An Alternate Hollywood: Celebrities We Could Imagine to Be Dangerous

Are you a fan of celebrities? Usually, we admire them for their talent and charisma—but what if they had darker secrets lurking beneath the surface? Sure, some celebs have negative qualities; however, these twelve famous people are intriguing enough that in an alternate universe, we could imagine them being notorious criminals. This post will explore the eccentricities that lead us to imagine such a horrible fate for our beloved idols. So if you’re ready to find out which well-known names could be murder suspects in an alternate universe—let’s delve into it!

1. Jared Leto

Jared Leto
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One user posted, “Jared Leto.”

Another user replied, “I can’t imagine him doing anything and not letting everyone know about it.”

“Hahahaha, touché,” one Redditor added. 

2. The Property Brothers

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Although we know they’re just brothers who flip real estate, there’s a lot of potential for creating more interesting plots that would spice up their show.

“The Property Brothers,” one Redditor posted.

Another user commented, “New floors,… but never pull them up…”

One Redditor replied, “Good idea to remake ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ with them in it!”

Another commenter responded, “This is so unrelated, but every time the Property Brothers are mentioned, I always think of a tweet response I saw on an advertisement for their mobile game. They are standing really close in the app thumbnail, and it’s just an awkward image. Someone tweeted, ‘Brothers by chance, lovers by choice,’ and for some reason, that has stuck in my mind...”

3. Ezra Miller

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One user shared, “Ezra Miller.”

Another user responded, “Except he sounds too disorganized to get away with more than one murder.”

One user also shared his story, “Years ago, I was in the audience for Jimmy Kimmel, and while in line, my friend and I were chatting with one of the workers. We asked who was the most memorable guest she’d dealt with, and her exact words were, ‘Ezra Miller is the weirdest goddamn person I’ve ever met.’ They’ve done nothing to change that view as far as I’m concerned.” 

4. Jim Bob Duggar

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One Redditor commented, “Not exactly a well-known celebrity, but Jim Bob Duggar. He allowed his son to molest 4 of his daughters… and tried his best to cover it up and brush it under the rug. Then he made (2 of) the victims do a TV interview when it was made public. He also pocketed all the money (meant for his kids) from the TV show. There are more skeletons in his closet.”

Another user replied, “And Michelle Duggar would smile and defend him to her dying day.”

“She scares the f- out of me. Just vapid expressions and dolls eyes,” one commenter replied.

5. Kenneth Copeland

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One user said, “The crazy fundie preacher, Kenneth Copeland. He can’t even hide his lunacy. It’s written all over his weird demonic face.”

Another user replied, “His demonic eyes scare the hell outta me.”

“A Real-life Disney villain,” another commented.

“It’s the flaming hellscape of idiocracy, misogyny, and bigotry that you would expect. It’s awful. I grew up in that world. My dad is an evangelical preacher who grew up with Kenneth Copeland and Jessie Duplantis. He’s also lifeline friends with Joel Osteen’s dad and now Joel. It’s just awful—true grift,” one user concluded. 

6. David Miscavige

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One user mentioned “David Miscavige.”

Another user replied, “Well, he definitely killed his wife.”

One Redditor said, “He strikes me more as a ‘keeps her in a panic room and has staffers make sure she eats every day’ kinda guy.”

7. Tom Cruise

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“I can’t imagine a world where Tom Cruise isn’t secretly a serial killer. It just makes too much sense,” one user posted.

Another commenter replied, “Christian Bale said he watched a lot of Tom Cruise interviews while preparing for American Psycho.”

8. Kris Jenner

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One Redditor posted, “Kris Jenner strikes me as a woman who would do whatever it takes to get what she wants.”

Another user replied, “Definite Serial Mom vibe.”

One user replied, “ITL, she’s the kind of gal who’d throw her kids to the wolves.”

9. Mark Zuckerberg

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One user shared, “Mark Zuckerberg if you want to call him a celebrity.”

Another Reddior replied, “The first law of robotics wouldn’t allow Mark Zuckerberg to be a serial killer.”

“True, he’s more of a serial number,” a third user agreed. 

10. Kevin Spacey

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“Kevin Spacey,” one user posted.

Another replied, “Well, he’s already a few steps in that direction.”

Another user commented, “A couple of his accusers did die suddenly. Then you have the s-xual impropriety and cryptic Christmas video.” 

11. OJ Simpson

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One Redditor shared, “OJ Simpson.”

Another user replied, “Apparently, they thought about casting OJ as the Terminator, but he didn’t ‘seem like a killing machine.'”

“100% true story. James Cameron confirmed it in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary series on Netflix,” one user agreed. 

12. Blippi

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“Blippi,” one user said.

Another Redditor responded, “You should see the video he did before he was Blippy, lmao.” 

If you have more to add, put your thoughts down in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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