10 Interview Red Flags Predicting a Job Will be Toxic

You might traditionally think of an interview as a process where the employer screens the employee for a potential fit. Realistically the interview is a reciprocal process you can use to gauge whether you want to work in a particular position.


1. Lowballing Yourself

“An interviewer tried to convince me to lowball myself after I said what I’d accept as a minimum salary which was in their offer range from the posting. ‘If we pay you more you wouldn’t get a bonus at the end of the year, and you’d be really upset when everyone else got one.'”

2. Admitting No Job Security

“This actually happened to me:

Interviewer: Do you have any questions for us?

Me: what is a challenge this department has recently faced?

Interviewer: Job security”

3. Trying to Get you to Accept Offer Before Stating Salary

“I applied to a position out of state and was offered the position during the phone interview. When asked when I could start I replied two weeks, but stated I couldn't accept without knowing how much it paid and having that in an official offer letter/email.”

4. Berating Other Employees During Interview

“I interviewed for one once where the manager spent the whole time asking me the usual questions in between rounds of berating some poor tech support employee on the phone about their payroll software.”

5. Getting Defensive About Glassdoor Reviews

When I mentioned a company's dismal Glassdoor evaluations, they became so enraged that they ended the interview. Well. I suppose I escaped that danger”

6. Already Talking About Skirting The Law

“In one interview I was enthusiastically assured that overtime wasn't an issue, but if you pick up an extra shift they pay in gift cards so that it saves you on taxes.”

7. Honesty About their Company Culture

“He stood up and looked over the cubicle walls to make sure no one was around and whispered, ‘You don't want to work here.'”

8. Asking For Your Social Media Passwords

“one of my coworkers told me an interviewer asked for her social media passwords to ‘expedite their background check.'”

9. Micro-Management

“assigned seating in the lunchroom” stated one, “Wow. Yep…that’s not just a red flag, that’s a crazy flag.” agreed another.

10. We Work Hard And Play Hard

What one Redditor says is it means, “‘OT is basically Infinite, and you can work it as much as you want.'”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks about red flags that happened during job interviews warning of a toxic work environment ahead.

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