One of the things we can remember about the show is its ending—is it beautiful or tragic, maybe boring, or doesn’t make sense, or a cliff-hanger Today, we’re discussing 17 TV shows with some of the worst endings ever! 

1. Alf

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One person said, “Nobody will remember this, but the correct answer is ALF. It was supposed to be a cliffhanger, but the show got canceled, and they ended the series with ALF being captured and taken away to be dissected. GOOD NIGHT KIDS!”

Another person replied, “Eventually, they made a made-for-TV-movie about five years later to attempt a wrap-up called Project: Alf. It had virtually no one from the original series besides Alf’s voice, and as I remember it, was almost universally panned.”

One Redditor added, “I remember seeing the movie. It was horrible. I loved the series as a kid. Nothing beats Alf singing Old time rock ‘n’ roll with a cucumber.”

2. The X-Files

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“Glad I searched for X-Files because this was going to be my comment. Honestly the last 3 seasons were… not great (outside of a single episode here and there, usually written by Vince Gilligan, of course). Talk about a show with highs and lows. It could be the best show on television, and the next week it could be the most senseless garbage you’ve ever seen,” one user commented.

“The point for me where I felt the most disappointed was the episode that ‘resolved’ the disappearance of Samantha. Not only was it a confusing mess but it opened up some pretty aggravating plot holes retroactively. HATED it,” another commenter added.

Another user said, “I remember someone suggesting the final episode should have been Chris Carter and a flipchart explaining how everything fits together.”

3. My Name Is Earl

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One user commented, “My Name Is Earl ended on a cliffhanger which was canceled soon after S4. The only resolution given was on the first episode of Greg Garcia’s next project Raising Hope where a TV news broadcast in the background said a man in Camden County completed his list. NBC had a knack for making bonehead decisions.” 

The second person replied, “Yup. They didn’t plan on it being the series finale, and their surprise cancellation lead to them scrabbling last minute to come up with an ending. That’s what they settled on.”

4. Heroes

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One person stated, “Heroes. God the writer’s strike really had that show go wildly off the rails.”

Another commenter said, “Hiro constantly losing his powers every season because of lazy writing and he is too strong… I gave it another try last year couldn’t finish watching the last season again. Still no idea how it ended.”

One Redditor replied, “I still don’t understand how Heroes went from being so good to such utter trash… like how did it happen? They fumbled way before the writers strike. I’m still upset.”

5. Pretty Little Liars

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“Pretty little liars, the creator never even knew how it would end. I hate that show because it was great for the first maybe 2 seasons then just terrible from then on,” one user shared.

“It was a bunch of mystery building and no resolution for any of those mysteries. It should just be referred to as blue b- the show,” another added.

“I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I thought it was leading up to some [crazy] masterpiece and instead we got a long-lost evil British twin and Mona’s dollhouse. I was pi***d I’d invested all that time into the series and got that [disappointing] of an ending,” another Redditor said.

6. House of Cards

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“Should have ended when he got the presidency. It was all weak after that—Frank had a goal in the first few seasons; it’s what drove him. Then he gets it, and his motivation is just…keeping what he has. Perfect end scene was when he did his signature knock on the president’s desk. Cut to black. End show,” one person stated.

“I don’t understand how this didn’t end with Season 4 and having Frank ultimately impeached and arrested after gaining the presidency. That would both complete his arc and fit the theme of house of cards with 4 seasons of 13 episodes each,” the second person replied.

7. Merlin

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One person shared, “Merlin. What the h— was it all for!?!?! Arthur rejects magic and they’re back to square one.”

Another person replied, “Not to mention that suddenly it becomes modern day, and poor Merlin is still alive, just waiting around in the hopes that Arthur will come back. He’s had to slowly watch everyone and everything he loves slowly die over the decades centuries. It’s just completely miserable and pointless, Merlin doesn’t deserve that.”

Finally, the third added, “God it’s been over a decade and I’m still mad I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Like why did they even make season 5? They should have ended after four and let fanfic do the rest.”

8. Sherlock

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“The whole reason I loved that show was the mystery being explained by cold hard logic and the powers of observation. The entire last season was basically Sherlock sister has mind control which takes effect within seconds. Total BS and I hate it. That was my favourite tv series of all time and I felt physically ill when they just murdered the whole season like that,” one person stated.

Another user replied, “I wanted to mention this too. I loved Sherlock at first but there’s so much wrong with it that, and the 4th season really made me look at it differently. It was already going downhill, but then it really took a nosedive. My mother was a fan as well and I just told her not to watch the last season by explaining it was so bad. Fans were sure there was a secret 4th episode that was going to make everything okay again. She got the message.”

“Same. I binged Sherlock hard. Got to his sister and I totally stopped watching it,” a third commenter added.

8. Jericho

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One person stated, “Jericho. That show had so much potential and they just loosely wrapped it up leaving me very unfulfilled with no conclusion or closure.”

Another added, “Jericho really did have a lot of potential. The comic books wrapped it up but I still wish they had made more of the TV show.”

