Bad Gas and Other Ailments: 17 Crazy Reasons People Went to the ER

People sometimes get into accidents from bad luck and send themselves to the hospital. However, it’s not at all serious—sometimes, it’s for the stupidest reason!

Here are 17 reasons these people send themselves to the hospital for!

1. I Thought I Sprained My Ankle

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One person said, “Turned around on the stairs to call my cat fat and badly sprained my ankle. I thought I had broken it because there was an audible crunch and I felt something pushing up inside my foot (x-rays didn’t show a break). The doctor told me, ‘serves you right’ when I told him what happened.”

Somebody else replied, “My ex broke her foot trying to avoid stepping on a cat and the doc told us that pets constitute a huge percentage of the cause of household injuries.”

2. Fell Onto a Cactus

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“Fell into the only prickly pear cactus in a 100 mile radius,” said one.

“Oh my, I remember I landed once in some cacti bush when learning to bike cause grandpa didn’t tell how to brake,” the second person replied.

3. I Had a Trapped Fart

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“Trapped gas. After an ultrasound, the nurse came in and explained it to me, shortly after I stand up to get dressed and leave, nurse is helping me as I’m still in pain, and I let out the longest, most explosive-sounding fart I’ve ever farted. Such instant relief and such innocent giggles from me and the nurse,” somebody shared.

“My father did something similar. I was home from college and taking care of my dad a couple days after a heart surgery. He wakes me up at 3 am freaking out telling me he’s having chest pain really bad. I threw on pants and we hit the highway to the ER. I hit a construction plate in the road a little hard and this bounced my dad very violently. Then I hear it. It sounds like a chainsaw failing to start up and smells like death. ‘I’m fine now… Sorry.’ Followed by crying laughter and a u-turn back home,” replied another person.

Finally, the third added, “I was taken to the ER by ambulance earlier this year. I had such severe stomach pain that I couldn’t move to even get to the car—I thought I was going to die. It felt like I was giving birth because I kept having waves of contractions that were getting closer together. I was given morphine and other drugs which helped a little bit. They did some scans and saw that I had [crap] backed up. But they didn’t think that was causing the pain. Their diagnosis was that it was all in my head.

“They eventually got the pain under control and released me. When I got home, I went to the bathroom to pee. As soon as I sat down, I had the most explosive and massive surprise [poop] of my life.”

4. Flipped off a Table to Impress Some Girls

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One user stated, “Did a flip off of a table to impress some girls.”

Another one replied, “Same but on an inflatable slide. Landed badly and dislocated my shoulder, my collar bone, and fractured my shoulder blade. I’ve lost almost 40% of my mobility in that arm and will be in chronic, crippling pain for the rest of my life.”

5. Ate Food That Was Left Out

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“When I was in college, I had my mom’s home cooked meal that I accidentally left out over night. I tried to eat it anyway. 24 hours of it coming out of both ends and one ER visit later, I realized it. I learned a valuable lesson,” said one.

Then somebody else replied, “My BF was going to make some food in the microwave but saw there was food in there already, cold but still, he realized his brother had forgotten his and so took it and ate. It tasted funny, but he ate it all. His brother microwaved that s- days before. Didn’t need an ER visit though.”

6. Found Out I Am Allergic to Porcupines

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Somebody shared their once worst week, “Got stuck in the ankle by a porcupine quill. Found out I’m allergic to porcupines!!! Eyes swelled shut, kind of scary. Then, on crutches, couldn’t wear contacts for a week, so I couldn’t really see, I tripped and fell down the stairs after class at college, hurt my arm/wrist. Sprained, and had to wear a brace. The worst week. And I have since had to list porcupines under my list of allergies.”

7. Sliced My Fingers Using a Mandolin

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One person said, “I didn’t feel like finding the finger guard for my mandoline. Sliced the tip of my finger off. Got like 4-5 stitches. Never again will I use a mandoline.”

The second person replied, “Same here, slicing cucumbers for a big party at our house. Couldn’t find the tip in my panic of trying to stop the bleeding. Decided to just leave for the hospital. Now I got a lopsided finger tip. My sister came to the house while I was at the hospital and found it sitting on top of a slice of cucumber. When I got back, she showed me and said it was the most f- up piece of sushi she’s ever seen.”

“Everyone in this thread needs to go on Amazon and buy a pair of Kevlar gloves,” somebody else suggested.

8. Eating Undercooked Chicken

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Somebody shared their life-threatening experience, “Giving myself food poisoning by undercooking chicken.

