Were you tired of mowing the lawn, doing dishes, and vacuuming your house every weekend? Honestly, we all dread those chores, but here’s the real question—what household tasks can you actually enjoy? Some of those surprisingly enjoyable jobs make keeping up with your home more accessible and fun. And some of us enjoy different chores more than others. So, keep reading to find out fifteen of people’s favorite chores around the house! 

1. Feeding the Cat

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One user commented, “Feeding the cat. Little dude gets psyched about the exact same food every day, and I love it.”

Another Redditor replied, “After we get more canned wet food, I always unpack all of it into stacks by flavor, and then when I put it in the pantry, I make sure it’s sorted the best I can so we don’t have the same ‘meal’ twice in a row. I don’t know if they appreciate it, but most of them are always super excited about food time. The other is weird and has to be locked in a room alone half the time, or she’ll wander off, and someone else will eat her food.”

One user also shared, “I raise you—feeding a cat and four dogs!! The wagging tails, the excited tip tapping, the cute meows, and little huffs. Oh, I love it so.”

Another responded, “One of my cats is meh about his food sometimes, but his brother is so freaking psyched if you give him literally anything, even if it’s the same thing every single day of his life, and then he purrs and rubs his face on me. It’s cute. He’s the best. So happy about his tiny life.” 

2. General Cleaning

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One user said, “If nobody is around, I love cleaning. It’s a great way to get away from everything and just think. Plus, a job done is so satisfying. But I’m also super socially anxious… I hate cleaning if people are around. I’m the type to wait till roommates are out or at work, then I clean hard.”

Another commenter replied, “Yeah, I’m exactly the same. If I have the house to myself, I can crank up some music and just work forever until someone comes home, then I have to stop. I’ve been that way my whole life, but I’ve always preferred alone time over company too.”

A third Redditor added, “Are we twins? My day of housework doesn’t start until my husband leaves for work.” 

The second user replied, “Wonder Twin cleaning powers, activate!”

3. Folding Clothes

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One user shared, “Folding clothes, great excuse to watch TV.”

One user responded, “There’s also something about getting a clean load of laundry back after you know it’s been washed and dried. My Mom was sort of weird about it growing up, somehow thinking that running a full wash on regular wash was a waste. Now I’ll sometimes do a load of just a towel, ha ha.”

Another user commented, “Can’t wait for Formula 1 to be back in Europe. Living on the East Coast of the US, I disappear upstairs for an hour or two on Sunday mornings and fold laundry and iron my work clothes during the race.” 

One user added, “Ugh, I wish I knew you irl. I love doing laundry, but I hate folding. We could make a day of it! Lol.”

Another Redditor shared, “I like folding lol (not other undergarments though).”

4. Cooking

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One Redditor posted, “Cooking.”

Another replied, “And to some extent, prepare a meal schedule, grocery list, and do the groceries.”

One user commented, “See, I will make a meal plan all day long, grocery shop, and cook for all, including the dog. My main issue is figuring out what to cook. I hate picking and always hounding my family for ideas. Left alone, I will eat popcorn and wine for dinner every day because I have no clue what to make.”

Another user replied, “This is not a plug and I have no relationship to the author nor publisher, but: my SO and I found a cookbook called Milk Street: Tuesday Nights and it’s been a game changer in helping us branch out and try new recipes.” 

5. Mowing the Lawn

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One user asked and posted, “Is grass outside your home? If not, then mowing the lawn.”

One responded, “Let’s count this as admissible.”

Another user commented, “This x1000 if you have a ride on a mower. The first time I used mine, I was laughing like an idiot the whole time because I was having so much fun.”

One replied, “This x1000 if you have a ride on a mower. The first time I used mine I was laughing like an idiot the whole time because I was having so much fun.”

Another user shared, “I only have 1/4 acre, so a riding mower would be a waste. Plus, it’d cut too much time off the job. I enjoy my 60ish minutes of zen pushing the mower around the yard, and it lets me get a closer look at it to find things I need to fix (dips, weeds, moss, etc.) because I’m not zooming past.”

