Setting Financial Priorities and a Budget You Can Keep

Setting financial priorities and creating a budget isn’t good enough. You have to be setting realistic financial goals and a budget you can keep.

Budgets are like diets. We all know that we need to follow one and we all try from time to time. Unfortunately, we’re about as successful at our budgeting as we are on our diets.

People spend money on everything that they want without putting too much thought into what is really important.

Why Setting Financial Priorities is Important

Follow these four steps to setting your financial goals, creating a budget and getting back on track.

This means: buying a house, saving for retirement, helping to pay for your kids' education and building a financial cushion for emergencies.

1) Focus on the Big Four Financial Priorities

Nobody is financially perfect and you won’t be either. Understand that things will come up that set you back every once in a while.

2) Be Prepared for Setbacks and Know how to Handle Them

One of the most important ideas in budgeting and setting financial goals is a good support system. 

3) Build a Support System around your Financial Goals

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