Let’s get real here for a minute—as much as we all appreciate different people with different tastes and preferences; there are some things that just seem to befuddle us. Whether it’s the latest food craze or a popular TV show that you simply can’t wrap your head around, sometimes we just want to know: why? We may not necessarily agree on everything, but today, let’s take the time to explore the world of the bizarrely interesting. Let’s dive into some things people enjoy that make no sense:

1. Loud Is Not Funny

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One Redditor posted, “Videos of people being obnoxiously loud in a pathetic attempt at being funny. Loud is not funny.”

Another user commented, “Or making ridiculous, over-the-top, faces to punctuate their words or actions. Like it’s a Disney movie or [something].” 

A third commenter added, “Well, now I know I cannot stand that at all. Jesus Christ, that’s awful.”

2. Youtubers Being Rude

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One user posted about his annoyance with influencers, “Videos of YouTubers annoying, harassing, or terrorizing random people. To me, pranks are supposed to have a tongue-in-cheek element to it where both people leave with mirth about what happened. I don’t understand the mindset of enjoying a situation that just left the victims stressed out and upset. It just makes the world worse, and more often than not, the guys making these videos just seem like bullies to me. The comments are already 90% pointing out the fact that people are not your props and that if something happens to the YouTuber, they have it coming. But people still tune in. Go… figure.”

Another Redditor added, “I LOVE the videos of [YouTubers] getting pummeled by people who don’t put up with that nonsense.”

3. Young Beauty Pageants

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One user aimed to share his experience for awareness, “Child beauty pageant events.”

Another commenter added, “[P—p—les] are unique people, to put it lightly.” 

“Isn’t it mostly their own moms forcing them into it, though? Aren’t the only people who care about these things the parents?” another user responded.

One Redditor also shared, “I find the pageant parents to be the bigger problem, and far more prevalent.”

4. Reality TV

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One commenter posted, “TV shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette.”

“Reality TV in general. Some used to be good, but anymore it’s all over-dramatized, scripted bull 💩,” added another Redditor. 

“Uggh, I listen to Howard Stern, and he LOVES those shows; I change the channel once it’s started. I mean he mocks it, but he still watches it religiously,” replied another user.

One commenter added, “Still makes more sense than literal trashy people on TV, which consists of Maury, Springer, and the fake ‘doctor’ Phil. No, he’s not actually licensed to practice anything, so I will not call him doctor. He’s [egotistical and exploitative]. I mean, they are all 3, but Phil takes the cake and the bakery.”

5. Cave Diving

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A user shared, “Cave diving.” 

One added, “It’s the closest I’ll ever get to visiting an alien planet or being an explorer. It’s meditative, it involves lots of planning and technology, and it’s great for my ADHD hyperfocus brain to be in a place where I can just be present and focus on nothing but the task at hand. There’s something incredible about hovering motionless in a place people shouldn’t have ever been able to see and most never will and being completely self-reliant. Plus, the caves are stunningly beautiful.”

One concluded with a movie, “Thirteen Lives, the film about Thai boys’ soccer team cave rescue, was a legit horror film for me.”

6. ASMR Mouthsounds

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One user posted, “ASMR mouthsounds.” (Honeslty, we agree.)

Another added, “There used to be a Hardee’s commercial with a hot ch–k eating a burger and that was the only sound in the commercial was her eating sounds. It was awful.”

“Oh my God. I’m sure the hot ch–k balanced it all out in the eyes of the masses, but they should have gone bankrupt for an ad like that,” one commenter responded.

Another user added, “Watching people eat in commercials is always pretty gross because they focus on the chewing mouthparts.”

Source: Reddit

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