5 Things we’re No Longer Buying due to Inflation

How much has your cost of living changed in the past few years? As time passes, prices on some items have risen to the point that we have to think twice before buying them. From staple grocery items to luxury items and more, it's crazy which products have become less accessible due to their price hike—especially if you're on a fixed budget! So what are the things that people just can't afford anymore? In this blog post, we'll discuss all the other expensive purchases we've had to give up despite how much we want them. 

1. DiGiorno and Other Frozen Pizza

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One Redditor posted, “I used to love digornos when they were $5. Now they're about $8-10.”

Another user jokingly added, “It's the delivery fee.”

A third commenter added, “Ain't you ever heard the commercial slogan? It's not delivery. It's Digorno? It was a joke.”

2. Coca-Cola

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One commenter noted, “Coca-cola.”

Another user confirms, “Bought my husband a 12 pack this week, and it was $9.”

“I know, right? It's crazy that I could get a pack of off-brand stuff that tastes very similar for 3x less,” another Redditor added. 

“Yup. Came here to say soda. Long gone are the days of $4 for 10 12-packs. Wholesale stores like Sam's/Costco sell it reasonably, but I'm not going there just for a couple of items like soda. The average here is $7.99 for a 12-pack. Outrageous,” One person shared. 

3. Fast Food

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One Redditor posted, “Fast food.”

Another user added, “I was actually angry after I spent $11 on breakfast, and there were black fryer bits stuck on my sandwich. I started buying an 8 pack of English muffins and making 8 egg and cheese sandwiches on my day off, then freezing them for the rest of the week.”

Another user shared his story, “A while back I went to Jimmy Johns for lunch. I ordered one of their chicken wraps—just the wrap. No drink, no chips. I got this tiny sad, pathetic excuse of a wrap for $12. It really made me think. I was like, ‘What the [heck] am I doing? I could make 4 or 5 of these for $12, and it would probably be way better.' So that's what I did. Got off work and just went to the grocery store to buy stuff for a chicken wrap. Then a little bit later, I was craving some wings. I was looking at both BuffaloWW and WingStop and realized they were basically charging $1.50 per wing. Ridiculous! So I went to the store, found a 4lb bag of wings for $15 (about 35ish wings), and cooked them in my air fryer. First time I ever tried doing that, and it turned out to be the best wings I ever ate. Nice and crispy on the outside from the air fryer and super juicy on the inside. They came out nice and hot, they weren't dry, and they cost me less than $0.50 a wing. I even got to put a variety of different hot sauces on them that I had. I refuse to go to any [fast food restaurants] until they drop their prices by 50% or jobs start paying 50% more.”

4. Clothes

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“Clothes, it's killing me already, but I truly don't need another item,” one user shared.

Another commenter advised, “I haven't been affected by this one as much as other people. I mostly shop at thrift stores, so prices have stayed low. You'll need to stick to more timeless designs and shop around and get lucky.”

5. Cereals

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A user commented, “A lot of cereal brands.”

“I don't buy cereal unless it's on sale. Some of the boxes are like $8,” replied one user. 

Another user shared some tips, “I only buy store brands here. What, you have a specific preference for processed corn and sugar? Store brand cereal is still under $2 a box.”

“I just wait until what I want goes on sale, which sometimes is as low as 2/$5 or even 3/$2. I've tried the off-brands, but my picky eaters don't like them. I remember buying one giant bag of generic honey smacks, and most of the bag just went uneaten and turned stale.”, one user also responded. 

Do you have some items that should be off the list? Check it out here!

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