6. Washing Dishes

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One user shared, “Dishes.”

One user commented, “Whenever I need to do something, I always start by doing the dishes. It gets my momentum going. I have also made it a habit to do all my dishes before I go to bed. Wake up to a clean kitchen!”

One replied, “Same thing for me, tho I prefer doing the dishes first thing in the morning while listening to music because it is just therapeutic for me.”

One user shared, “I hate doing the dishes! I like cooking, so my hope is that my future partner loves doing the dishes so we can both do what we like.”

Another user commented, “Same thing for me. I know how to cook, but I can’t say that I’m a good one, so I prefer my future partner to do the cooking; I’m in charge of dishes, lol.”

One replied, “She is elusive.”

One user added, “Yup. I do all the dishes here, and I think I’ve used our dishwasher once since moving into this apartment (we use it for storage now). I mostly just hate seeing dishes pile up in the sink and on the counter.” 

7. Laundry

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A user posted, “Laundry.”

Another user replied, “Power-washing the sidewalks!! Soooo… satisfying!” 

8. Ironing Clothes

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A user shared, “I love ironing clothes. When people refer to all these trendy apps to meditate and whatnot, I feel something like ironing is so much more my thing. For the following reasons: Introduces a sense of order with all the well-folded clothes. It’s not a mindless activity by any means—you have to keep an eye on things (watching your hands around the hot metal, looking out for burning smells, etc.). This, for me, uses up the chaotic energy that would otherwise fuel my anxiety.

“But, if you’ve been ironing for long enough, it is still a relatively monotonous activity―the same pattern of folding and whatnot.

“All in all, it takes my mind off of things just enough that I can focus on a few things but still run down the things in my mind that have been bothering me.”

One added, “Wow, ironing is my bane! I somehow managed to make everything more wrinkled than before I started.”

One commented, “Yes. Ironing. Only thing imma do without any complaints.” 

9. Cleaning the Bathroom

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One Redditor shared, “All the time: Cleaning the bathroom. It SO smells better after you’re done, and you can see a noticeable difference when you’re done.

“Once in a while: Painting a room. Again, you can see a noticeable difference when you’re done. A real sense of accomplishment.” 

10. Shampooing the Carpet

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A user commented, “Shampooing the carpet. I have this compact Hoover carpet cleaner (about the size of a vacuum) that saves my back when cleaning pet stains and works great. It makes the whole apartment smell fresh and clean. A lot of satisfaction for relatively easy work.” 

11. Creating Systems

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One user shared, “Everyone will tell you differently. But I actually enjoy organizing things and creating systems for certain tasks. With school, work, organizations, and other activities, I don’t get to work with that luxury as much as I would like.” 

12. Taking Out the Trash

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A user added, “Taking out the trash has got to be one of the most satisfying things to do. No need to worry where to put each item in its proper place; it’s all trash, so throw it out. Then, seeing a clean trash can to refill? Heaven.” 

13. Mopping

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One of the Redditors added, “Mopping… if y’all have watched that animated movie Anastasia (one of my favs), the part where she’s imagining everyone dancing in the empty castle, in the beginning, that’s what I think about when I mop. I know it’s stupid, but my life has been kinda sad, and that moment I mop makes everything disappear for a second, and I feel like a princess dancing with someone. I also sang the song ‘Once Upon a December, ‘ which is what she sings in that part.” 

14. Gardening

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One Redditor posted, “Gardening and landscaping. I did a version of it (habitat restoration instead of decorative) professionally for a while. I enjoyed it, but I also started to get sick of having to deal with the large scale, complying with other people’s designs, and getting things approved by landowners. Doing my own designs on a small scale where it’s my land has all of the aspects I enjoy without the stress. It’s very relaxing.” 

15. Feeding the Horses

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One online user stated, “I live in the Midwest, and we have cows and horses. I enjoy feeding the horses; it’s a chore I have in the mornings, but I just sit there, and when he’s done eating, I put a saddle on him and ride him all around the field and look for some cow that might have got out of the fence.” 

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