Despite the easy access to information through the internet, there are still many misconceptions about women’s monthly periods.

And here are 12 of the biggest misconceptions yet, and women are tired of explaining themselves!

1. Women Can’t Hold Their Periods

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Somebody mentioned, “That we can hold it in, followed closely by tampon size being proportional to [birth canal] size.”

Another person replied, “I keep seeing this on here. WHO thought we could hold the blood in? If anyone here did, could you please let me know where you got that impression? Because … [Seriously?] We can’t hold the blood in during that time any more than you can hold it in when you get a cut or a … nose[bleed]. I thought that was obvious.”

A third added, “Dear god, it would be nice if we could, though…”

2. Menstrual Blood Isn’t Harmful

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One person stated, “In my country, it’s believed that menstrual blood is harmful. What?”

Another one replied, “One of my former roommates had a boyfriend that my other roommate and I didn’t like. We found out he was disgusted by tampons. I’m talking unopened and unused. When we found out, we collected all the tampons in the house and lined them up across both entrances to our house.

“When the boyfriend showed up, I s- you not; he was too afraid to cross over the still-wrapped tampon barriers we set. He just stayed outside, screaming at all of us for being ridiculous, for a while before leaving. It was like using salt to keep the bad spirits away.”

3. It’s Not All Liquid

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“It’s all liquid. In reality, it’s like a … slime, with [some] clots in it,” shared one.

“I don’t really get clots, but I had a big clot during a miscarriage, and that was very unpleasant. I just have tons of liquid, and after experiencing that once, I’m pretty grateful,” replied another.

One Redditor added, “Had one of those … come out once when I was in the shower. I’m still traumatized by it, I thought I was having a miscarriage.”

4. It’s Not the Same for All Women

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Somebody stated, “That women all have it the same or similar. This is a misconception I get from both genders. Just because you have a period doesn’t mean you know how mine feels. I had a three-month-long continuous period a few years back due to an organ torsion in my ovary, and a lot of women were very unsympathetic.

“I was going through a pack of overnights a day and wearing two pairs of pants, yet my female coworkers made a big stink to my male boss about me not wanting to work overtime over a ‘little bleeding.’ Made me boil with rage like a pot of spaghetti noodles.

“If you’re one of those #blessed types that has a three-day trickle and some tummy bloat once a month good for you but don’t speak for those of us that have to live with the 7-9+ day painful apocalyptic crime scene simulator. We are not in the same boat.”

5. There’s No Difference Between Period Products

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“That you only need one tampon/pad a day. That the flimsy 10/$1.25 brand is going to work as well as a good brand,” said one.

“Those cheap a- pads fall apart in my pants, and I’ll leave sprinkles of shredded pad wherever I go. Like I’m a period pad fairy or some s- lol,” replied another.

6. Women Aren’t Exaggerating

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Somebody commented, “That some men think we can just turn it on and off and that we’re exaggerating! I absolutely detest tampons; a tiny bit of cotton wool stuffed up my muffin was not comfortable, nor it is stop the bucketful’s of blood running out of me like a tap, all over my muffin, … , trousers, and anything I sat on! Give me pads or adult diapers any day!”

7. Painful Periods Aren’t Supposed to Be Normal

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One person shared, “That painful periods are normal. For years I was suffering for 4-5 days before my period’s start, the first two days I couldn’t leave the bed, but my gyne simply prescribed some magnesium for the cramps. Turns out it was endo which is much more common than anyone would think. The other thing that always bothered me is that women who actually have normal periods simply cannot understand and are truly not sympathetic. I’ve faced so much skepticism from other women.”

Another one replied, “Me too! And no one believed me either, and women belittled my pain. We shouldn’t have had to deal with the pain for long.”

8. Cramps Can Be Really Bad

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“That you can rollerblade with a massive smile on your face while menstruating,” said one.

“Would love truth in advertising. And don’t sanitize it with blue liquid. Met a guy once who thought period blood was genuinely blue. Could laugh but couldn’t really fault him. His only exposure had been via ads,” replied another.

9. Periods Come With Other Symptoms

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Somebody stated, “Apart from just the actual bleeding and cramps, there’s a lot of symptoms that are just plain strange that people are generally unaware of. One weird one is that your sense of smell varies when you’re about to hit your period—I can tell when mine is on the way because the smell of coffee in the morning is suddenly WAY more apparent.”

Then the second person replied, “Right? That’s the weirdest symptom for me. A week before mine comes, I can practically track people by scent.”

10. Periods Can Be Incapacitating

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“People (almost always it’s men) think that we lie about having terrible pain. My lower belly hurt so bad that I screamed in pain, couldn’t walk, and wanted to throw up. Now I’m on birth control, and it helped me, I’m not in such pain. But that was horrible before the pills. So get help if you’re in so much pain; that’s not normal!

“Also, we can’t hold it in! And we don’t bleed or pee from the same hole. My acquaintance thought that we did. You can get pregnant even during your period. And the amount of blood is different for everyone. And it’s not just pure blood. It’s also parts of tissue from the womb which fall off during period, some slimey thing from [canal] and other stuff,” commented one.

11. Pads Go In Our Underwear

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“My husband, an intelligent man with a physics degree, thought for a long time that we stuck pads directly to our [bodies],” stated one.

“Ah, the mysteries and complexities of the female body!” Replied the second person.

12. Cramps Can Go Beyond the Abdomen

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One person said, “That cramps are only in the lower abdomen or lower back. [heck] no. I cramp EVERYWHERE. lower abdomen, … my back, … my urethra, my rear, my hips, my thighs. It’s bad.”

The second person responds, “I feel like my [genitalia] are going to fall off.”

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