7 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs that Start this Week

Juggling family, work, and everything else can seem impossible. You'd like to work from home but don't want the stress of starting your own business. 

If you need to stay home but still make money, I've got seven part-time jobs you can do remotely that require no experience.

Today, I'm revealing the seven best part-time jobs you can get working from home. Compared to many online or at-home jobs we've covered, these don't involve starting your own company or website. 

Our first work-from-home job is as a fundraising consultant for schools and other organizations. And there are two job ideas here. One is consulting organizations on how to run a fundraiser.

Working Part-Time as a Fundraising Consultant

The other idea would be working for a fundraising company as a sales agent, reaching out to the organizations and getting them to use the company's fundraising products and campaigns.

As a travel planner, you'll work with individuals and companies to plan their vacations and business trips. This means planning complicated trips that involve lots of stops to ensure the customer is getting the best price on tickets.

Work from Home as a Travel Planner

As an online stylist, you'll either work directly with a customer or work off a profile they complete to pick clothes for them. 

Working from Home as a Part-Time Fashion Consultant

You might suggest an entire combination for a specific event or help them choose an everyday wardrobe. This is exciting for me, even though I don't think I could do it. 

Part-Time Virtual Jobs from Home

Next on our list of part-time at-home work is as a virtual bookkeeper. Working as a virtual bookkeeper can mean anything from managing a simple budget to acting as a rising startup's outsourced chief financial officer.

Part-Time Social Media Jobs from Home

 As a social media manager, you're working with the customer to create a marketing plan and social strategy. You're scheduling social updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other platform they're on.

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