Some people are just extra fantastic—they’ve achieved legend status. We all (or almost all) look up to them. It might be because of their contributions to making the world a better place, their legacies, and the extraordinary things they do that they’re cool people.

Here are the 12 coolest humans who ever lived, according to these people!

1. Brian May

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Somebody shared, “Brian May, duh. Guitarist for Queen, and he’s a Ph.D. astrophysicist who designed the 3D viewing system for the recent Osiris-Rex asteroid probe mission. And he’s a commercially rated pilot.”

The second person replied, “Also made his own guitar from scratch, hand-winding the pickups, which gives that particular guitar a fairly unique sound.”

Then the third added, “And is on a quest to protect badgers.”

2. Clive William Nicol

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One person said, “My mother’s mate, Clive. He got into gunfights with poachers in Africa, killed one of his assassins with a karate kick, went out drinking with the crown prince of Japan, published books on martial arts, and sailed on whaling ships in Antarctica.

“Shot two polar bears before eating them, received numerous … threats from the Yakuza, became a multimillionaire, bought and restored a forest, starred in whiskey commercials on TV, traveled to the arctic aged 17, published children’s books, presented nature documentaries, had the Prince of Wales come to visit his house, and made and sold his own brand of whiskey.

“Set up a nature reserve in Ethiopia which became a UNESCO World Heritage site, became half of a TV stand-up comedy team, built his own dojo and stocked it with weapons of dubious legality, was a pro wrestler, published several more books, gave a TED talk, cooked mountain bears for dinner, beat cancer, become a citizen of several countries, had one of his books turned into an anime movie, became a voice actor, gave speeches around the world.

“Earned five black belts, wrote for national newspapers, produced albums of boozing songs, become famous, received an MBE from the Queen and starred in a TV commercial for the Mitsubishi Delica. Oh, and he was voted the country’s ‘sexiest man in jeans’ on Japanese television.”

3. Judith Love Cohen

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“My vote is Judith Love Cohen. The least interesting thing about her is that she is Jack Black’s mother. Judith Love Cohen (August 16, 1933 – July 25, 2016) was an American aerospace engineer. Cohen worked as an electrical engineer on the Minuteman missile, the science ground station for the Hubble Space Telescope, the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, and the Apollo Space Program.

“After her retirement as an engineer, she founded a children’s multimedia publishing company, eventually publishing more than 20 titles before her death in 2016. Cohen was the mother of computer scientist and engineer Neil Siegel as well as actor and musician Jack Black,” commented one user.

4. Dolly Parton

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Somebody said, “Dolly Parton is pretty awesome. In addition to vocal talents, she promotes childhood literacy and helped fund the Moderna COVID vaccine. She could absolutely be a billionaire, but she’s too philanthropic.”

5. Steve Irwin

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“My Dad told me stories of when I’d watch [Steve Irwin] on TV and I’d just lose it and be glued to the TV. I was born ‘91 and remember the later episodes, with his wife. Go away Terri. He’s mine. My whole love of nature started with him, I won’t even kill a spider or any insect. Just taught so much about everything in the world around us. I did cry, he wasn’t just iconic or famous but he had a true love for the animals we share the world with. He is a legend,” somebody said.

The second person agreed, “Oh yeah, agreed, this is the one. Dude is an absolute legend who left us way too soon.”

6. My Mom

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One user commented, “My mom! She raised 8 children all under the age of 14 after my father died. I’ve never known a more hardworking, patient, kindhearted person.”

7. Christopher Lee

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“Christopher Lee, hands down. Secret service/possibly assassin and the inspiration for James [hecking] Bond. Actor in over 250 films. Dracula, Saruman, Dooku, and more. Metal singer in his late 80s early 90s. Total legend,” said somebody.

“Spoke 8 languages, including Greek and Russian,” added another.

8. Danny DeVito

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“Danny Devito is pretty f- cool,” commented one Redditor.

“I love his work,” the second person replied.

“He doesn’t get enough praise for s- he did outside of his acting roles,” a third added.

9. David Bowie

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One user said, “Consistently innovative, modest, great sense of humor, and self-awareness. Could start a new trend before breakfast.”

Another person added, “Came here to say Bowie. Seriously avant-garde music, embraced his own androgyny, reinvented his own public image several times over, massively intelligent, oh, and one eye blue, the other brown.”

10. Nikola Tesla

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“Thought he would have been mentioned way sooner, considering he is the pioneer of wireless technology, which the whole world relies on. He’s so cool, even Elon Musk named his car after him,” one user commented.

“I knew this answer would be here, and I agree completely,” another added.

11. Snoop Dogg

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One user said, “He is one of the coolest people on the planet. So chilled out but smart and kind. Funny, too.”

A second person replied, “He somehow turned being cool into a career.”

12. Augustus Caesar

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Somebody mentions, “Augustus Ceasar. Everything people credit Julius with or virtually any cool thing in Rome he was actually responsible for. He also failed to go full tyrant, yes, he took out the rivals to his power initially and consolidated it. He also passed it on to a selected heir rather than claiming divine rights of dictators. Who would say ‘only my offspring can be Ceasars.’”

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