There are some things in the past that we wish to normalize again simply because they made life peaceful and worth living. The simplicity of unplugged evenings, heartfelt conversations without the constant buzzing of smartphones, and communities where neighbors knew and looked out for each other all carry a nostalgic charm that seems to be fading in our modern, fast-paced world.

Here are 17 things that are considered weird by the young generation that we need to normalize again!

1. Not Recording Everything

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One person stated, “Not having everything you do in public recorded. Two random people arguing? Gotta record it. Bad car wreck? Don’t help. Record. Natural disaster? Don’t run, stay and document it until someone has to rescue you, then get the rescue for maximum likes.”

Another person replied with a similar experience: “I was in an accident! I thought the guy was coming to help me get out of my car or call the ambulance, but no, the idiot was recording!!! I watched a security guard foam at the mouth after being shot at Walmart. Everyone stood there, watching like it was a spectator sport; half of them started recording with their phones! I was shouting, CALL 911! Later in the news, I saw he had [passed away].”

Then the third added, “Doing 1st aid at a market as a recognized volunteer asked to attend by the market management. I absolutely lose it with people who are trying to record myself and my patient. Back off AH. My patient is entitled to privacy at all times. Them having a fit, broken leg, chest pain is not fodder for the great unwashed masses entertainment. So f- rude.”

2. Not Being Accessible All the Time

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“Not being accessible all the time. Just because I have a cellphone doesn’t mean I want to answer it at the supermarket, or while cooking dinner. Or while driving. That’s cool that my boss checks emails in his Tesla while driving 20 mins to work, but I would rather not. I need a break,” said one.

“Here’s my advice to everyone: just don’t be accessible. Obviously, if you have a boss that you answer to, that’s a little trickier, but you have a lot of control over your personal communications. I hate to quote Dr. Phil, but he was right when he said that you teach people how to treat you. So teach them. Don’t respond to texts right away. Don’t answer the phone immediately when people call. If they get annoyed, just be straight with them: You don’t want to be attached to your phone 24 hours a day, and you’re not going to be checking messages that frequently.

“It may be an adjustment for some people, but they’ll get used to it,” replied another.

“I had a coworker call me the other day when I was eating dinner. I silenced it and went back to eating. She called two more times! And then started texting! Like b-, I’m not picking up the phone. I would’ve called you back once I was done with dinner, but now hell will freeze over before I call back. Or respond to the texts,” added the third.

3. Cancelling Plans Verbally

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“Having the decency and manners to verbally cancel plans or say you’ll be late in a timely fashion that’s respectful of the other person’s time and effort, instead of framing ghosting people as some kind of cute personality quirk,” somebody stated.

The second person replied, “It’s incredibly rude to not cancel with a reasonable timeframe. I get that sometimes things happen, but let me know. There have been more than a few times where I’ve laid out some high-quality snacks for guests, got enough steaks or burgers ready to go, and multiple people who said they’d be there never show up. The same goes with dinner invites where people flake at the last minute, despite reservations being made. The host is going through effort to invite the guest. As a guest, you need to respect that hospitality.”

4. Having Privacy on the Internet

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Somebody commented, “Internet privacy.”

Another person replied, “Or just privacy in general. I’m only 32, but I’ve still got all the rage inside of me from watching The Patriot Act pass. Kids these days seem to have an extraordinary high level of trust in handing off their data to the government or tech bros who would be considered oligarchs in another country. The idea that kids want to share their whole selves with these enterprises is just baffling to me.”

Then the third added, “In high school (90s) when they started teaching about the internet, the number one rule they hammered into your head was never ever put your real name on the internet, and they made us create email addresses, but they couldn’t have any personal info in them.”

5. Leaving Your Phone Out of the Sauna

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One user shared, “Not bringing your phone into the sauna/steam room.”

Another one replied, “Lol ppl do this?”

Then the third added, “There’s a growing problem with people taking selfies and/or live streaming themselves in locker rooms, like they stare at themselves in the mirror and use their phones to capture it and don’t really care that somebody might get caught in the background. It’s insane.”

6. Using Headphones for Your Music

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“Can we re-normalize using headphones while listening to music or watching videos in public? Please? I should be able to study on campus without having to listen to someone else’s s-. I can’t even go to the campus library without someone blasting their s-,” somebody said.

“Omg, hearing someone on the bus or subway blasting their music or show makes me want to slap it out of their hands. It’s just so rude,” another person replied.

7. Being Quiet at the Movies

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One user commented, “Being quiet at the movies.”

Another one replied, “There’s a theater near us called ‘The Alamo’. There’s several of them throughout the US, but any annoyances and you get a warning followed by kicked out. They’re very strict, and I only ran into an issue once. Staff responded very appropriately.”

