Odds and Ends: 12 of the Strangest Items People Own

Are you into collecting bizarre items? Well, you’re in luck, as these people share the most unusual things they own and how they got them!

1. A Flat Fork

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Somebody commented, “I have a seriously flat fork. I found it on the road. It had been driven over one million times. It’s so flat and wonderful.”

Another person replied with interest, “Can you imgur that? I want to see what it looks like.”

2. A Lucite Award

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“A Lucite award given to the team that fraudulently secured $50mm in funding for Enron. I collect scandal items and found the company who did the promotional items for them,” said one.

Somebody replied, “What an interesting hobby!”

3. A Preserved Caribbean Centipede

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One Redditor said, “I have a giant Caribbean centipede preserved in ancient moonshine that my great-great grandfather collected back in 1903. It was thought the liquor with a centipede inside would act as a antivenom in case you were bitten. No one ever was and the bottle is still sealed today over a hundred years later.”

4. WWII Memento

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“A plank from the spot where General Hirohito signed the surrender papers to end WW2. I got it out of an old house I bought to redo and flip. Previous owner left house full of crap. He was there on the ship when this event happened,” somebody shared.

5. Old Chemotherapy Needles

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Another Redditor shared, “Old chemotherapy needles. We had/have a bunch leftover from my chemo days. Tried to return them to the clinic that issued them to us. They won’t take them. Then we tried the pharmacy at said clinic. They won’t take them. Then, we tried the general hospital pharmacy. Nope. The cops won’t take them either, and nor will the fire department. I JUST WANT TO GET THESE F—ING CHEMO NEEDLES OUTTA MY D-MN HOUSE. I’m moving soon, and uh, I don’t think any potential buyers of my house would take too kindly to discovering old needles inside a holiday-ornament metal box. Lol.”

6. Open Well

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One person commented, “I have an open well that you can swim in under my office floor. I bought my home.”

7. A English Lessons on Old Reccords

Old reports
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Somebody stated, “I have a briefcase full of very old records for my gramophone player with English lessons. They teach me how to have a conversation with, among others, my dressmaker and tobacconist. I inherited it from my grandmother.”

8. A 3D Print of a Spirit Animal

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“One of the people I mentored asked me what my spirit animal was, I responded the tardigrade because it never gives up, and is almost indestructible, and never quits. A few months later, he 3D printed me a Tardigrade. It is one of my most cherished gifts given to me and gives me strength to this day,” said somebody enthusiastically.

9. A Molar Pendant

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One person mentioned, “A pendant in the form of an original-sized molar (tooth) in silver with the name Heinz engraved in it. Found it in a thrift store and often think about what the story behind it could be. I strive to leave a lot of bizarre objects behind when I die, so I create equally bizarre stuff as a hobby.”

10. Glass Eyes

A woman holding a box
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“I’ve got a shoebox full of glass eyes I got at a yard sale,” somebody disclosed proudly.

“OK I’m going to admit, depending on the price if I saw it I’d probably buy something like that just to say I had it. However, I am curious if there was a different reason you did,” asked the second person.

“No real reason, I had twenty dollars, and they looked cool,” replied the original commenter.

11. WWII Soldier Memorabilia

Old helmets
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“I have some N-zi memorabilia. I feel like people would find that strange but the reason I have it is because my grandfather took it all off of dead German soldiers in WWII, so… yeah. Also got a P38 holster from a German tank crewman. I think it’s cool. Have a bunch of his medals and what not too of course. Was never able to meet my grandfather but he was under Patton and saw a lot of s-, including the holocaust camps. Would’ve loved to have heard his stories first hand,” mentioned somebody.

12. LOTR Books Signed by Ian McKellen

LOTR bookswfd
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One person shared, “There was a bookstore that I go to in LA, and when the first Lord of the Rings came out Ian McKellen was there one day to sign a ‘making of the film’ book. He actually stayed overtime to sign for everyone in the line, which was nice of him. Anyway, I lost that damn book, I moved around a couple times.”

Which one of these bizarre items did you find the most fascinating? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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