Not All That Glitters Is Gold: Overrated Celebrities Taking Center Stage

We’re all guilty of being obsession with the seemingly perfect lives of celebrities. From expensive cars to luxurious homes and exotic vacations, we may find ourselves comparing our everyday lives to what these celebs are sharing on social media. It’s no wonder, then, why so many people put them up on a pedestal as though they’re achieving something extraordinary—when really, they were probably just in the right place at the right time. 

1. Influencers

Being on TikTok/Tiktok influencers
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One user shared, “Pick an influencer, any influencer.”

Another user replied, “I work in tech support for an influencer marketing platform. I didn’t even know influencer marketing was a thing before this job. The insane amounts of money some of these influencers are paid are unreal. I read an email convo between a brand and an influencer who said she charges $9000 for sponsored posts.

“The brand didn’t end up partnering with her, but I checked her TikTok, and she has alot of sponsored posts! Like several a day sometimes! Her whole channel was painfully unfunny skits about parenting. It was a mindblowing revelation. H-, even if you only have a thousand or so followers, you can get free stuff pretty easily as long as you post consistently and focus on a particular demographic.”

One user added, “They think they’re popular in the real world, and literally 99.9% of the world doesn’t know who they are.”

2. The Kardashians

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“Kardashian-Jenner crew,” shared one user.

Another user commented, “At least Bruce was an athlete. Edit: Why the f- am I being downvoted? Was he, not Bruce Jenner when he was an athlete? Yes. Is there an athlete called Caitlyn Jenner? No. Is any of them an athlete, or at least talented at something other than being cancerous polyps on the r- of humanity? No. So my original statement holds true: At least Bruce was an athlete.”

One user replied, “Caitlyn herself has said that she doesn’t mind when people refer to her as Bruce when talking about her before her transition.”

3. DJ Khalid

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One user commented, “So he’s definitely not overrated on Reddit. In fact, everyone on Reddit seems to (understandably) hate him, but outside of Reddit, DJ Khalid.”

Another user replied, “I got news for you; everyone outside of Reddit thinks DJ Khaled is a talentless doofus, too; it’s not just us.”

One Redditor commented, “It breaks my heart,… man, it f-ing breaks my heart, that there are people out there who don’t believe in us, man.”

4. James Corden

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“James Corden. I scrolled through every reply to upvote it. Surprised no one mentioned him,” one user shared.

Aother user replied, “The only funny thing about him is how much England doesn’t want his entitled [self] back.”

Another Redditor replied, “England also has quite a niche sense of humour. His comedy is too Americanised, and he simply can’t compete with the excellent British comedians who’ve always been in touch with what Brits like. So not only do we not want him back for his entitled, arrogant behaviour, we just don’t find him funny either.”

5. Logan Paul

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One user asked, “Is he still big? I keep thinking he isn’t, and then someone else mentions him. I swear, I had never even heard of the guy until the story of him mocking a guy who committed suicide… became big, and that was all I needed to know the guy was a jerk… no, something worse because ordinary jerks wouldn’t laugh and mock someone after finding their corpse and knowing they killed themselves… [Even] edgy trolls or comedy lovers to be like, ‘Holy c-, that’s too much for me!’ but nope, the guy keeps on going.”

“Apparently was redeeming himself until his cryptogams and now the Prime garbage,” another user responded. 

6. Tik-Tok Influencers

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“Anyone who got famous from TikTok. Being pretty isn’t a talent,” one commenter replied.

Another user commented, “Addison Rae and the D’amelio sisters.”

One Redditor added, “I’ve forgotten of their existence for a year until now.”

7. Jack Harlow

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One Redditor shared, “Pretty sure Jack Harlow is an industry plant, and it’s giving me a headache trying to figure out how he got popular.”

One user replied, “He’s an industry baby.”

Another added, “Ripping off Fergie and being a generic-looking white dude will get all the gen z girls rolling for you, it seems.”

8. Young People With Famous Parents

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“99.9999% of nepo babies, there are some talented ones for sure. Like Lily Rose Depp gotta be one of the [most terrible] actresses I’ve seen,” one user posted.

Another commenter reacted, “The only [nepo] baby that’s actually legit is Jamie Lee Curtis—she is very talented and classy. But yea, Lily-Rose Depp is terrible.”

One user shared, “Laura Dern may be the most talented of the [nepo] babies.”

Another Redditor inserted, “Jeff Bridges. Son of the late and great Lloyd Bridges.”

One user exclaimed, “Nice catch! Fantastic actor.”

9. Jared Leto

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One user shared, “Jared Leto. bad actor, bad musician, and a predator to boot.”

Another user added, “Keep your children away from Jared Leto.”

One user shared, “When I watched Dallas Buyers Club years ago, I couldn’t tell who that one character Rayon was played by until the credits. I was blown away by it, Jared Leto. Other than that, he has made some stinkers of performances. Possibly the only guy that could turn in a terrible Joker performance. Kind of unbelievable that studios keep banking on him.”

10. Drake

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One Redditor said, “Drake.”

Another user replied, “He makes me cringe.”

