Worth the Wait: 15 Time-Intensive Experiences That Are Unquestionably Rewarding

Some things aren’t worth the wait; maybe like getting all hyped up for a Christmas gift and then it’s something you don’t actually like. But on the other hand, some things aren’t to be rushed because they’re worth it all the time. We’ve collected the best things that take a lot of time, and are worth every second. Here are 15 glimpses into the moments and experiences that bring value to these people’s lives, both big and small, slow and fast.

1. Sleep

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Somebody said, “Takes up a good chunk of our life, but allows us to function better for the parts we get to experience. Dreams are cool too.”

Another one replied, “Yes, I get to be with her in my dreams!”

2. Working On Your Feelings

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“Actually working on your feelings. Like sitting and processing your feelings and understanding why you’re feeling them and moving on,” shared one.

“Absolutely. To add to this, I’d say learning to not only process and understand them, but also learning to summon them up when you need. Being able to be your own source of love, acceptance, courage, etc. Let’s you be your own battery rather than relying on external factors,” replied another.

“This is so important. I know so many who let their emotions or urges control them. Damage to property, relationships, self … all stems from a lack of introspective comprehension. Thank you for bringing this here, stranger,” the third added.

3. Learning to Cook Properly

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One user stated, “I love and hate cooking. It comes and goes. Like, one week I will be super into cooking and try a bunch of things, and the next week I’m like grilled cheese and soup boom done.”

The second person replied, “After many failed attempts to get into cooking I eventually learned to set the bar really low knowing I couldn’t be bothered most of the time—frozen, pre-cut onions and vegetables, one pot meals in a pressure cooker, spice mixes, simple meals, etc. Meal prep and making my own sauces help too. Was smart because it kept me cooking, and now I’ve grown to enjoy it, and my recipes keep getting more complex. Bought my first chef’s knife yesterday.”

4. Growing Fruit Trees

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Somebody said, “Growing fruit trees.”

Another one replied, “PREACH.”

Then a third added, “Growing stuff in general. I am growing potatoes, garlic, parsley, and basil RN. Therapeutic, saves me from having to buy certain foods later (at least for a few meals), and the plants are pretty.”

5. Paying Off Your Debt

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One user shared, “Paying off your debt. Don’t just make minimum payments.”

The second person replied, “This. People called me stupid for paying more on my mortgage than the minimum. The time to pay it off has stayed the same, but the monthly minimum has gone down from 800 a month to 350. Now when we discuss how much we pay in rent/mortgage, people go crazy around me. Oh, you’re so lucky. Oh no, that’s where you’re wrong. Luck has nothing to do with this.”

6. Getting Into Healthy Habits

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“Getting into healthy habits,” stated one.

“I’m trying right now, and it is not easy,” replied another.

“Unfortunately, it’s a ‘take it day by day’ thing. You’ll get there,” the original commenter offered.

7. Overcoming Addiction

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One person stated, “Overcoming addiction.”

Somebody replied, “Second this, you look back, and think, ‘I can’t believe a THING, was in charge of my life.’ Now, my wife and kids are in charge of my life haha.”

Finally, the third added, “Absolutely. It’s hard to fathom how utterly impossible it felt to get through it, and how rewarding it is now that the worst is over. Of course, addiction is a life-long struggle in its own way, but when the most difficult phase is passed, that struggle is different. And sometimes all that horrible life I was living feels like someone else has lived it all, like a distant memory, but sometimes the devil still whispers in my ear. 1 year, 7 months now clean.”

8. Working Through Grief

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“Working through grief. Lost both my parents when I was 21,” shared somebody.

“I am so sorry for your loss dear. I completely agree with you. Feeling and sitting with grief is a game changer,” replied another.

9. Learning a New Language

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One user shared, “Sign language and Morse code are pretty important, I feel, being able to communicate without speaking. I should probably learn those.”

The second person replied, “I can both, and I never had to use them if not to impress someone or just to prove that I know them. It’s nice knowing that I know them though.”

10. Learning a New Instrument

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“Learning a new instrument,” shared somebody.

“Agreed you don’t have to be awesome at it or do something revolutionary just play for you. Honestly tho playing an instrument changed my life for the better,” replied the second person.

11. Losing Weight

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One user stated, “Losing weight. I took 15 months to lose 140 pounds and I feel so much better.”

Another one replied, “Congratulations! 140lbs is about how much I have to reach my goal as well. 3 months in and 50lbs down. Using the Lose It app to log calories, got a smartwatch mostly so I can see numbers go up when I exercise, and then exercise for about an hour yo an hour and a half most everyday.”

12. Planning and Preparing Meals

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“Meal prepping and actually taking the time to plan home-cooked meals. I absolutely hate it but thank myself when I do it,” shared somebody.

“I’m totally with you on this one. The weeks when I meal prep are SO much smoother, and if I don’t I feel crappy because I’m eating more junk food and my budget hurts. It’s also stressful figuring things out last minute,” replied another.

13. Building Muscles

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Somebody mentioned, “Building muscles.”

Another one replied, “I would also include building endurance from cardio and losing body fat. Basically, physical fitness requires daily habits that take time, but are worth it.”

Finally, the third added, “Was about to say! It helps a ton in self-confidence.”

14. Therapy

Woman seeking therapy
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“Therapy. It takes time to work through everything and build new or better habits. And it can be scary for people who have been hurt, abused, or neglected in the past. The best way I can describe it like a doctor having to break and reset a bone after the initial break in order to have it heal properly. Old wounds need to be reopened, re examined, reset, and healed properly,” somebody stated.

15. Waiting for the Perfect Angle

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One user said, “As a photographer, I would say that sitting and waiting for the perfect shot requires so much patience and effort to get out there and do it, but when you get back inside and see your work just sitting there timelessly, nothing beats it.”

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