Sling TV Review: Cheap Cable TV that Goes Where You Go

With a single decision, I saved more than $80 by “cutting the cord” and streaming my shows and movies—live and on-demand. I switched to Sling TV, a premium cord-cutting service similar to Netflix and Hulu.

Sling TV can be the cable TV alternative you’re looking for to save money but still have access to your favorite programs. 

Why is Sling TV So Cheap?

Because Sling piggybacks on the bandwidth of your internet provider instead of maintaining cable trenches and satellite distribution networks, they can pass the operations savings onto you. 

Sling TV works on just about any digital device that connects to the internet including: 1. Smartphone 2. Tablet 3. Laptop 4. Smart TV

How do You Watch Sling TV?

Sling TV Review of Cord-Cutting Service

When you first sign up for Sling TV, you have the choice between three basic channel lineups: 1. Orange (30 Channels for $20/m) 2. Blue (45 Channels for $25/m) 3. Orange and Blue (All Basic Channels for $40/m)

Pros of Sling TV

1. Stream cable TV for as little as $20 a month 2. Most affordable way to watch Disney or ESPN 3. Only pay for channels packages you’ll actually watch 4. 7-day free trial

Sling TV Complaints

1. Need streaming speed of at least 25 megabits per second if you have multiple devices connected to the internet 2. DVR capability costs $5 per month

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