What’s In a Name? Redditors Share the Story Behind Usernames

Behind every username we use, there’s almost always a story behind it. Whether it’s associated with our favorite show, character, or food, there’s usually something interesting to explain. Here are 20 Reddit usernames and the story behind them!

1. kinda4got

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One user with a username of ‘kinda4got’ commented, “I really don’t recall.”

Another, with the username “iforgot1305,” replied, “Same.”

Then the third, with the username ‘Do-Not-Forget-This’ added, “I forgot my last one.”

2. PoorPauly

Man with a sad face
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“It’s what my wife calls me when I complain about anything,” said one Redditor with username ‘PoorPauly.’

Another person replied, “Reminds me of Joe Kelly’s pouty face to Carlos Correa after striking him out, a few years ago. When asked about it he said that that’s the face his wife makes at him when he’s complaining about stuff.”

3. SherbsSketches

Cat sketch
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Another user with the username ‘SherbsSketches,’ shared, “Sherbs is my cat, I was making lots of pet portrait sketches for others, and I was making lots of sketches of my kitty too.”

The second person replied, “Same. Mayhem was my sweet kitty and mawry is my nickname,” with the username ‘mawry9mayhem.’

4. HoeForSpaghettios

Man eating spaghetti messily
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Somebody with the username ‘HoeForSpaghettios,’ said, “I tried about 50 different names that were apparently taken and this is the first one it let me have.” Another with username “pickoneforme” replied, “I got tired of trying to come up with something clever,”

5. An_Goose4981

Funny goose
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“I sympathize with geese, I’m [ill] tempered, completely oblivious to things and will do anything for food, also my name rhymes with goose and improper grammar is f—ing hilarious,” shared one with username ‘An_Goose4981.’

6. GodzillaBoner

Godzilla statue in Japan
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One person with the username “GodzillaBoner” stated, “Man, I really don’t know.”

Another person replied, “You DO.”

7. mommaTmetal

Metalhead girl
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“My daughter’s friend called me Momma T and I like metal music,” said one with username ‘mommaTmetal.’

“Sounds cute,” another user replied.

8. ohyoushiksagoddess

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Somebody with username ohyoushiksagoddess” replied, “I’m a non-Jew married to a Jewish guy. There is a line from a play, The Last Five Years where the male protagonist meets a lovely girl and says, ‘Oh you sh—- goddess, you.’ Hence my username.”

Another person replied, “This is cute.”

9. fermented_ballsacc

Funny old man
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One user stated, “I wanted something that would signal ‘fat, sweaty Redditor,’ and figured that since a fat sweat Redditor doesn’t shower, his balls are gonne gat real stanky after a while.”

Another commenter replied “Poetic.”

10. borkborkibork

Swedish chef muppet
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“I love Swedish chef,” said one with the username “borkborkibork.”

“I wanted my friends to go as muppets one year for Halloween and they said no. I wanted to go as the Swedish Chef, so I can say Bork all night,” replied another.

11. PsychoticMessiah

Man with long hair
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Somebody commented, “When I was in my early 20s I had long hair. Some people said I looked like Charles Manson, and others Jesus Christ.”

12. catchupandmustired

Ketchup and mustard
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One person said, “Used to work in the kitchen and our chef always label ketchup—catch up and mustard—mustired.”

13. somethingweirder

Funny weird man
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“My friend told me about reddit and when I was setting up my acct I asked what my handle should be. She said ‘something weird’ and I was like ‘oh dang that’s taken,'” one user commented.

14. abigbearofaman

Big man bear
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One user commented “I listened to the Behind the Ba—-ds podcast episode where they read from a novel written by Ben Shapiro. The main character is described as a bear of a man, 6’3 in his bare feet and 215 pounds in his underwear.”

15. Ghettosmurf12

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Somebody said, “So grew up in a small coastal town in Australia; you had your suburb’s rich, middle class/bogan’s & housing estate. Well, we lived on the edge of the housing estate which everyone that lived in the town would call the Ghetto. Growing up my sister had the nickname Smurfette looked exactly liked her. So in turn because I looked like a male verison of Smurfette, I got the nickname Ghetto Smurf from all her friends & it has stuck ever since.”

16. Desent2Void

Empty and void
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One person commented, “A representation of how I feel my life is like. No matter how hard I try, I’m descending into a void of nothing.”

Another one replied, “I am so sorry, and I wish things were different for you. If you need someone to talk to, I am here.”

17. hooliganvet

Old veteran
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“I’m a US coast Guard veteran, and back in the day, the Coast Guard was referred to as the Hooligan Navy. I’m a proud Hooligan,” one user said.

18. ManOfSeveralTalents

Man of several talents
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One user commented, “I have several talents (none that make any money), and the last time I checked was indeed a man.”

19. Sexy_Pikachu42069

Sexy pikachu
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Somebody commented, “I was browsing memes on the internet while my brother was watching Pokémon in the other room. I saw a meme that had Patrick Star in the fishnet stockings from that one Spongebob movie and my brother said something I don’t remember about Pikachu and the next thing I know I see tall/ human Pikachu in fishnet stocking and I just closed my computer and said ‘okay that’s enough internet for me for today…’ and then it stuck as my username ever since.”

20. realkimkardashian

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“Just my name,” said one with the username ‘realkimkardashian.’

“Guys I think this might be the real Kim Kardashian,” replied another Redditor.

How about your username? What’s the story behind it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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