought a place in London. I mentioned I have some family over there that I’ve always been interested in visiting, and hoped to see it one day.

“Her response? Just go. Definitely, it’s as easy as buying a plane ticket. She had no idea why I hadn’t gone yet,” one user shared.

Another user added, “I was talking to a friend once, and she had a lot of family in the UK. I expressed that I’d love to visit, but couldn’t afford it. Her response was ‘Just go! The plane ticket is really the only expensive bit. Once you’re over there, it practically costs nothing.’ Yeah, because you’re staying with family, who are driving you around and cooking you food and giving you a place to stay. For free.

“I did end up going. The plane ticket was far from the biggest expense, and this was flying from the other side of the world. The exchange rate was a killer.”

22. You’ve Never Been to Disney?

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One commenter posted, “‘You’ve never been to Disney? Did your parents not love you or something?’ B–ch, my parents were raising three kids working two jobs on poverty wages.”

Another user replied, “Ok, Disney people are wild. My parents probably could have afforded Disney, but it’s never something we did for probably a number of reasons. When I tell Disney people I haven’t been to my recollection, you’d think I told them I grew up as an orphan working in a coal mine wearing tissue boxes for shoes. ‘Oh…. I’m so sorry … ‘ Why? I’m not. Disney vacations are not required for a fulfilling life.”

23. Take a Few Weeks Off and Travel

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“I was venting to a coworker about how burnt out I was (she has a very rich husband, and used to be high income herself, but stepped down to relax a bit) and she suggested I take a few weeks off and travel.

“Ma’am. I make $30k a year and pay rent. She would also complain to me about finding a townhouse to buy for her 18-year-old son so he didn’t have to live in a dorm his freshman year of college. The horror was that she didn’t like the carpet in the one they bought, so she wanted to replace it,” one user posted. 

24. Can You Believe It? I Wanted a Blue Car

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“I worked for a very wealthy lady. Her son graduated college (with some useless degree) and she put him to work answering phones. She also bought him a car.

‘Can you believe it? I told her I wanted a blue car.’ She didn’t get him a blue car, so he asked her to paint it. She refused. I could see his naivete as he spoke since he truly thought this was something I could relate to.

“Sorry kiddo, I had to work at Chuck E Cheese as a teenager to be able to afford to buy a piece of junk that overheated if I drove for longer than 20 minutes,” one user posted.

One user replied, “I wanted a Lamborghini, but they gave me only a Porsche. Life is so hard.”

25. How Often Do You Go Sailing?

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One Redditor posted, “‘How often do you go sailing?’ Said the guy that knew I was struggling financially.”

One user replied, “‘Where do you summer?’ If you’re using ‘summer’ as a verb, you’re on another level.”

What do you think of the statements above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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