Have you ever seen a movie that wasn’t supposed to be funny but ended up making you laugh? Of course, we all know those types of movies—the ones where you simply can’t help but laugh out loud. They’re usually not considered comedies, but humor somehow still finds its way into these productions in unexpected ways. But let’s face it, when everything around us is uncertain or melancholic, sometimes a good dose of silliness is what’s needed! 

1. Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog

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Grizzly Man is a documentary about a man who lives with grizzly bears in Alaska. The overall feeling of the documentary is serious and often disturbing, but some may find parts to be bizarre or surreal.

2. Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump is a comedy-drama film that follows the life of Forrest Gump, a man with low intelligence but a kind and honest heart. The movie humorously chronicles his unintentional influence on significant historical events and his encounters with a range of eccentric characters. The film’s humor is derived from Forrest’s naivety, the unexpected outcomes of his straightforward approach to life, and the quirky situations he finds himself in, providing a lighthearted and often heartwarming take on life’s complexities.

3. Final Destination

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

Final Destination is a horror film franchise centered around a group of individuals who narrowly escape a catastrophic event. Death itself then begins to pursue them in a series of elaborate and often absurdly staged accidents, leading to their gruesome deaths. While the films are primarily classified as horror, some viewers may find a dark sense of humor in the over-the-top and inventive ways in which the characters meet their fates.

4. Twilight

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment.

Twilight is a romantic fantasy film that follows the love story between a human and a vampire. While the film is primarily known for its romantic and supernatural elements, some viewers might find unintentional humor in the melodramatic dialogue, exaggerated emotions, and the intense portrayal of the supernatural world. The supernatural threats they face can also contribute to a humorous viewing experience for some audiences.

5. Grease 2

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Grease 2 is a musical romantic comedy and the sequel to the iconic film “Grease.” The story follows a new student at Rydell High who falls for the leader of the Pink Ladies. The film can be categorized as funny due to its exaggerated musical numbers, playful homage to the 1960s era, and the comedic elements infused into the romantic plot, providing a lighthearted and entertaining experience for viewers.

6. Roadhouse

Photo Credit: United Artists.

Road House is an action film starring Patrick Swayze as Dalton, a tough bouncer hired to clean up a rowdy bar. The movie can be categorized as funny due to its over-the-top action sequences, cheesy dialogue, and Swayze’s stoic and cool demeanor in the face of absurd situations. The film has gained a cult following for its unintentional humor, with fans appreciating its campy charm and embracing it as an entertaining.

7. Showgirls

Photo Credit: United Artists.

Showgirls is a provocative drama film that follows a young and ambitious dancer who arrives in Las Vegas with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Some viewers may find unintentional humor in the film’s melodramatic moments, extravagant dance sequences, and the perceived lack of subtlety in its exploration of the darker side of the entertainment industry.

8. Jupiter Ascending

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Jupiter Ascending is a science fiction film known for its ambitious visual effects and intricate world-building. The film was intended as a space opera with elements of action and drama but some viewers found unintentional humor in its convoluted plot, over-the-top performances, and extravagant visuals.

9. Heathers

Photo Credit: New World Pictures.

Heathers is a dark comedy film that follows a high school student as she becomes entangled with a popular clique of girls all named Heather. The film satirizes the social hierarchy and conformity within high school culture, addressing themes of teenage angst, peer pressure, and rebellion. The dark humor in Heathers arises from its sharp and satirical commentary on the superficiality and cruelty of high school life, as well as the absurdity of the characters’ actions in dealing with issues like popularity and power.

10. Drag Me to Hell

Photo Credit: Ghost House Pictures.

Drag Me to Hell is a horror-comedy film directed by Sam Raimi, following a loan officer who becomes cursed after denying an extension to an elderly woman. The main character faces a series of increasingly bizarre and comically horrific events while trying to break the curse. The movie’s blend of scares and slapstick, along with its exaggerated and campy elements, allows it to be categorized as a horror film with a notable comedic undertone.

11. Deep Blue Sea

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Deep Blue Sea is a science fiction horror film featuring genetically engineered sharks that become highly intelligent and pose a threat to a research facility. While the film is primarily categorized as a thriller and horror, some viewers may find moments of unintended humor in the exaggerated and intense situations, as well as the sheer audacity of the premise. The film’s suspenseful narrative and elaborate shark attacks contribute to its entertainment value.

12. Commando

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Commando is an action film that follows retired Special Forces operative John Matrix, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he embarks on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a dictator. The film can be categorized as funny due to its exaggerated and over-the-top action sequences, including iconic one-liners delivered by Schwarzenegger. The movie embraces a campy and comedic tone, with its relentless action, unrealistic stunts, and Schwarzenegger’s deadpan delivery adding an unintentional layer of humor that has made it a cult classic in the action genre.

13. The Happening

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

The Happening is a psychological thriller film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, where a mysterious airborne toxin causes people to commit mass suicides across the Northeastern United States. While intended as a serious thriller, some viewers have found unintentional humor in the film due to its unconventional premise, awkward dialogue, and moments that come across as unintentionally comedic.

14. Full Metal Jacket

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Full Metal Jacket is a war film directed by Stanley Kubrick that follows a group of U.S. Marine Corps recruits through basic training and the Vietnam War. The film can be categorized as funny due to its dark and satirical humor, particularly in the first half during the intense and absurd training sequences led by the sadistic drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. The juxtaposition of the harsh realities of war with the absurdity of the training methods creates a dark and ironic humor throughout the film.

15. Starship Troopers

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Starship Troopers is a satirical military science fiction film directed by Paul Verhoeven, set in a future where Earth is at war with an insectoid alien species. The movie employs a mix of intense action, political satire, and exaggerated patriotism to tell its story. Viewers may find humor in the film’s over-the-top propaganda elements, intentional cheesiness, and satirical take on militarism, making it a darkly comedic and satirical exploration of war and fascism.

16. Goodfellas

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The film The Goodfellas is a crime drama that follows the rise and fall of Henry Hill, offering a gritty portrayal of the mobster lifestyle. The humor comes from the camaraderie and banter among the characters, as well as the absurdity of certain situations.

17. American Psycho

Photo Credit: Universal Studios.

American Psycho explores the life of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy and unhinged New York City investment banker. It is known for its dark humor in the absurdity of Bateman’s actions and the satirical commentary on materialism and superficiality in the 1980s corporate culture.

18. The Room

Photo Credit: Wiseau-Films.

The film The Room is a cult film that gained popularity for being unintentionally funny. It has been celebrated for its bizarre dialogue, awkward performances, and numerous technical and storytelling flaws. It has also been categorized as “so bad it’s good” cinema.

19. Inglourious Basterds

Photo Credit: Weinstein Company.

Inglourious Basterds is about a group of Jewish-American soldiers on a mission to assassinate high-ranking Nazis during World War II. The film features moments of dark humor coming from the witty dialogue, sharp character interactions, and the bold nature of the plot.

20. Bronson

Photo Credit: Vertigo Films.

The film Bronson tells the story of Michael Peterson, a real-life criminal who later adopted the name Charles Bronson. It have moments that some viewers might find darkly humorous and absurd due to its eccentric characters and surreal presentation.

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