Budgeting Help and Tips I Used to Save $54K in Interest

The average household pays more than seven grand in interest on debt a year but just can’t pay that debt off because there’s nothing left in the budget. 

Here I’ll show you how to save over $50 grand in interest with these tips and pay your debt off in half the time.

The Debt-Free Alternative to Budgeting

Budgeting is no fun and nobody wants to skimp and save every penny…but there is a way to save hundreds a month, use that to pay off your debt and finally get out ahead.

Finding Budgeting Help Where it Matters Most

The best way to save money is always going to be looking at those big budget busters first. That’s going to be things like saving on housing costs, transportation and groceries.

Budget Savings and Quality Time with the Family

One of our favorite ways to save money as a family has always been to let the cable TV subscription lapse in the summer and go a few months without. 

Don't Forget Fun in Your Budget

Don’t forget to balance that saving, that debt payoff with enjoying life and having a little fun with your money. I dunno, if you want to be the 90-year old millionaire that ate only oatmeal their whole life, go ahead.

Using Spending Challenges to Make Saving Easy

Each month, you pick one or two things from your budget. Something you can cut back on or cut out entirely.These are like little mini-spending challenges.

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