Finally, the third added, “F- loud people at the movies and the people who turn on their phone screens.”

8. Letting Kids Be Responsible

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Somebody shared, “It’s sad to me that we’ve reached a point in society where you’re going to be seen as an irresponsible parent if you let your kid and their friends ride off on their bikes and promise to be home before 5, or whatever.

Going to the mall and just having bicycle-tethered freedom was such an awesome experience when I was 14, or 15. Like all kids, the stuff we did that should have gotten us in trouble happened right under parents noses, so I can’t see an argument for blaming our mobility for anything ‘problematic’ that we did.”

Another user replied, “This is still the case in Norway, where I live. Kids are just out and about all day and then come home when they come home. It was half this way in Hong Kong when I lived there. Older kids were out and about entirely on their own. But younger kids often had a parent or nanny in tow. My kids often went without their nanny, and we were definitely seen as being irresponsible.”

9. Not Always Hustling

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“The hustle culture needs to go. We need to normalize working while keeping in touch with family and friends, not working yourself to death. Also, how about lowering the house price, eh? It’s a dwelling, not a money-making machine,” somebody stated.

“These are things the boomers and Gen Xers who run most companies and own most property need to learn, not young people, lol,” replied the second person.

10. Not Using Speaker Phone

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One Reddit user stated, “Holding your phone to your ear when talking.”

The second person replied, “Yes, I’m so f- sick of people walking around on speakers in public. Mfer, we don’t need to hear your loud a- conversation.”

Then the third added, “I hate that too. I asked my friend why he does that, and he told me he was afraid of radiation. I said even if that’s possible, you’re [f-] anyway. What difference does it make two inches from your mouth or two from your ear?”

11. Sitting in Silence

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“I get such weird looks when I’m sitting on a bench in the mall waiting for my wife to do whatever it is she does, if I’m not looking at my phone. If I’m just blankly staring into space, people think I’m doing weird s-, but if I’m pretending to look at my phone while taking pictures of everyone, no one bats an eye,” said one.

“I freaked out some people in the waiting room of the doctor’s surgery last week for not playing on my phone and just reading the wall posters and looking out the window,” the second person replied.

12. Deleting Social Media

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One person stated, “Not having social media. Apparently now not being on whatever sites is a red flag.”

The second person replied, “This isn’t even a social thing anymore. I met with a recruiting specialist of my bursary; she told me I needed to ‘step up’ my personal Instagram if I wanted to get a job in a creative field. I told her that I had an art account for that reason, and she told me no one would take it seriously without a good personal one to back it up. I’m not sure how correct she was, but her assumption alone makes me afraid for the future.”

13. Working Out Without Recording Yourself

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“Just work out in a gym without the need to record yourself,” said somebody.

“Just not recording yourself, period. Gym or anywhere,” another person replied.

“Going for a walk with your child without burying your face in your phone. Also, being at the playground with your kids and your face is in your phone. Don’t you remember how special you felt when your parents were actually watching all the amazing things you could do?” a third added.

14. Disagreeing Respectfully

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One person commented, “The art of conversation. Just because I disagree with you on something doesn’t mean I don’t respect you.”

Another person replied, “Healthy disagreement is definitely something we need to foster in people. However, I hear this complaint a lot from people who are actively disrespecting the other participant with their beliefs. You can’t expect to politely say something terrible to another person and expect them to be polite back.”

15. Men Being Affectionate to Kids

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Somebody shared, “Men being in any way close or affectionate to kids who aren’t their own. We’re not all pedophiles you know. I’m in my thirties. Spent a decade as a male kindergarten teacher, I have kids and I know how kids act. So don’t get freaked out. I do not want to f- them.

“I even get weird looks from young people at social events when my god-daughter wants a hug or a kiss on the cheek or for me to play with her toys. I’ve known her dad since I was three years old and her since she was born—we’re basically family. Grow up you little weirdos.

“Last year, one of such morons actually alerted the mother after noticing how ‘problematic’ it was. Her reaction was brilliant. And my mate’s? Ooooh boy, we’ll be telling that bit to our grandkids. Priceless.”

16. Believing the Best

Man pointing something
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Somebody said, “Not calling everyone you disagree with a ‘narcissist.’”

The second person replied, “And not every argument is ‘gaslighting.’”

Then the third added, “Relationships can end because they weren’t good. Not because the person was a narcissist.”

17. Accepting That You Can Be Wrong

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“Getting called out for being wrong doesn’t make it racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever. It’s because you’re wrong and people are way to used to their online echo chambers, where no matter how wrong or factually incorrect their statement is, they get praised,” somebody said.

Which one of these would you like to normalize again? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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