When Fame Meets Frustration: Celebrities Annoyed by Overenthusiastic Fans

We often paint celebrities as larger-than-life personas. The reality is that stars are like the rest of us: they get just as frustrated or cranky when things don’t go their way. From being grilled by paparazzi to getting overwhelmed by enthusiastic admirers, many famous people have become notorious for exhibiting signs of annoyance toward dedicated supporters who fail to recognize boundaries. We’ve put together a list of 12 major celebrities who appear seriously ticked off in various fan encounters.

1. Doja Cat

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One Redditor said, “I feel like Doja Cat seems constantly annoyed by her stans or fans, or at the very least her followers on Twitter. Honestly as a fan of her music (I don’t follow her too closely on soc med anymore because she constantly seems on the verge of breaking and I feel bad for her) I would dislike my fans too if I were her… Do you know of any other celebrities who seem annoyed by their fans? Whether the irritation is deserved or not (because, let’s be honest, some stans are incredibly entitled), I want to read some stuffff.”

2. Ana de Armas

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One user posted, “Ana de Armas blocked Ana de Armas Updates on Twitter…”

Another user commented, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but the blue check Ana is just another fan account. The profile says, ‘not impersonating, not Ana; this is a fan account.'”

One user shared, “Yeah, tbf, a lot of the fan-run accounts on social media are borderline unhinged. The way they take ownership of a person they idolize and drag down anyone who even hints at negativity towards them is just crazy.” 

Another commenter said, “Totally. I have a tiny YouTube channel (6k subscribers) that I haven’t updated in 2 years, but I’m already weirded out by the parasocial relationships that occur at even that level. People being vehemently mean or terrifyingly obsessed and thinking they get me on a level no one else does (offer to fly me out to his country and take me to an event I’ve never expressed interest in). I can’t comprehend extrapolating that to the level of stardom, someone like Doja, Ana de Armas, etc. has. And if I were a more conventionally attractive person like they are, I’m sure the lascivious, obsessive fans would mess up my image of the world a bit. I eye-roll at woe-is-me privileged… celebrities as much as anyone but I think, while most right-minded people manage to be kind or at least civil to strangers, waiters, annoying colleagues, etc., that energy would quickly wear down given the chance to be a celebrity for a week.”

3. Phoebe Bridgers

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One user shared, “Phoebe Bridgers has publicly spoken about being frustrated with her fans, and I think she has some song lyrics about being annoyed or not really knowing how to interact with fans, which I get. Parasocial relationships are weird, and in that position, I wouldn’t be able to cope with being approached by crying people who think they know me or worship me, but they’re literal strangers to me.”

Another user validated the singer’s decision, “She’s so valid for that. I’m so glad she spoke up about it because her fans were being absolutely unhinged. There’s caring about a celebrity and there’s being a nut who needs to get a grip. If you’re posting hate and harassing your ‘fave’ for days on end (when [she was] on the way to her fathers funeral, mind you) because the man she was with isn’t the one you prefer, you need to get professional help. I think if that happened to me as a celebrity, I would completely stop interacting with my fans outside of releasing my art and that seems to be what Phoebe has done. She used to post a lot on twitter, and she’s clearly done engaging on that level anymore.”

4. Frank Ocean

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One Redditor shared, “Can’t believe no one’s mentioned Frank Ocean.”

“The obvious answer.” replied another user.

One user added, “He was in a bad record deal and dropped a lot of music in a short time frame to get out of it. Since then, he hasn’t really dropped anything at all… When he does drop new Frank Ocean merch, it takes months to ship or doesn’t ship out at all. He very rarely tours and when he does he’s notorious for canceling at the last minute. I think the last thing he did before Coachella was Primavera in 2017, and he dropped out the day of.

Cut to now, Frank Ocean is headlining Coachella. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, bought $600+ wristbands and flew across the country to see Frank. He shows up to his set over an hour late. He hardly sings, at all (but when he did my god did he sound amazing). Then, he does like a 30-minute DJ interlude in the middle of his set, where he’s just jumping around mouthing (not even lip-syncing) the words to his most popular songs. He then runs into curfew and ends the set by basically saying, ‘That’s it, bye.’

He was supposed to perform again on weekend 2. Allegedly ‘hurt his foot’ and had to pull out, messing over all the fans weekend 2. A lot of fans (myself included) speculate he had no intentions of ever performing the 2nd weekend. He apparently had some huge elaborate stage design that was going to be super cool, but pulled it at the very last minute and basically spiraled from there.”

One user shared, “Strangely he has a lot of fans who still seem to worship him regardless and make excuses for his extremely flaky behavior. I’ve attended Primavera Sound in Barcelona a number of times, and remember in 2017 when he was a headline act (he was the absolute top billing that day and on the first line of the weekend poster for context). He canceled on the day of his performance at incredibly short notice and cited ‘production issues’ (clearly not the case). He was a huge draw for many people (not me personally, but I might have watched his set)—arguably some traveled to the festival for his appearance alone, many from outside Spain.

“His fans rather rabidly attacked the festival organizers on social media in the immediate aftermath of the cancellation, and for several weeks after, with many vowing to boycott the festival and never attend again, even though it was entirely Ocean’s own doing. It was bizarre.

“That year was also one of the best and most eclectic editions PS in memory even without him….” 

5. Justin Bieber

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One user posted, “Justin Bieber—he doesn’t like it when fans take videos or pictures of him, but would rather have a real conversation with them without a fan or paparazzi shoving a camera in his face. His frustration and annoyance is understandable, especially when fans/paparazzi yell rude things about his wife Hailey or ask ridiculous questions about Selena Gomez.”

Another Redditor replied, “He was also heavily [‘admired’] by his adult fans when he was just a tween.” 

