10 Things People Would Do Immediately if They Won $250 Million

You’ve just won $250 million, and it’s been deposited in your bank account. So what are you going to do today? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted responses.

1. Check My Balance About 100 Times

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“Check my balance about 100 times,” confessed one. A second admitted, “I’m not going to lie; I’d be checking my account every three minutes.” “With that kind of money, you could hire someone to check your balance as often as you need to feel comfortable,” a third user joked.

2. Disappear

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“Disappear. I’d travel the world for a bit and consider the options,” shared one. “It’s the only logical choice. Travel around a bit and let the dust settle. But still, don’t ever go home,” replied another. “That place is hostile territory as soon as you say ‘No’ to any request for money, of which there will be many.”

3. Retain the Services of a Top Lawyer, Accountant, and Financial Advisor

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“Retain the services of a top lawyer, accountant, and financial advisor,” said one. “Then hire another top lawyer, accountant, and financial adviser to keep tabs on the first three firms,” a second added. “Hire two accountants you trust but hate each other,” a third tacked on.

4. Tell No One

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“Tell no one. Once you have that much money and people know about it, you will be asked constantly for money or favors. You will start to get dirty looks when you go out to dinner because, after all, why wouldn’t the man with millions of dollars pay for the whole thing?”

Your family will tear itself apart. You will be blamed for other people’s lack of money. There’s always a slight undertone of ‘Well – if you could help me out,” and some of your family and friends may be bold enough to say it outright.”

“Anyone you give money to now sees you as a money printer. People who previously looked at you as a human with your own issues now see you as a bank with money they theoretically have access to,” said one.

“There is a reason that winning the big jackpot in the lottery has a such high mortality, drug addiction, and feuds. People with wealth aren’t friends with only other people who have wealth just because it’s fun. It’s their lifestyle. They’re the only people who won’t ask them for money.”

“They’re the only people they can interact with that do not look like puppies begging for scraps. And you’d be surprised just how selfish you will become, given access to the ability to be ahead of everyone else around you. We’re human, after all,” they concluded. 

5. Sleep

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“Sleep. I would sleep so long and so peacefully. Then I’d tackle business,” one replied. “This was my first thought; having no care in the world, generational wealth, and nothing forced me to wake up. I would sleep well,” agreed another.

6. Text Family and Ask Them for Money

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One user suggested, “Do a mass family group text asking them to borrow money. It will buy me valuable time before anyone catches the wind and comes running for cash.” “It would also be a good test of who deserves a gift from Daddy Warbucks,” added another.

However, a third argued, “Not a group text, text them all individually. You’ll get more of an honest answer to how people would act. If somebody walks into a room full of people and asks someone to give them money, I’m not taking them very seriously. If they walk up to me and tell me privately, they need something. I’m much more inclined to help.”

7. Make Timely Acts of Kindness to My Friends and Family

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“Tell no one and act normal, but eat a lot better. Pay off my debts quietly and make timely acts of kindness to my friends and family,” shared one. “I like this one a lot. I’d probably add simple acts of kindness to strangers and charity, too,” claimed another.

“Having this much money and people knowing, I feel I’d never be able to trust the sincerity of connections I make. But this is a way to have it and still offer timely help and kindness to others around you! Yes.”

8. Pay off Debts

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One person expressed, “I’d Moonwalk out of my job and spend the entire day making sure every cent of any possible debt I have is paid off. Also, letting my dad know all his debt is gone, too, and we’re taking an extended vacation next summer, so start planning.”

A second person agreed, “Same here, pay off my debts first. Then any home repairs I have been putting off, and then discreetly pay off mortgages for specific family members and friends.”

Someone said, “Pay student loans off. Before another joked, “With the $5 leftover, you can probably get some Taco Bell or something.” Finally, the OP responded, “I can get TWO things off the dollar menu at McDonald’s and save the extra dollar for retirement.”

9. Mutual Funds Held in a Trust With a 1% Payout

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“After getting a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor, I’d probably end up putting it all into mutual funds held in a trust that pays me out 1% per year so the principal can grow over time while still giving me more than enough to live on very comfortably,” confessed another.

10. Hire a Team of Professionals to Get Healthy

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“Hire a doctor, physical therapist, physical trainer, physiotherapist, nutritionist, masseuse – have them on a weekly home visit schedule for six months until I’m in much better shape and health,” one replied.

“Get a personal chef too. You can pay them $100k a year to do all your shopping (on your dime) and cooking, and I bet you could get a legit chef for that much,” a final user said.

Source: Reddit.

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