Top 11 Celebrity Downfall’s That People Feel Bad About

Not every celebrity downfall hits the heart of public opinion the same. Sometimes the court of public opinion deems that the celebrities notoriety was undeserved given their character, other times it seems that the machine chews them up and it isn't until years later that people question. What was that all about?

Being a celebrity, and having the spotlight on you constantly can be stressful. The highest paid actresses have to understand the demands of being in the public spotlight 24/7. It is a tough position to be in, but can be very attractive to certain personalities.

1. Anthony Bourdain

Watching people struggle with mental health from the outside is very sad. Especially when you don't even realize they are struggling. One Redditor says: “I honestly envied his life, I wanted to be him or to be what he showed everyday. Traveling around the world. Eating delicious food from all around the world. That was imo the absolute epitome of success. And it was so sad…seeing that it wasn't enough…was absolutely earth-shattering for me.”

2. Mcauley Culkin

Mcauley Culkin is a childhood actor that the media just seemed to love to pick on for a while. One Redditor notes: “His parent allegedly stole all the money he made from the home alone films. He had major issues with substance abuse and addiction later on in his life.”

He then goes on to talk about how damaging the media was towards him: “The media hounded him relentlessly about stories of Michael Jackson having abused him, but he denied all allegations saying Michael was nothing but a friend who actively protected him from abuse.”

3. Britney Spears

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People's expectations of stars can be bigger than real life. At the end of the day, they are just people. “she was having a mental breakdown and the whole world was beating her further down at the time it was sad to watch” commented one Redditor.

4. Janet Jackson

Seemingly a whole career that got pushed into obscurity over one decision. One Redditor states: “The whole ‘wardrobe malfunction' thing was so stupid. I can't believe it wasn't laughed out of the press conference.”

5.Amy Winehouse

“Her talent was tremendous, and she did nothing wrong.” Says a Redditor.

6. Amanda Bynes

“Child actor downfalls are sad because they’re victims of their environment” said one Redditor. There are so many stories of child actors who run into problems along the way. It brings up the other problematic question of why we are putting these children under so much stress.

7. Nicolas Cage

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Nocolas Cage is definitely a hardworking actor who has had trouble managing his own success. One Redditor states: “although that was self-inflicted. He owed a lot of money and had to make a bunch of low budget movies for years to make the money back. But he always gave a good effort, and some of those low budget movies, like Mandy and Pig, were pretty damn great. And after he played himself in Massive Talent, hes back doing studio movies, so hes good right now.”

8. Chris Farley

Chris Farley appeared to be struggling with some mental health issues that he was not able to overcome. One Redditor puts it this way: “I wish someone would’ve gotten through to him about his weight and drug use”

9. Will Smith

Redditors think Will Smith is a celebrity that they have a hard time watching fall: “clearly has a toxic marriage and is not handling it well. Chris Rock caught the anger he clearly has towards the situation. Will smith is not okay.”

10. Winona Ryder

“It is awesome she is such a big part of stranger things.” One Redditor notes.

11. Jonathan Brandis

One Redditor laments “he was huge in the early 90s. I remember he had a cameo on I think Save by the Bell and was teen super star at that point.”


Celebrities can fall from public grace in a number of ways. Years later, looking back on it can be quite sad for some people. Quotes were sourced from this thread on Reddit.

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