Have you watched a movie and seen the same thing over and over again? Some film cliches can be irritating, ranging from scenes that don't make sense, to the heroes who always get what they want, to the villain with a painful past. 

There are so many of them, and if you think you’ve seen all of them, check out these 11 movie cliches that infuriate people.

1. Leaving the hospital as if nothing happened

A hero has been in a coma for many years, and when they awaken, they act as if they've been working out in a gym all this time, preparing for vengeance. One person said, “Recovering from anesthesia (or even coma) in a hospital bed, the hero considers it his duty to immediately pull the IV needle out of his hand and, as if nothing had happened, go about his business, or better yet, run.” Another person replied jokingly, “Yeah, in movies, anesthesia and coma are just refreshing naps. ‘Hmm, good morning! Now, where were we? Ah ok, I'm off to save the world again!’”

2. Others missed; heroes don’t

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“When someone with a rifle can’t shoot anyone but the guy with a pistol can hit someone from a mile away,” one person shared. “Or the guys with Ak’s can’t hit a thing, but the hero with a pistol never misses,” another person agreed. Third person added, “It's called plot armor.”

3. Chasing your true love in the airport

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Have you ever watched a movie, rolled your eyes, and said something cringe-worthy? This third movie cliche sounds like it. One person said, “Running to [the] airport or train station before your true love is gone forever.” Another person replied, “I roll my eyes so hard every time that plot is even suggested in a movie. 🙄”

4. United States is the only country on Earth

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One user shared, “[the] United States being the only country in the world.” Meanwhile, another person replied, “New York is the only city in that country. It's one of the biggest countries in the world, can't you find another interesting city for the story to unfold?” Finally, a third person also shared their thoughts on a different movie genre with the same cliches, “I have this problem with sci-fi. Why is there only ever one city on a whole planet? Tatooine in Star Wars for example.”

5. Acts completely normal just after receiving CPR

It seems like the characters in the movie have inherent superpowers, just as they demonstrated when they drowned. “Coughing up some water after drowning and receiving CPR, then being able to function totally fine afterwards. Or just any type of normal function a handful of seconds after CPR,” one person shared. Another hospital employee shared, “I work in a hospital and have done CPR hundreds of times. Only once has a person we've resuscitated been conscious after, and it was after only one round of compressions, and they complained about how much their chest hurt. Every other revived patient was unconscious after.”

6. The nerd girl with glasses who’s already hot

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Nerds in real life versus those in the movies are entirely different, especially if they’re the main character. It’s one of the most overly-used cliches that’s already infuriating. One person said, “The nerdy girl (who is a stunning woman already ) takes off her glasses and suddenly she's the hottest human ever (plot twist she already was).” Another person expressed their thoughts, “I never appreciated the ‘glasses make you ugly’ trope. Sorry I need to be able to SEE.” Finally, a third person added, “You have to tie your hair up too.”

7. Driving without looking at the road

“When they drive but don't watch the damn road for like minutes at a time,” one person stated. “​​Or they're constantly moving the steering wheel back and forth but still driving straight on the freeway, as if the tires don't move along with it. They should be swerving all over the damn place!” another person agreed.

8. Varsity boys with their bullying jackets

High school-themed movies always have bullies who come in not-so-different scenes and outfits. One person hilariously shared, “School varsity boys with their varsity jackets bullying kids near their lockers.” Another one chimed in, emphasizing the actors’ age in real-life, “35 year old high schoolers.”

9. Getting shot, bullets pulled out, and go on with life

“Someone gets shot and the bullet gets pulled out so they continue to live as normal. No buddy, you’re still gonna bleed internally and have lots of stuff messed up inside you, you ain’t going anywhere,” one person shared. “Guys acting like taking a bullet to the shoulder isn't going to disable you, possibly forever, and require surgery and weeks of rehab just to get back to some semblance of function. “Ow. ‘Anyway, where was I…’ *resumes punching a guy twice his size*,” another person added. Finally, a third person added, “Hahaha or when the character gets hit by an arrow and just snaps it off with the arrowhead still in them like nothing happened.”

10. The monster is still alive and ready for part 2 (if there is)

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This is another favorite cliffhanger in horror movies, where the monster is killed, and minutes later, it opens its scary eyes. One person shared jokingly, “The last minute reveal that the monster isn't actually dead from B list horror movies.” Another person replied, “How else will they make a sequel when their movie inevitably is a massive success and breaks all box office records to become the top-grossing movie ever?” Although it makes sense to have a sequel, it’s one of the movie cliches that infuriates people.

11. Cellphones acting like walkie talkies

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It’s not so new that a main character who is in an emergency takes out their phone, presses it once, and immediately calls someone. Well, that’s one of the biggest cliches ever. One person stated, “Cell phones acting like walkie-talkies: Character presses one button on their cell (never needs to scroll through contacts or anything), lifts it to their ear, and immediately starts talking.” Another person replied, “I think the more modern equivalent of this is the lightning speed ability of people to text with no typos or auto corrects.”

Finally, a third person also has a problem with the opposite situation, “Or the reverse, walkie talkies being treated as though they work like cell phones. You cannot both talk at the same time/interrupt one another on a walkie talkie. Whoever pushes the “push-to-talk” button first is the one who gets heard until they release it.”

Do you also have some movie cliches that infuriate you? Check out and follow this Reddit thread for more.

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