Learn the YouTube Subscriber Tricks They Never Tell You

Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with Let’s Talk Money and I get asked a lot about how I’ve been able to grow this channel so fast, from zero to over 215,000 subscribers in less than 30 months.

And if you’ve been following the income reports, you know its been a huge part of the business, for example, I’ve booked almost $80,000 from YouTube ads just in the past year and about double that in sponsorships.

How to Grow a YouTube Channel and Get Subscribers
How to Grow a YouTube Channel and Get Subscribers

And I want you to have that same success. This is something anyone can do…I mean, just look at this video. I’m sitting at my desk, turned on the webcam and I’m able to reach tens of thousands of people.

How Many Subscribers do Most YouTube Channels Have?

But while it’s something anyone CAN do, it’s not something everyone is able to do. Take a look at some research by Tubics on YouTube channel sizes…in a really fun way to show it. Of the 31 million YouTube channels, there are just 160,000 with over 100,000 subscribers. That makes them a Gorilla here, I guess, and that’s less than a third of one percent of the channels here on YouTube.

YouTube Channels by Number of Subscribers
YouTube Channels by Number of Subscribers

And the tragedy is that if you add up these last three here; the foxes, frogs and snails…there are 25 million channels with less than 1,000 subscribers.

Nation, 80% of the channels here on YouTube don’t make money because they don’t have enough subscribers to monetize!

Now there are dozens of great how-to YouTube channels you can watch. From Tim Schmoyer and Derral Eves to Nick Nimmin, I learned so much from these YouTube OGs…but I’m not growing by over 132,000 subs a year by following the rules.

You can follow the best practices you hear on other channels, you can check all those boxes, but for that real growth…I’m talking that viral growth that grows a channel, you need to break the rules a little.

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube, FAST!

So instead of creating just another how to grow on YouTube video, I thought I’d reveal the five YouTube subscriber hacks that help me average over 360 new subscribers a day!

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Think about that, 360 new subscribers a day means you could potentially get monetized, reach that 1,000 subscribers mark in just three days!

I’m also doing a free webinar, the three most important things I did to boost my channel growth and make money, three quick start hacks. Now I’m doing this off-YouTube so I can have more real-time interaction.

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Quantity vs Quality for YouTube Channel Growth

Our first YouTube hack for subscribers is quantity over quality.

Uh-Oh, did I just break the golden rule?

I know. Everyone says make good quality videos and the subs will come…bullshit! The problem with this is there’s no definition for what makes up a ‘quality video’. If I was sitting here trying to record on a ten-year old smartphone and you could barely hear me, then yeah, we can agree that’s a crap video that nobody wants to watch.

But the fact is, too many people out there, people that would otherwise have amazing channels, are sitting there worrying too much about quality. They chase that quality unicorn that doesn’t exist for a few weeks then give up.

Why I say quantity over quality is for two reasons. First, the more videos you make, the faster you’re going to learn how to make better videos. Nobody’s first videos are any good…and please don’t go back and look at mine unless you need a laugh.

But by consistently doing more videos, you get just a little better each time. You get a little more comfortable on camera, your delivery gets a little better, and the quality of your videos is going to improve.

The second reason though is just how YouTube works. This is a momentum machine. The more videos you have, the more views and subscribers you’re going to get. More videos means more search results, it means more suggested videos and it just means faster growth.

So something I tell all new YouTubers. Outline five videos, plan out what you want to say and jump in front of the camera. Don’t worry about mistakes or adding graphics…hell, don’t even worry about editing. Just talk through your outline for five videos and upload them to your channel. They’re going to suck but then again, they’d suck even if you spent 10 hours on each trying to make them ‘quality’ so you might as well get them done in 20 minutes.

Get those videos uploaded. Then set a schedule of doing three videos a week. Three videos, even if you have to make them quick, get three videos a week on your channel. In six months, you’re going to look back, be amazed at how much better you’ve gotten and at how much your channel has grown, guaranteed!

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! I’m sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income. I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar, so make sure you reserve yours.

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YouTube Clickbait is NOT Clickbait

Second in our YouTube tips, Clickbait is not Clickbait

Now clickbait is bad but most people don’t know what it really is.

Real clickbait is when your title or thumbnail to a video promises something that isn’t in your video. For example if the thumbnail to this video guaranteed 1000 subs and had a picture of Homer Simpson, when at no point in the video do I guarantee you’ll get 1000 subs or talk about The Simpsons…that would be clickbait.

