10 Terrible Fads People Are Glad Died Out

Over the years, fads have come and gone and even come back around again. Are there any specific trends that you are delighted are gone and hope never return? You've got company. Here are some top-voted fads people are glad died out.

1. Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men

“There was a two-year period in the early 2000s when ‘Who Let the Dogs Out' was featured on the soundtrack of every single motion picture,” replied one. Another said, “I think they still play it at baseball games.”

2. Double Polo Shirts With the Popped Collars

“Double polo shirts with the popped collars,” one user admitted. Another confessed, “And if you had an ounce of muscle, it had to be a pink polo.” Finally, a third user said, “Teenage boys wearing multiple polos to pop all of the collars is a high school memory I had repressed until this moment.”

3. Clowns Standing In The Roads

scary clown
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“When the freaking clowns were standing in the middle of the street or the woods. Glad that freakshow is over,” someone expressed. “The real clowns are glad that's over, too,” another confided. “When it was happening, clown organizations sent out safety tips.”

“Stuff like bringing a non-clown with you, waiting till you get to a venue to put on your costume/wig/makeup, and letting the police know where you're going if you get in clown attire at home/before driving.”

“There was serious concern that public fear of the scary clowns would cause a legitimate performer (many of whom are elderly) to be arrested or attacked.

4. Facebook Game Requests

“Those social media games. Specifically, Facebook games from 10-15 years ago and the constant onslaught of invites,” someone volunteered. “I guess people would get extra points or lives for inviting as many friends as possible.

“So my notification box would be full of fifty invites saying, ‘Tim needs goons for his mafia. Join mafia wars now!', ‘Susie needs seeds for FarmVille'! ‘Tyler sent you five hundred silver tokens.' I do not miss those days.

5. Mustache Finger Tattoos

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“Mustache finger tattoos,” shared one. “As someone who worked as a tattooer, this fad sucked: doing it, having to do a touch-up after a couple of weeks for free, and laughing with the clients like they were hilarious for it.”

However, another argued, “If you want one, get one. Life is too short to care too much about what other people think. A tattooist friend was doing the mustache finger tattoos for Movember, with all the proceeds going to a men's charity, so I got one.”

“I regret nothing. It is still funny, mainly because I completely forget I've got it most of the time, so I scratch under my nose in a meeting, and the other person will start laughing, and I have no idea why until they tell me.”

“So I don't mind if other people think it's stupid, cause for the last however many years, it's brought spontaneous laughter into my life, regularly, and that feels like a good thing.”

6. Paper Thin Eyebrows

gwen stefani and courtney love
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“Paper thin and over-plucked eyebrows,” said one. Another said, “Pretty much shaving them off and then drawing them back on. Looks so silly. Think the nineties, Gwen Stefani.”

However, another exclaimed, “As someone who plucked their eyebrows like that years ago and then had them never grow back, I hope this fad DOES return!”

7. Low Fat or No Fat Everything

“Low fat or no fat everything,” someone shared. “My wife had this same experience. Her mother would only buy diet, light, sugar-free everything so she could lose weight for all the good she did. I was baffled by some things she didn't like until I made them.” Another referred to fat-free brownies as “Sandpaper squares.”

8. Lularoe

“Lularoe. It was big here, and I never understood the trend. Weird fabric with ugly patterns,” one stated. “The ugliest patterns!!! And an MLM get-rich scam,” another exclaimed. Finally, a third said, “Check out the documentary Lu La Rich. It's on Amazon Prime Video and goes over the rise, fall, and how they marketed it to become big.”

9. NFTs

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“It certainly hasn't completely died, but I'm glad NFTs are in a coma,' someone shared. “I don't understand how NFTs almost automatically translated into artwork when there's no reason the technology had to be limited to that content,” a second person said. Finally, a third person said, “All my homies hate cryptocurrency.”

10. Chain Mail

“Chain mail,” replied one. “Also, if you don't upvote this post, tell five friends about it. Then in 24 hours, a little ghost girl will strangle you in your sleep.” However, others said they still have an older relative that frequently hits them with their Hotmail with the chain letters.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of fads that people are happy finally died out. Also, check out why your YouTube views are dropping and what to do about it.

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