Some breakups happen for the pettiest reasons. While some might be partially reasonable but a little out-there, others are just straight up crazy and impossible—well, lots can happen when you’re in a relationship.

Here are some of the 17 pettiest reasons people in relationships break up!

1. Cheating in a Dream

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One person said, “Your SO had a nightmare you cheated on them, and because of the dream, they break up with you.”

Somebody else replied with a similar story about their friendship, “Not related to a boyfriend, but my best friend at the time had a dream I killed her. She called me to tell me she’s not comfortable seeing me until she’s ready.

“I was going through a hard day, and after she called me and our conversation ended, I broke down crying. Like, what the f- life? That was so random and stung so much, I felt like a criminal. We got back to our friendship in a couple of days, but it ended officially 5 years later.”

Then the third added, “Oh, I remember my parents having a huge fight because of this. My mom was REALLY upset at my dad for like 2 days before he finally just blew up about it. This was ages ago. They have been married more or less happily for 42 years, and this kind of stuff still happens. Perpetually 19 is what I sometimes say.”

2. Sports Rivalries

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“Sports rivalries. That’s definitely happened, which is hilarious,” said one.

“I put sports rivalries on the hot crazy scale. You gotta be crazy to be a fan of the Jets,” replied another.

“It happened to me. She was a Raiders fan, I was a Broncos fan. She dumped me in preseason,” added the third.

3. She Didn’t Want Dessert but Ate Half of My Pie

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One user stated, “She said she didn’t want dessert but then ate half my slice of pie.”

Another one replied, “Oh, I hate when a partner does that. Grew up with three siblings. Mine is mine. Order your own.”

Then the third added in agreement, “This is a legit reason to break up. I do this all the time. I would prefer to cut ties right away if it is not acceptable!”

4. She Eats Her Peas One at a Time

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Somebody shared, “She eats her peas one at a time.”

Somebody else added, “Read this to my husband. He said, ‘That is NOT a stupid reason. That would be f- annoying as s-.’ Lmao.”

5. Her Ex Didn’t Like Me

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“I had a girl leave me after a week because her ex boyfriend didn’t like me. I gladly went home after hearing that,” shared somebody.

“I had a date cancel because of this. He showed my picture to his ex girlfriend and she said I was too blonde(?) for him. Whatever that means. Maybe she thought I would be dumb? We both dodged bullets,” replied another with a similar experience.

6. Not Replying Fast Enough

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Somebody said, “Not replying to a text message quickly enough.”

The second person replied, “The iPhone f- people’s minds up when they let them see that ‘read’ under your message though. ‘He read it like 3 minutes ago, what is he doing that he can’t message me back OMG is he with someone else?’”

“Yeah, read receipts stole something from us as a society,” agreed the third.

7. I Didn’t Give Him My Cheese Puffs

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“In fourth grade my bf Justin was demanding I share my cheese puffs. I jokingly said no. He got serious and said do it or I’ll break up with you. I made sure I only ate half and threw the other half away out of pure spite,” shared one user.

“Power move!” replied the second person.

“I hope to god any future kids I have have that f- attitude when dating. That’s a boss f- move right there,” added another.

8. I Wore Too Many Hats

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“My ex wife in her divorce paperwork cited one of the reasons as ‘…he also wore too many hats.’ Like literally, I like to wear hats and she hated that,” stated somebody.

“But are you wearing one hat at a time or are you wearing a lot of hats at once?” asked somebody.

“I mean, to be fair, I own about 400 hats (mostly baseball caps) but wearing more than one at a time? I’m not that crazy,” replied the original commenter.

9. Didn’t Match a Racial Stereotype

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One person shared, “Guy once broke up with me because I am not enough of a racial stereotype.”

The second person replied, “This s- [is] real!”

Then the original commenter replied, “Apparently, I did not fit his perception of a white European.”

10. He Was Obsessed With Julia Roberts

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“One time I broke up with someone because they were obsessed with Julia Roberts and I just thought she was meh, every time we hung out, it was Julia Roberts this, Julia Roberts that. Sheeeeeeeesh,” shared one.