One user commented, “Yikes, this too. I was around eight or nine when he first got popular, and I remember hearing 20 to 30-year-olds thirsting over him. Back then, I thought it was normal to have adults talk about him this way because he was famous and seemed so ‘grown up’ to me because I was still a kid. Now that I’m a lot older, remembering this makes me cringe.”

Another user added,” Not only that but there was also PLENTY of 20-30 even 40+-year-old men publicly and constantly calling for violence and… threats against him. Like, dude, even if you genuinely disliked him, he was a child?…” 

6. Adam Driver

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One user also shared, “Adam Driver, but that is because so many of them do not know how boundaries work. One of them climbed onto the stage and tried to follow him backstage after a performance of Burn This. A bunch of them say horrible things about his wife and/or wish he was with Daisy Ridley.”

Another user replied, “I saw him on the subway, sunglasses on. He noticed that I noticed him for a brief second, and then I looked away and minded my business. It’s weird in NY. Celebrities can blend in a lot easier.”

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

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One Redditor commented, “Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t think he is annoyed/irritated by his fans but he does seem to be over the media part of it and has been for a long time. I think he gave an interview about the craziness of Titanic, and he realized that he didn’t want to be THAT famous, where everyone is following you around. He still wears a mask in public, and I know celebrities don’t care about COVID that much lol. He takes his acting and his acting career seriously, and I noticed he rarely gives interviews anymore. He seems to be aiming for an ‘old school’ actor legacy.”

Another user replied, “He didn’t seem okay with all the attention back in the 90s either.”

One commenter added, “He appears very closed off to the public and media and despite his millions seems down to earth, shy and funny in the interviews and snippets we have seen and is also very talented and seemingly professional at his job; of course, we don’t know him personally, but his co-stars seem to sing his praises. His dating life overshadows everything else atm. We don’t know anything about the relationship itself, there’s barely any photos. All we know is there’s a pattern of dating someone for 5 years from 20-25, which is weird… But there is an air of mystery around Leo, and he’s unproblematic otherwise so I can still enjoy him as an actor for now; his PR team are amazing tbh.”

8. Mitski

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One user commented, “Mitski. I wouldn’t say she hates her fans, but I think she’s annoyed with a particular group of them. She’s very disappointed about the ‘sad girl’ label they stamp on her music. On Twitter, she expressed frustrations about people recording her concerts the whole time instead of being engaged in the performance. In true Twitter fashion, she got a lot of backlash for that…smh…”

Another user added, “The recording epidemic is so real; it’s one thing to record your fave parts; it’s another to literally watch the entire show through your phone screen in the first row. I grew up going to punk shows where people didn’t rly record like that because they were too busy moshing and crowd surfing (and pre-TikTok, which might make a difference, I guess), and now I’m into indie/indie pop, and it’s crazyyy the difference.”

9. Joseph Quinn

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One Redditor posted, “Joseph Quinn. He definitely has to be irritated by them.”

Another commenter said, “I’ll never understand why people became just so unhinged around him, it must have been wild to go from largely unknown to so famous you need security.”

One user asked, “PLEASE. THIS. I asked it in another thread, and I never really got an answer. HOW did he get such an unhinged fanbase? He had a side role on one season of Stranger Things, but the dedication he’s inspired is like Supernatural cast level.” 

One Redditor answered, “I think part of it is when TikTok chooses their Boy Of The Month, they all hype each other up/one-up each other. Look at how much Bo Burnham or Pedro Pascal blew up once TikTok got into them. It builds off its own attention.”

Another user also added, “Stranger Things fandom is majority teens/kids/young adults whose brains aren’t fully developed yet and are extremely parasocial with the cast and always have been since the show began. Unfortunately, Joseph and the other new cast members are just their latest victims. With Joseph, he’s obviously really impressing executives and producers lately with all the recent castings for him, so at least he’ll be free of that overall fandom soon. I feel bad for the rest of the cast that are still in the show for another season and have to still deal with the fans because every year it just seems to get worse.” 

10. Robert Pattinson

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One user shared, “Robert Pattinson regards Twilight and its fandom with a delicious mixture of disdain and bewilderment.”

Another user added, “As do I.”

One user commented, “I was a huge twihard from 2009-2012, and I remember the fandom trying to make ANY excuse to prove to ourselves that he didn’t hate the movies lmao.” 

11. Ian Somerhalder

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One Redditor posted, “Ian Somerhalder went through a phase of yelling at fans, lol. And I’m pretty sure he never completed things like virtual chats/ video greetings/and autographs he owed fans who paid for a package during some convention.”

One user replied, “True. I remember reading on Twitter about fans who bought greetings, and he never did them, and they still have not gotten refunds, and he just kept on making up excuses. Also, back in the days I think he canceled an irl fan event last minute and said he had other plans that came up last minute, but it was a lie because he had known for weeks that he couldn’t go and decided to tell the fans last minute and people had already booked flights, hotels, etc so that must have sucked for them. He seems to be a bit messy.”

12 Paramore

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One Redditor commented, “Paramore. They don’t hate/dislike their fans, but they explore the parasocial relationship in After Laughter. The song ‘Idle Worship’ is about Hayley seeing a fan with a shirt on her face and the immediate disconnect she felt. To have a perfected version of her plastered-on shirts, I think, made her uncomfortable because she doesn’t feel like she can be the person everyone wants her to be. She’s just a normal person. The next song on the album is ‘No Friend’ which is the outro to Idle Worship and features mewithoutYou’s Aaron Weiss. Weiss chronicles the band’s very public hardships and also reads a long email Hayley sent him about Idle Worship. ‘You see a floodlit form / I see a shirt design / I’m no savior of yours, and you’re no friend of mine.’ Chills. Every. Single. Time.” 

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