It’s always important to remember that just because someone is famous or successful, it doesn’t mean they’re a good person. Unfortunately, celebrities have served as living examples of how people may conceal their heinous crimes simply because they are famous. 

In this post, we’ve identified ten celebrities who committed bad things but were “forgiven” because they were famous.

1. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe

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Vincent Neil Wharton, better known as Vince Neil, is an American musician, primary vocalist, and occasional rhythm guitarist for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe from their inception until 1992. 

One Redditor shared, “Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe drove drunk, killed one of his very good friends, and gave the two people in the other car very bad injuries and brain damage. He also had other DUIs after this. But hey, everybody loves a good party song, and now he has a famous liquor brand.”

Another added, “He also beat a woman so severely it ruptured a breast implant.”

A user ended the thread with a comment, “Jesus Christ, what kind of monster punches a woman in the front?”

2. Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is a former professional boxer and boxing promoter from the US. He presently owns The Money Team Racing, a NASCAR Cup Series team.

One Redditor posted, “Floyd Mayweather beats his wife with hands that are registered as lethal weapons in front of his children. But because he wins, nobody cares.” Another added, “He has always seemed like such a d** lol.”

3. R Kelly 

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Robert Sylvester Kelly is an American musician, composer, record producer, and convicted s*x offender.

One user said, “R Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old in the mid-’90s, and yet it took like two decades for people to start boycotting him as a s**ual predator. He was still making songs with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc., for a looooong time.” 

“I remember after Aaliyah died, there was an interview with the guy who’d been her boyfriend at the time of her death. Apparently, the whole R. Kelly thing shook her up, and she didn’t like to talk about the subject at all. No surprise there,” someone replied.

4. Rick James

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Rick James, born James Ambrose Johnson Jr., was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. James began his musical career as a teenager, having been born and reared in New York.

One user shared, “Rick James kidnapped TWO women with his wife while on separate crack binges.”

And tortured them for days on end,” another responded.

A third user ended, “DARKNESS.”

5. Johnny Cash

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John R. Cash was a country music singer-songwriter from the US. Much of Cash’s songs, particularly in the latter phases of his career, addressed themes of sadness, moral difficulty, and salvation.

One Redditor shared, “Johnny Cash walked out on his wife and kids saying that his career was more important to him than they were, then went on to eventually settle down with June Carter and start a whole new family while ignoring the kids he already had.”

“I’m pretty sure they made a whole movie about this,” another commenter responded.

One user added, “I’m watching it for a careers class, 10/10 not a great movie.”

6. Boy George

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Boy George is an English singer, songwriter, DJ, author, and mixed media artist and has been the lead vocalist of the musical band Culture Club. He is well renowned for his baritone vocals and androgynous look.

A commenter posted, “Boy George. He beat a guy with a metal chain after cuffing him to a radiator. Should make for an interesting sequence in his forthcoming biopic…”

One user asked, “Why did he do that?” 

“He really wanted to hurt him,” one Reddit user responded.

“He really wanted to make him cry,” another user added.

7. Jimmy Page

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James Patrick Page is an English musician best known as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin. In addition, Page is a prolific creator of guitar riffs. 

Another user added, “There was a groupie called Lori Maddox who Jimmy Page started dating when she was 14. David Bowie took her virtue when she was 15, and Mick Jagger gave her cocaine and slept with her while she was still underage. You never hear about any of this.”

“Listen to Stray Cat Blues. He straight-up sings about f- 15 yr old. Doesn’t even want to see their id,” another responded.

“It’s not even subtle,” another Redditor replied.

8. Piers Morgan

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One Redditor shared, “Piers Morgan was the editor of the Daily Mirror during the Iraq War, published photos that he knew were fake of American and British Troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. He was fired but somehow managed to make a successful media career out of it.” 

Another replied, “One of my favorite videos of him is the one where he tried to shame that Love Island girl because she didn’t know Pythagoras’ Theorem, and when asked if he knew, he started reciting the digits to Pi.” 

“The assumption he makes—that being able to recite pi ‘to, say, the first five digits’ is the basest form of faux-intellectualism, too.

It’s what a four-year-old might think of as the pinnacle of cognitive achievement.”, one user added.

“And incorrectly reciting Pi, at that,” one user confirmed. 

9. George Wallace

US President Jimmy Carter, left, welcomes Gov. George C. Wallace (D-AL) during a a reception for state Governors.
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A user shared, “George Wallace—the infamous pro-segregation Governor of Alabama in the 60s—did not inform his wife that her doctor diagnosed her with cancer (doctors during this time often told patient’s relatives of their cancer diagnosis instead of the patient, especially if the patient was female). The reason was that she was running for governor as a surrogate for him since he had reached his term limits, and he thought that the diagnosis would negatively affect her chances of winning. She ended up finding out about it four years later during a visit to a gynecologist. Still, unfortunately, the cancer had progressed to the point that she died from it three years after learning that she had cancer and that her husband had known about it.

“He ended up successfully getting the term limits repealed and went on to serve a few more terms as governor. People forget about this, I’m assuming, because of all of the other sh***y things he did. Edit: Her name was Lurleen Wallace, for those interested.”

Another user commented, “Well, he was shot in an assassination attempt in Maryland and was paralyzed from the waist down. Karma’s a b**ch.”

Source: Reddit. 

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