Counting the Cost: 12 Things That Have No Right Being So Spendy

Some things have no right to be expensive, especially if they are a necessity. This could be food, some things people with disabilities need, or just random things that are clearly overpriced.

Here are 12 things these people believed had no right to be expensive!

1. Eyeglasses

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One Reddit user said, “Eye glasses. People need to see.”

However, somebody disagreed, “Eyeglasses are very affordable now. I paid $240 for a pair of prescription sunglasses roughly 20 years ago. I recently put in an order for 7 pairs of glasses, a mix of sun and indoor, $190 through cheap a– services like Zenni.”

Then the third added, “I get mine at Costco. Very affordable. Yes they are $200 or so, but they last for years, so when you break it down over time, it’s really not that bad.”

2. Feminine Hygiene

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Somebody stated, “Condoms and female hygiene products. Both of them should be either dirt cheap or a free government alternative available.”

3. Healthcare

A doctor checking his patient
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One person said, “Healthcare.”

A second person replied, “That sounds American.”

Then the third added, “In Germany, it’s basically free. Well, at least the government insurance.”

4. Housing

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“Housing,” said one.

“Came here to join the convo on this and am surprised there really isn’t one. I get building a modern home to code has some material and labor costs on it, but the only reason a decent family house isn’t $50-100k is greed,” replied another with interest.

Finally, the third person said, “Literally. The need from house-owners for a house to be a constantly appreciating investment is destroying the housing market.”

5. Food

Paying for foods/groceries
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Somebody shared, “FOOD!!! There should be ZERO starving people in the world! In the past 4 years, the 1% have gotten richer while the poor countries are literally being starved out.”

Then another one replied, “Well yeah, that’s how investments and owning a company work. Of course, the 1% is gonna get richer, and it’s not they fault that ppl are starving.”

6. Funerals

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“Funerals, wtf does it cost to die,” somebody stated.

“Yes, this. We had a very small funeral and cremation for my Dad and it was still over $10k. Like wtf you can’t even die for free.”

Then the third added, “I had to bury my mom a couple of weeks ago, we used the cheapest funeral director and burial spot. Almost 60k DKK or 8.7k USD.”

7. Going to the Vet

Taking pet to vets
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Somebody said, “Taking your animal to the vet.”

Then the second person replied, “As a dog owner, I’d like that, but I don’t think other people should pay for my choice to have a dog.”

8. Tires

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“Tires,” commented one person.

“I’ve budgeted $1000 for (4) tires for my truck in a few months…I’m getting them off eBay,” replied another.

“Don’ forget to budget about $25/ea for mounting and balancing and possibly another labor line for TPMS reset (if applicable). Additionally, no parts or labor warranty for install of customer-supplied parts. Good luck!” another one added.

9. Bottled Water

Bottled water
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One person shared, “Bottled water. Companies like Nestle pay next to nothing for water rights.”

Another person replied, “You’re not paying for the water, you’re paying for the bottle and the convenience of having safe water to drink when you’re on the go.”

10. Diamonds

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“Diamonds. There’s an endless amount of them, their price is entirely artificially enforced. I don’t agree with a lot of the other answers. Many things are expensive because they’re difficult and pricey to make, and there’s lots of expertise involved,” said one.

“I was about to say you’re wrong, then I googled it and found out it’s one of the most common gems. I’m very surprised,” replied another.

11. Living

Living life
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Life’s fundamental necessities, like shelter, food, and healthcare, are basic human rights. Elevating the cost of these essentials creates unnecessary hardships and exacerbates social inequalities. Every individual deserves access to a dignified life without prohibitive costs.

12. Dental Care

Dental care
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Dental health is integral to overall well-being and prevents broader health complications. Making dental care expensive restricts access, leading to widespread untreated issues. Everyone deserves affordable avenues to maintain and restore their oral health.

Which of the things listed above do you think has no right to be expensive at all? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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