One Redditor replied, “It wasn’t the writers it was the network. They were given three more seasons to finish but then when more than half the season was done they pulled the rug and the writers had to write a conclusion. It wasn’t great but acceptable under circumstances. The writers wrote comic books after the show which further went through the story and it was actually a nice conclusion to the storyline.”

9. Xena: Warrior Princess

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“Xena: Warrior Princess… 20 years later and I am still [angry],” one person shared.

“Ah, I had to scroll way too far for this, I was starting to think I was the only one who remembered it! I was a Xena fanatic when it was airing, and the ending gutted me. Deciding to introduce yet another character that was important to Xena in the past, in the finale? A whole village of innocent people dying, but it was blamed on her despite it being an accident, if I recall correctly? The sheer unnecessary amount of brutality, and leaving Gabs alone in the end? So cruel. When I rewatch the series, I skip the finale and pretend the show ends on Many Happy Returns or When Fates Collide,” one Redditor replied.

Another added, “I found my emotional support thread! They did us dirty in the 90’s with that ending. The reveal of Xena’s body and Gabrielle’s reaction full on TRAUMATIZED me.”

10. Star Trek Enterprise

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One user shared, “Star Trek Enterprise. It was a fun prequel that looked at the start of the United federation of planets. The last episode was an insult. A main character was killed off and it was in a TNG holodeck! Utter rubbish, I’m still livid.”

The second person replied, “That’s what I came here to say. Absolutely terrible ending to a series that otherwise had a great last season. I’m almost convinced that they tried to create a bad last episode because how did anyone think that was a good idea?”

The third added, “Yeah ST Enterprise is criminally underrated, especially toward the end…except for that awful finale.”

11. The Last Man on Earth

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“Last Man on Earth, the show got cancelled on a cliffhanger and we never saw an end to it,” one person shared.

“I needed some closure, closure, closure, closuuuuuuure,” replied another.

“They canceled it at the same time as Brooklyn 99. Everyone resurrected Brooklyn 99 and I was waiting for Last Man on Earth to get the same reaction but I felt like the only one who cared. I’ve never laughed at a show harder. Still sad,” one user shared.

12. Teen Titans

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“The show ended on a gut punch episode that was far more mature than anything else on Cartoon Network before or since. Emotionally clever storytelling that let the audience down. It was heartbreaking that they chose to end that relationship that way. But they expected a 6th season. To tie off the ongoing rivalry with Slade/tie up every character’s arc. It was canceled on the penultimate season. It had set up all the pieces set up—had finally graduated to the next level of storytelling; ratings were high…..then bam. Canceled. Now we’re left with a downer ending of an episode. It’s fantastic—but clearly not designed to be the real end,” one person stated.

“No no, I agree. Sad ending that almost felt like a universe-death when beast boy went out the all white doors. Surreal, depressing, not the best way to end a serious but light-hearted show,” another added.

13. The 100

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One person stated, “The 100. Stupidest ending ever.”

Another person replied, “I’m so glad other people have this opinion. I binged it a few months ago and genuinely enjoyed the series, but the last season made me wish I never started it and erase the series from my mind. They destroyed Bellamy’s character and then killed him off in the lamest way possible.”

One commenter added, “My gf started watching that show and I swear all I ever heard was ‘my people this’ and ‘my people that.’ If you had a drinking game every time they said ‘my people’ in that show you’d be dead before the first commercial break.”

14. The Man in the High Castle

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One person stated, “I feel like that show lost a lot of its vision after Season 1. John Smith, Minister Tagomi, and Chief Inspector Kido basically just carried the show by sheer force of personality.”

Another user shared, “That ending [makes me angry] more than GoT, which Also [made me angry]!”

One Redditor commented, “I was too confused to even be mad about that ending. I feel like they were trying to be profound or something, but can’t figure out what the message was supposed to be. Everybody’s moving in now?”

15. Star vs the Forces of Evil

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“The entire show was derailed to make the popular ship canon, and they didn’t even do it well. And let’s not get into how the characters decided the best way to stop a genocide in their kingdom was to create a far bigger genocide on a multiversal scale, stranding countless innocent people away from their homes and families, but that’s okay because Star gets to be with her new boyfriend. There’s so much more I can get at, but this is GOT level bad. This show could’ve gone down with the likes of Gravity Falls but they massively dropped the ball in the last season,” one person stated.

“Once they woke up Eclipsa’s husband and he was completely harmless I finally admitted to myself they had abandoned whatever plan was originally in place,” another added.

“Man, the first 2 seasons were a lot of fun. But then shipping took over and it all went downhill,” another commenter shared.

16. Game of Thrones

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One person shared, “I didn’t mind Bran as a character until that moment. Then I wanted him to get crippled all over again.”

Another replied, “Dude came with his own throne.”

Then the third added, “‘Why do you think I came all this way.’ Basically implies that he orchestrated literally everything in the show to make himself king. Bran is one of the greatest villains in TV history.”

Source: Reddit.

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