One user added, “Agree. His music has no seasoning. It just has this boring passive-aggressive vibe to it.” 

11. Lily-Rose Depp

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“Lily-Rose Depp. She is just awful,” one user posted.

Another Redditor added, “I haven’t seen her in anything, so I don’t know whether or not she has talent, but I know her new show with The Weeknd, The Idol, is getting critically backlash reviews with no mention on whether or not her acting saves the show.”

Another user replied, “You haven’t seen such gems as… Tusk? Yoga Hosers? Or heard of her fame for somehow being the only 5′ 3″ runway model? All of which are based purely on her blinding talent and have nothing to do with nepotism in Hollywood.”

12. Jojo Siwa

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One user shared, “Jojo Siwa. God, she drives me nuts. She can’t sing or act… And the fact that she has to mention that she’s a lesbian every time she’s on tv is cringe.”

The user added, “I don’t personally care about her content. It’s when she goes on shows like That’s My Jam and has to bring up that she’s a lesbian. Maybe if she came across and more genuine, then she wouldn’t be so annoying.”

13. The Rock

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One Redditor commented, “The Rock. I love him because I’m a long-time pro wrestling fan, but he’s insanely mediocre as an actor. He basically has the success he has because he’s marketed himself so well, though, and to some degree, I admire the h- out of it, but he was 100x the pro wrestler than he was an actor. Dude was legitimately so charismatic and hilarious on the mic and fun to watch in the ring.”

Another user replied, “Very mediocre actor, but a great guy.”

One replied, “I say this all the time. The Rock plays as The Rock in every role. He’s had a range of different roles, too but still just The Rock. I can never see him as the character he’s trying to portray because he is a mediocre actor.”

14. J Lo

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One user pointed out, “J Lo. If I missed it, I apologize, but I scrolled and could not believe she wasn’t at the top: a horrible singer, an average professional dancer, a terrible actress, and messy personal issues. I don’t get it. That d- dress made her whole career. It was a great look; I’ll give her that but not a career’s worth.”

Another user added, “Her Spanish is pathetic for someone who claims to be Puerto Rican.”

15. Pete Davidson

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One user commented, “Pete Davidson.”

Another user asked, “How are women attracted to him? A sense of humour only goes so far.”

One Redditor answered, “He’s got that, ‘I just need the right woman to fix me’ vibe.”

16. Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan
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“Joe Rogan. I mean, how?!?!?!” exclaimed one user.

Another user added, “My brother is an English professor, and politically conservative, I might add, and he often uses Joe Rogan clips in his critical thinking class to show how deceptive semi-plausible logical fallacies can be when they are presented calmly and are not too flagrant or over-the-top.

“I forget which famous example he references most, but there’s one where he used 15 fallacies in less than two minutes. But once you’ve seen it, yeah, he just does the same thing over and over—chips away at something he doesn’t want to believe in that is backed by science/facts by presenting selective, bad-faith representations of the topic and then doesn’t actually make a strong case at all for his side.

“He just unethically casts doubt but makes it seem reasonable because he appears ‘skeptical.’ He’s not actually informed most of the time to raise legitimate objections. It’s the whole ‘prove to me ___________,’ like the burden of proof is on experts to refute his specific BS objections or else his uninformed opinion is just as valid as their knowledge. I’m amazed people don’t see through this.”

Another user added, “He legitimizes stupid positions for stupid people. The stupid people believe that stuff.”

17. Chris Pratt

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One user added, “Chris Pratt. Not only did he voice the MC in the Lego movie, he then did Mario. Now he’s doing Garfield. There’s a reason voice acting is a separate profession from acting.”

One replied, “Very true, but we should also acknowledge that there are actors that can do both. Jack Black brings probably the penultimate example of that.”

18. Taylor Swift

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“Taylor Swift. The amount of die-hard fans I know that have some kind of parasocial relationship with the idea of her is crazy,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “There is a Taylor Swift concert coming here soon. It’s been sold out for a while, and people are paying scalpers thousands of dollars just for bad seats. Linkin Park is my favourite band, and I’ve paid to see them in concert. But even if Chester Bennington rose from the dead and went on tour with LP again, I still wouldn’t pay that much for a freaking concert. That’s insanity.”

19. Timothée Chalamet

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One user shared, “Timothée Chalamet.”

Another user replied, “The meme that he looks like an old medieval shoe always makes me crack up.”

One user commented, “Eh, I’m not attracted to him physically, but he’s a fantastic actor and seems to truly have a passion for his craft, at least to me, that’s the appeal, a love for his work.”

20. Harry Styles

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One Redditor said, “Harry Styles. I can’t comment on him as a singer since I don’t know that I would recognize any of his songs, but people talk like he’s the next great actor, and I just don’t see it. He’s okay, I guess, but he’s no Deniro, Pacino, Nicholson, etc.”

Another user agreed, “Big time agree.”

One responded,” His music, at least the popular stuff, is pretty generic imo. I’ve heard some of his less known stuff is better, but most of his big songs sound like they’re specifically designed to play in the background of a big box retail store or annoying car commercial.”

Do you agree with the names listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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