Clickbait is a misleading title or thumbnail that overpromises to get you to click through…but I feel like people use too broad of a definition to include anything sensational or exciting. Like people don’t want to brag or promote what’s in their video.

Folks, Buzzfeed.com didn’t become an internet monster and raise $500 million in funding with boring headlines. Now is it true that only people born after 1999 can pass this pop culture quiz…I doubt it but I’m tempted to click through and see.

You have got to make your titles and thumbnails interesting and that means using adjectives like easy, fast and unbelievable. Make crazy expressions for your thumbnails. Use images that play on people’s emotions like fear, joy and greed.

I know it goes against every humble bone in your body but I would rather you be too sensational in your titles and thumbnails, a little too over the top, than not sensational enough.

How to Ask People to Subscribe to Your Channel

Next here, is you HAVE to Tell people to subscribe to your channel!

Now you do hear this on the how-to YouTube channels, but it’s always advice like, ask but don’t ask too early in the video. It’s always something like, you have to tell people why they should subscribe so give them some content first before asking for that subscribe click.

Listen folks, even on your best videos, you’re going to lose twenty or thirty-percent of your viewers before halfway through the video. If you wait until the end to ask them to subscribe, you’re losing the opportunity on thousands of subs.

Yes, tell them why they should subscribe. Tell them what kind of videos you do but do it within the first minute of your video and ask them to join the community. That’s another thing…I see too many channels just asking people to subscribe.

Click that subscribe button. Tap the bell notification. It’s the same thing you hear on every other channel.

Instead, make your channel a community. Tell people that by subscribing they’re not just clicking a button but joining a community of people that care about the same thing they do or that are helping each other to achieve something. People don’t join channels, they join communities, they join movements.

How to Build a YouTube Channel Brand

Our fourth tip to get more subscribers, you need a gimmick!

And I uses the word gimmick here because I want you thinking crazy, sensational, not just different.

We could call it a hook or how you’re different from other channels but that just doesn’t have the same feel as gimmick, right? I don’t want you to be different…I want you to be DIFFERENT!

Now that’s not to say gimmicky for no reason. I wear the bow tie because I’m embracing my inner nerd with deeper analysis in stocks…and because I miss my dress up days as an equity analyst. I’ve got the pictures in the background and my Marine Corps shadowbox because they represent values I feel deeply about…but they’re also very much different than what you see on most channels.

Your gimmick is anything you wear, your background, maybe slogans or something you say regularly, anything that makes you stand out. It’s your channel brand, and if you can’t tell what it is then I guarantee viewers can’t either and they’ll have no reason to subscribe versus the 31 million other channels out there.

What Video Topics Grow a YouTube Channel Faster?

Fifth YouTube tip, and this is one I learned the hard way, give your viewers what they want!

Nation, I’ve got a list of video ideas saved on my daily schedule, video topics in personal finance that I would love to do and think they’d really help people.

But I’m not doing them for the foreseeable future. They’re my ‘someday’ videos. Someday when I’ve got a ginormous channel and enough subscribers that will watch any video I make, even if it’s not in a topic they care about.

Very early in your YouTube channel, within 30 or 50 videos, you’re going to find out what topics your viewers want to see and which ones YouTube will promote. For me, it’s investing and making money videos.

Now I could go outside this narrow list, talk about those broader personal finance themes, but I’m not going to get nearly the views I usually get and my channel isn’t going to grow.

Yeah, I know it sucks that you’re kind of pidgeon-holed into a couple narrow topics but that’s just how the YouTube machine works. The algorithm starts to see you as an expert in those topics, your community of subscribers builds up around them, and those are your money topics. Those are the video ideas you want to hit repeatedly if you want to grow fast. Someday, you can gradually start pivoting into these broader video topics, but for now stick to what gets you the most views and the most subscribers.

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! I’m sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income. I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar, so make sure you reserve yours.

5 YouTube Subscriber Hacks THEY Won’t Tell You
5 YouTube Subscriber Hacks THEY Won’t Tell You

Getting more subscribers on YouTube doesn’t have to be something that takes years but you can’t do it by ‘following the rules’. To really grow a YouTube channel, you’ll need to find the real hacks that work for massive subscriber growth…the YouTube channel tricks nobody else is using!

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