“Woke up in the middle of the night around 2am. Start going to the bathroom, relieving myself from the bottom and emptying from the top. Kept puking till I’ll couldn’t even keep water down. Thought I was going to go into shock and die. (Lived alone during this time in my own place.)

“7:00 AM. Called my Mom, no answer. Called my Uncle no answer. Called my Dad no answer. Called Grandma. She answers half asleep. ‘Hello? OP?’

“‘Pls help I think I’m going to die D:’ Picks me up, get to ER.’

“‘I can’t move pls, I need a wheelchair.’

“They wheel me in. Sit in the lobby 30 min. for health insurance purposes. They get me into a room. ‘Bag I need bag.’ I empty more of myself out violently. My dad gets there around that time. The rest of the day was me getting hooked up to an IV, CAT scanned to see what the problem was, released, and then taken home to sleep and hydrate for the next 2 days. Learned that it’s better to burn your food than undercook it. Man, it is fun learning how to cook in your 20s.”

“This fear is genuinely why I don’t eat chicken; I cook myself to this day,” replied another.

“Meat thermometers for the win! It’s great to have that assurance,” suggested the third.

9. I Ate Pistachios

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“My friend got over his seafood allergy and had a bowl of shrimp. I thought I’d do the same and eat some pistachios,” shared somebody.

10. Tripped and Fell Into Broken Glass

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One user stated, “Washed one foot in a ceramic sink. Tripped and ripped the sink off the wall. Fell into the ceramic debris and cut my back badly. Saw my spine. This took eight weeks to heal.”

11. Got Hit by a Truck

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Somebody commented, “I got hit by a truck in the 7th grade because I didn’t have my glasses. I didn’t have my glasses because I’d lost them in a car accident the day prior. The hospital I was taken to recognized me from the car accident and called my mother.”

12. Slipped on Wet Grass and Broke My Arm

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“I threw a tennis ball in the air, attempted to catch it, and I ended up slipping on wet grass and breaking my arm,” shared someone.

13. Sliced Myself Open in a Pig Barn

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One user commented, “Goofing around in the pig barn at my cousins. Was told to stay out of the pig barn. Sliced open the back of my thigh on a sharp edge of sheet metal. 5 years old screaming my head off in the ER as they stitched up the 4 inch cut. Thankfully just skin and fat, no muscle or tendons involved.

“Was the beginning of summer, couldn’t swim for weeks, seemed like forever in my 5 year old mind. Totally [a bummer] because I lived in the water as a child. And I live in the land of 10,000 lakes so we were often at one.”

14. The Cat Bit Me

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“Saw a cat in a meadow and went to pet it (it was a cat!! In a meadow!!). Cat said ‘no’ and bit me. This all happened today! Pray no rabies,” shared one.

“Oh my god be careful. Did they give you antibiotics? Rabies isn’t even the first thing I think of with cat bites. I’ve seen two go VERY badly,” the second person replied.

“This. People are freaking out about rabies, but if this person is in the USA—and chances are they are; this is Reddit—there hasn’t been a case of cat-to-human rabies transmission in 40 years. They should still get the rabies vaccine, but I’d worry more about cat scratch fever,” added another.

15. Drank Hard Cider and Did a Hot Wings Challenge

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One person stated, “I drank a tall can of hard cider and then did a hot wings challenge. I got home, went to sleep and was woken up at 3am in literal tears with the feeling of a ruptured stomach. Went to the ER, got asked if it was a hazing, and was given lidocaine to drink and a shot for nausea. The pain barely subsided, but they walked me out anyway. On the way out, I asked the nurse, ‘so… that shot was supposed to make me less nauseous?’ She said yes, and then I threw up all over the bushes just outside the door. Felt a [heck] of a lot better and walked home.”

16.  Mistook Antifungal Drops as My Eye Drops

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“I mistook antifungal nail drops as eye drops and thought for sure I had blinded myself in the left eye. I have serious dry eye syndrome, and can’t open my eyes very well without teardrops in the morning. One morning, I reached for the tears and mistakenly grabbed a bottle with drops of toenail fungus. The stinging was instant, so I knew I messed up,” shared somebody.

17. Can’t Retrieve My Other Contact Lens

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Somebody said, “I got contact lenses for the first time. At the end of eight hours, I managed to dig one out but couldn’t retrieve the other one. Wasn’t used to sticking my finger in and around my eyeball and finally gave up. In the ER they managed to find it wedged up underneath my eyelid and in the corner. Embarrassing and expensive.”


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