How to Invest Money the RIGHT way

We suffered through the fastest crash in history, more than 40 million people lost their jobs. We then saw the fastest stock market rebound in history, up 44% in less than three months but the tragic fact is that a LOT of investors didn’t benefit from that recovery. 

We’ll be going step-by-step through a plan on how to invest you can personalize to your needs and take the stress out of investing!

Why Investing Goals Come First!

So many investors ignore this critical first step. They jump right to looking for stocks to buy, they invest in whatever comes along and they never have any direction to their investments. 

How to Create Your Financial Goals

I want you to think of all your financial goals, not just what you want in retirement but everything you want from your investments. This might include kids’ education, buying a home and that dream vacation. 

Estimating Your Retirement Magic Number

The first thing you do is estimate how much you’ll need each month in retirement. Next you estimate your tax rate. Last here to see how much money we need from our investments. 

Estimating How Much You'll Have in Retirement

I can put in my age, how many years until retirement and how much I invest each month to get an estimate for my savings when I start needing that money. 

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