“Same with my ex but with Pamela Anderson. And he says that he’s a big Pamela Anderson fan but he couldn’t name another movie she was in besides Baywatch which makes me wonder if he’s only into her because of her big jiggly [chest],” replied the second person.

11. He Took the Wrong Turn and Argued About It

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Somebody stated, “I seriously considered calling off my wedding because he took the wrong exit off the highway. When I got irritated and pointed it out (we were in a rush), he got angry with me and claimed that a city street with stop signs every block was faster than the literal f- highway going the same route.

“But it was just a symptom of the greater problem—he absolutely had to be the smartest person in the room, even if he had to lie or gaslight in order to make it happen.

“So yes, even though it would be ridiculous to call off a wedding the day before over a navigation mishap, I would have been better off (ignoring my gut cost me thousands in divorce fees, stolen cash, and therapy bills).”

“Preach girl,” said another.

12. Her Pinky Toenail Is Too Weird

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“When I was dating in the nineties an acquaintance of mine broke up with a girl because ‘her pinky toenail is weird,’” shared somebody.

“My husband is weirded out with my toe nails, especially my pinky toenail. I have basically no toenails and my fingernails are very small. I get it though, it is weird to look at a person’s feet and just see dots of nails haha,” added another.

13. I’m Not Korean

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One person said, “My first boyfriend, I had a crush on since 8th grade. He asked me out at the end of my junior year. We dated a year before he told me he couldn’t date me because I’m not Korean.”

The second person replied, “That ended a relationship of mine but the other way. His family was [very biased] against anyone not Korean. They never accepted me, so I backed out.”

Finally, the third added another relatively similar story, “When I lived in Vegas, My gf had an Ethiopian gf. She would only date other Ethiopian men. She was stunning, worked as a high roller dealer in Vegas and African American NBA players would ask her out and she just completely shoot them down.”

14. Because of My Horoscope Sign

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“A girl I had a genuine connection with one time ghosted me because of my horoscope sign. And let me tell you, that s- hurt!!! It didn’t help that this was the first girl I ever had a genuine connection with. I was in a dark place in my life and she would check on me to make sure I was ok.

“Then one day, she reveals that she’s always had feelings for me. She completely erased every negative emotion in my body until the day she ghosted me. Then I was in a deeper hole than where I was before.

“This was years ago and while I’m completely over it, I have never met another woman who I’ve felt as strong as connection as I did with her. But I’m glad I went through what I did because it helped me develop a sense of self worth and confidence,” shared somebody.

15. She Didn’t Like Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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“She didn’t find Monty Python and the Holy Grail humorous at all,” one user stated

“Valid. Hope your heart only got a scratch when she coconutted away. Although, you could say you broke up because her mother was a hamster, and her father smelt of elderberries,” replied another.

16. Because I Don’t Like Marvel Movies

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Somebody said, “I had a girl breakup with me because I didn’t like Marvel movies. I watched a few with her just because I liked spending time with her. I think she noticed that I was kind of not keeping up well when she was nerding out over some stuff and then asked me straight up if I’m even into all of it. I told her it really isn’t something I’m into, but I love that she is and I just like spending time with her.

“That was not enough for her. She felt sort of betrayed like I was pretending to like something just to placate her. Maybe she was right, but I didn’t really have any bad intentions other than I liked seeing her happy.

“She insisted we watch a movie that I like. So I put on one of my favorite indy comedies (The Puffy Chair) and she hated it. It’s a very typical type of movie that I like. We didn’t even get through it. She kept complaining about how boring it was. The next night, she broke up with me over text. Maybe I should have started with Lost in Translation?”

17. My Hair Is Longer Than Theirs

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“I had a few women break up with me or ghost me because my hair was longer and more well maintained than theirs. Said it was really feminine but wasn’t complaining when they were pulling it while I went down on them haha,” said one user.

“I’m a dude with long hair and it legitimately [makes women angry] that my hair always looks perfect right out of bed,” added another.


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