How to Invest Your Money Just Before Retirement

Those last few years before retirement should be some of the happiest of your working life.

You’ve worked for decades on the promise of the financial freedom to spend more time doing what you enjoy in retirement.

We’ll look at revisiting your retirement goals to get a crystal-clear picture of where you are at and how to match your investing style with your needs.

The Pre-Retirement Investor’s Needs

We’ve followed three investor characteristics through the series that help to understand your own specific needs.

1. Time horizon is how long you’ve got left to invest. 2. Liquidity needs is how much money you need from your investments within the next year. 3. Taxes are relatively high for pre-retirement investors, from both retirement income and interest on investments.

How to Get Your Investments Ready for Retirement

Worrying about how much you’ve saved so far is less important than figuring out how far you can stretch it and rechecking your retirement goals.

Conservative Cody is a cautious investor and gets stressed out by swings in his portfolio. He is fine with slightly lower returns if it means a more stress-free investment approach.

Investor Types for Investing Before Retirement

Average Amanda is our base-case investor, neither overly cautious or risk-seeking. She budgets her money and invests regularly. She doesn’t want to have to worry about her retirement savings but is willing to let the market work.

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